Kimberley Ann Tiamsiri, Margie Rasri (Traveller's Companion March 2016)


sarNie Tombstone
i just love seeing her photoshoot she is my favorite piece of art , gorgeouuussss :heart: 


Ah! There are too many pics for me to like so mind as well just thanks you ladies for sharing the post lol! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Anyways WOW glad to see that Margie is grow her hair back. Please dont cut her...I mean she look good in short hairs but I love her in her long hairs!!! Anyways she look beautiful in this shoot with Kim!
WOW! Kim look pretty in here with all the flowers and color. This hairs style really suit her! :thumbsup:
Both women for gorgeous and Lovely! :yes: :heart: