King Khan at the Golden Globes


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Anyone watch the Golden Globes? I missed it but I watched Slumdog Millionaire win best picture which is great news for India. I watched the movie a few weeks ago and it made me teary on some parts. AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE MUSIC OF SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE! The film won four Golden Globes: Best Picture, Original Score, Screenplay and Director Danny Boyle. Its a movie really worth catching. Shahrukh, along with Slumdog's star Freida Pinto introduced the film at the awards.

here's a picture of Shahrukh and wife Gauri. Director/friend Karan Johar by the side.

video if no one has seen it.

A.R. Rahman winning best score for Slumdog. I have been a huge fan of A.R. Rahman's music for a long time. I knew he would win!! YAY


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i saw it too .. i was in chaos, screaming when i saw him on it.
as for the movie, i didn't watch it yet but i will tonight ^^