"Kob and Brook: Honeymoon in Phuket!"


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I dunno if this is old or recent news, but I found this on-line and thought other Kob's fans might be interested in reading. (Forgive me if this is old news...)

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Kob & Brook: Honeymoon in Phuket!
Posted on April 5, 2009 by dirtii laundry

After almost 3 months since their wedding “Kob” Suvanant Kongying & “Brook” Danupol Boonakan finally went for a honeymoon in Phuket, this is just their ‘little’ honeymoon before the real honeymoon in USA.

The couple stayed at La Flora Resort in Phuket, Kob shared her romantic getaway with Komchudluek Newspaper.

“Please don’t call it a honeymoon (smiles) this is just a vacation because ever since we got married we still haven’t been on a holiday together. In a short while later we’re going for a honeymoon in America, we will be visiting P’Brook’s sister too but we need to wait for P’Brook to get a break in mid April”

“We went to Phuket because P’Brook was scared that I might get lonely. Normally on Monday-Tuesday P’Brook would be working but he took time off and ask me if I wanted to go on a 3 day vacation.”

So how was it?

“We stayed at La Flora Resort, this resort is own by uncle Sompong who is a friend of P’Brook’s father. It’s a very beautiful hotel. The first day we went it rained at around lunch time. I spent most of my time in the pool outside our room”

“The second day we went to ‘Racha Island’. This island is own by uncle Sompong’s friend. We went there to play in sea water. The first day I didn’t get to go in sea water at all because when we got there we were tired already and it was very hot. So on the second day I was like I have to go into the beach today”

“The hotel that we stayed in is very beautiful. There’s a pool outside our room, very private and I swam the whole time. Normally me and P’Brook are not a romantic couple, we’re like friends, brother and sister.We didn’t have much time in Phuket, only two days”

The channel 7 actress went on to say her and Brook visited Bang La street. This street is a very famous tourist attraction.

“We went privately with no bodyguards. There were so many foreigners there and some people followed us thinking ‘who are these two people?! why are so many other people staring at them?!’”

Did you feel like it was an invasion to your personal space?

“No, it was fun”

“I’ve never been for a swim in such clear water. I could see the fish so close to me. When I was on the island they told me to feed the fish with bread and they will come and swim around you. It was beautiful. P’Brook played too, but we were only in shallow water because of the storm”

So did you wear a bikini?

“I had two swimsuit with me. One I wore in the hotel and one I wore on the island?”

You like to collect swimsuit?

“I do have some but I don’t collect them because my body is not that nice. There are only certain types that I can wear. I do own a bikini but I will wear it with shorts and a tank top over it. I’m shy (laughs)”

Did Brook go for a swim with you?

“P’Brook doesn’t like to swim. Ever since I’ve dated him 10 years ago he’s never been for a swim. He would always make me go in the pool with P’Mee (Kob’s personal manager) and P’Brook would just lay down on the side of the pool and read books.”

“During the trip I wanted to go on a parachute, like flying in the sky. I really wanted to do that and P’Brook said go for it. Then I ask him if he wanted to go too he said no, he’s scared of heights (laughs) although in the end none of us got to go on it because it was too hot and it looked like it was going to rain. Nevermind, maybe next time”

Are you planning to have a baby?

“Not yet. Honestly my body needs to prepare for that first. Right now I don’t want to have one. Some people say to just let it happen naturally but in my case I’m not. I am taking the pills. P’Brook is working too and I’m taking care of myself. I’ve been going to the hospital for check ups and before I was not immunised against hepatitis B and Measles so I went and got it done. In the meantime I have to wait 4-5 months before I can get pregnant. But we’ve both been for check ups. We are preparing our bodies. Maybe next year or in two more years or even end of this year” says Kob


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:( i'm still kinda sad that Kob ended up w/ brook (even if they've been dating for 10+ years), but i can finally see that they are kinda cute together.