Kob and Brook


sarNie Egg
If anyone here cares about kob?
Here is the interview english translated. I got this link from sweetkobforum.

credit: Dirtii Laundry

Thank Goodness they are still together. yeay right, I thought the interview was a little dusturbing about Brook's reponses and how he answer them. I know know and know to leave them 2 alone but I loved kob so much that I want her not to regret.
what do you guys think about the interview from your point of view.
I should've post this in sweetkobforum well I thought I would get more reponses from people who's not on either side.

Many Thanks


sarNie Juvenile
wow. how rumors can get chaotic. still can't believe that brook and kob has been together for so long. but i'll admit. i don't really like how brook gave out his answer in the interview too.


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hmmm only rumors eh..

BUT omg brooks response are retarded.. sorry ppl.. everything is the same.. etc.. @_@..

i somewhat wished the rumors were true.. i want kob better off with someone else..