Kob Suvanant Leaving The Industry!


Mama Noy ♥️

Such a shock for the Entertainment industry when channel 7 number one actress “Kob” Suvanant Kongying says good bye to the biz after 17 years in the spotlight. The actress didn’t clearly specify her reason for leaving but simply said people will find out when the time comes. The actress made this announcement in her interview conducted on the set of her lakorn “Silamanee”.

“I don’t want to say anything on this yet. If you ask if I am planning to leave the industry, I don’t want to tell you. Let’s wait and see. I haven’t made up my mind yet. Right now lakorn fans are asking me about it but I haven’t given them an answer yet. I believe whether I continue acting or not I will have a reason for it. It will be a decision made by me and honestly I don’t want people to think this lakorn will be my last. I don’t want to create that kind of news because I can’t answer for the future because if today I say this is going to be my last lakorn and then later I run into a situation where I have to act in another lakorn, there are so many necessary reasons of why someone has to come back and act. So that’s why I don’t want to promise anything or commit myself to anything. Let’s just wait and see”

“Everything is still in the process of negotiating. Today I can’t tell you that I’m quitting. I have senior executives who I respect, or in simple terms, my head is protected by the elders. Whatever decision I make, I will need to consult them first and the people who gets the biggest say in my decision will be the Executives”

Are you leaving because now there are so many new leading actresses in the industry and you want to leave now to end your career beautifully since in your lakorn “Silamanee” you play the character of a princess.

“No, this has nothing to do with me playing the princess. People will eventually find out the real reason and it has nothing to do with channel 7 having so many new Nang Aeks. I have chosen this path and nowadays my main life is right here. If I choose to stop and discontinue what I’m doing, this will be a big change for my life. It’s not a small matter. I have to choose a good path for me, this is about one person choosing a path for herself. I have worked in the industry for 16-17 years. This is my life, it’s been more than half of my life. Therefore whatever decision I make, I would have to think about it for a very long time. Honestly whether I choose to continue acting or not, I still won’t dissapear from the biz. I’m definitely not leaving the industry and if there’s an opportunity you will still see me. I believe you guys will find out the real reason later and you will know then whether I’m leaving or not. Will you find out soon? Hmm..I don’t know”

Have you had enough of acting after 17 years?

“Honestly, I’ve been working for a long time. Like I said I can’t answer too much because I haven’t made this decision yet so I can’t fun-tong or confirm anything. If you ask if there’s a chance I might leave the industry? Yes there is, it is something in my mind. I’m older now, I have to think a lot”

Are you preparing to be a wife, is that why you’re leaving?

“This I can’t say but if you ask if there’s a high chance that I will leave. I can’t say what the percentage is. Like I said in the end the person who gets the bigger say is the Executive Suraang Prempree (Khun Dang), the woman who gave me my life in the biz. The next person is Piratch Sunwaributh, the man who guides me in the industry. I believe I won’t be making this decision on my own. I want to tell the fans to please don’t be shocked. I’m still working and in the industry. We will still see each other. With Silamanee I have worked hard on it so I’m passing this on for you to watch”

“As for Brook, if I’m filming lakorns 5-6 days I don’t really see him much. If I’m free then I will see him. If you ask if we’re distant, we are because I’m working and he’s working. But everything is still normal. If you ask if we’re getting closer to marriage, no we’re not. We will tell you when we are. At this stage I can’t say because I have nothing to tell you. I get asked this question a lot, am I sick of it? No, I’m always happy to answer questions and happy to talk about everything”

CREDiT TO dirtii laundry


Mama Noy ♥️
OMG I'm shocked by this news! :lmao:
She was the first actress that I watched growing up.
I didn't think she would get tired of the industry...


sarNie Adult
aww im saddened by the news! i will def miss her when or if she does decide to leave the industry. either way, i don't think this will be the last of her. she's a true icon.


sarNie Adult
I'm shocked by this news !
Even if I don't really like her, I have grown up with her, she was one of the first actress I know and also one of the best.


sarNie Adult
Ahhh.... Kob is and has always been my favorite actress...i don't want her to leave.... She's Thailand's best!


sarNie Adult
thanks so much for the news. it's sad to see kob leave the entertainment industry because she has been one of my favorite thai actress since I was 10 (and now i'm so old....22!). i love seeing kob on screen, but i also understand and respect her point of view. i think she's right regarding the fact that she's aging (nobody can stay young forever) and she needs to take more time into considering whether or not she should continue with her acting. everyone has a life and i'm sure she also wants to live a normal life too (besides acting all the time). i'm just hoping that the people around her will help her in making this tough decision. no matter which path she decides to take, i just wish her the best. i love p'kob as an actress and i'm sure her previous lakorns, fans, and acting skills will always be with her despite what she decides to do.


Expired Sarnie
I am not that overly shocked. I knew this was going to happen. So I am guessing the main reason for her leave is... she wants to be a mother and wife now, start a family of her own with Brook---> never really liked the dude. Ahahaha but I guess they love each other, they been dating for like yearssss!!!


sarNie Oldmaid
o no. kob not acting :(. If she does get married, I'm happy for her, eventhough Brook isn't the guy I want her to be with. However, I can't wait to see little Kob's (she's getting older & I think it's a great time for her to start a family).


sarNie Adult
The media sure like to manipulate the headline, when you read the article she doesn't really just say straight out she was going to leave, she said there was a chance. And like all actor/actress out there, there comes a time where you have to take a break. Take Ann T. and Mew Lalita for instant. They sure came back after resting.

They keep asking Kob about the new generation of na'ek putting pressure on her. She said many times she work for her fans. The media continue to talk about competition, this is what causes feud between actors/actresses.

But whatever decision Kob makes, I'll support her. I personally don't think she'll leave for good.


sarNie Elites
:lol: she's basically implying that she's leaving, or else she'd deny the rumours. She's just adding fumes to the rumours.

But her leaving the industry is probably just as true as...her getting married to Brook, or her continuing her education lol. So dont take this news too seriously. Just as dont take it too seriously that Brook conveniently announced wedding plans during her movie opening, which was around the same time as voting for his position :lol:


sarNie OldFart
The media sure like to manipulate the headline, when you read the article she doesn't really just say straight out she was going to leave, she said there was a chance. And like all actor/actress out there, there comes a time where you have to take a break. Take Ann T. and Mew Lalita for instant. They sure came back after resting.

But whatever decision Kob makes, I'll support her. I personally don't think she'll leave for good.
agree nancy, i think media is just having a field day
shocking...absolutely shocking... but it is in a way to be expected...inevitable due to the constant recruiting and promoting of newer actresses... i haven't really watched any of kob's lakorns within the past few years, but still...i didn't expect to see her leave the industry now of all times...however, in a few years, her aspects in the industry will be dwindling due to the rise of younger actresses and the interests of newer audiences who aren't as familiar with kob, and due to her increasing age...perhaps it is best that she leaves at this moment rather than just dwindle down to disappearing off-screen...nonetheless, it's still sad...


sarNie Adult
she was the first actress i first watch lakorn very shocking news but she deserves a rest she made a great name for herself she definitely a legacy in the industry


sarNie Adult
not shocking...i only watch probably two or three of her lakorn only when she play boran lakorn.


sarNie Adult
WOW, this is truly SHOCKING NEWS!
whatever she chooses, hopefully she
thinks it clearly first cause we're gonna
miss her!!!!


sarNie Oldmaid
i'm shocked!!! can't believe it!!! why? why? god why????? why does she want to left the industry??? she's the best!!! but if it's true, please kob, give us a new lakorn with num!!!! all your fan want you to have a new lakorn with your best copartner num


sarNie Egg
oh man..nooo...she cant leave now..i still wanna see her staring a lakorn with Tik....she pretty much played with every leading actor out there in Thailand but except Tik..oh..and i wanna see her with Oil and Mos again!..please stay longer to fullfill our dream! lol