Kuan Kammatep


sarNie Coma
yay i was waiting for them to pair up since last year!.. ^_^ took janjira is the producer. hm what does the title mean?

credit to pantown

15.ก๊วนกามเทพ ของค่าย ดวงมาลีมณีจันทร์
*พระเอก ต่าย-ณัฐพล *นางเอก แมท-ภีรณีย์


sarNie Oldmaid
yeah i wanted them to pair up too. finally! i will wait to see it. is this comedy or drama?


Lakorn Obsesser
Whoops^^. My bad... Yeah. It's another comedy.


sarNie OldFart
LOL. The title is too funny. I love Tye but they never give him good nang'ek. Not fond of Matt, she's lookes too old for Tye.


sarNie Coma
they had the fitting today! ill post up some pix later. too bad matt wasnt there. i wonder why though. anywho, tye said him and matt has to get marry in here ^_^ its a romantic comedy. man, i wanna see them in a revenge slap/kiss drama for once!


sarNie Coma
^^aww i wanna see! they really need to air this. they should be done filming by now..ch3 need to air it


sarNie Adult
Yes, sure they match. tinah, you are right they should have done filming by now. Can't wait for this lakorn.