Kularb Neua Mek (DaraVDO)


sarNie Elites
This is one of the worst lakons of recent. It had so much potential but nothing ever materialized, what a waste of time and actors. I mean c'mon, they get Aum and Noon together in the same lakon and this is what they come up with? The lakon was everywhere, no consistency and poor direction. Not to mention it dragged and dragged, just a series of pointless scenes one after another. The script writer should be fired and never allowed to write another script again. Don't get me started on the ending, what the hell was that?


sarNie Adult
^^ hahahahaah i agreee! totally pointless lakorn. rushed ending. i was like WTHECK just happened? Aum returned the clip and Noon finally realizes? ROFL.. wow. glad it's overrrr.. basically this lakorn was to see Noon & Aum on screeen together. LOL!


sarNie Adult
Yeah i wish there was more or something. I mean i like the beginning how they started, it was interesting, hey i don't usually watch a lakorn while it's still airing, but i never get around to watch one either when it does finish. I usually will fast forward the lakorn when it ended even if my favorite actor and actress play.....But still for this one I thought it had a nice touch and was entertaining with Aump and Noon...But it got bored quick toward the middle, and the ending was even worse. Like come on Noon and Aump fight thought out the whole lakorn and then at the end did a quick made-up. And then everything was good. I like the part when stefan asked her if she ever gets tired from planing or coming up with ideas how to ruin Noon..Even i was tired for her. They showed a little about her crying over what he said, but it was over too soon. Also how she promised her parents, and cried when her parents wanted her to go back to Chang Mai. Then her parents didn't take her, because she wanted to do what she like and she wanted to stay. But then after all that talk Aump went right back to fighing with Noon. I know Noon was being a @#$%@ and all, but i wanted a ne'ek to be better than the nang'rai..WEll it's hard to explain...SOO...HONESTLY out of this whole cast and the characters.... i love watching stefan's mom the most. I like all her scene..she played it very well and funny too..also i love the guy that stefan asked to play as him for Aump.. He is so FUNNY..doesn't know if he's gay or not..how he thought stefan did "it" to him. When ever he answer stefan it was so funny... HE's the best and so is Stefan's mom, even the father was good...How they should have done something else, like when aump found out about stefan. She shouldn't have played along, it kept the lakorn too long, even though she still thought he was gay..I didn't think they develop her character clear enough on how she came to like stefan..I know that stefan showed he like her already and chooses her over noon, but aump still thought he was gay...and she kept playing with her ex. I didn't like that...OH well, disappointed again.


sarNie Egg
This drama is my first Thai drama. I finished this since January 2010. The storyline is okay really. Too much catfights lol. Btw, Aum is my favorite actress ^^