Kung Fu Drunk


sarNie Adult
Jay Chou's going to be starring in a movie called kung fu drunk. it airs in china feb 7th.

-credits: popularasians.com-


this movie is cool. i love how he fight. the basketball shooting was amazing. i love his attitude in this movie.


sarNie Adult
i have the movie...but i havent even seen it yet


sarNie Egg
sorry to say this movie sucks. Its a total ripped off of Stephen chow's shaolin soccer. Even the ending where he turns back time reminded me of shaolin soccer. the only good part was the part where he was fighting in the bar.


sarNie Egg
Jay needs more practice on his acting because it looks like Charlene and Jay doesn't really go well together.


sarNie Egg
ahahahah, you mean kung fu dunk, i think this movie is okay, but i dont really like it, although my family owns two versions of it...