kutefirstlove creation (updated; 06.18.18)


sarNie Juvenile
#i got bored;so i decided to post up a few of my creations' :)

"Nameless Memories"
-the first banner I made for a fanfic' :p um...did she ever post this fanfic up? I don't know' :\

*that moment when i was "Game Rai Game Ruk" addicted' <3

*&because I have to work in a bit' Xp i post up more later when i get home? or maybe tomorrow;l0lz' :)


sarNie Oldmaid
:coverlaf: I still haven't write that FF yet but I'm going too... :blush: I still have the poster you made. I can't wait to see some of your other artworks. I'm glad you posting your artworks.


sarNie Juvenile
"The Heart That Use to Beat"
*this wasn't a fanfic; just got bored' Xp

"The Almost Perfect Boyfriend"
*i ain't sure if ima make this one into a fanfic' X|

"We Belong Together"
*same goes for this one;i haven't thought of any idea for it' :\

"Scare To Love"
*i don't plan to make this a fanfic too' Xp but i could change my mind' :)

*that onee moment when i was jiyeon&iu addicted' <3

Show Luo&Rainie Yang'
*show's cute&i know it' <3 i'm addicted to him'

"Love E-mail"
*just got bored again;i haven't thought of any idea for this too' so it might take awhile if i really turn this into a fanfic' <3

"Prada & Prejudice"
*i seriously love the poster' <3 &seriously too;i haven't read the fanfic yet' Xp been busy' T.T
#click on the link for the fanfic' <3

"Game Rai Game Ruk"
*i was addicted to it' <3haha;but then;who wouldn't?' L0LZ' :D

"Torranee Nee Krai Kong"
*because i was addicted to "Game Rai Game Ruk" i decided to make a poster for the up-coming lakorn of them'

"Dream High"
*seriously;i was addicted to it' :) more addicting then to "Game Rai Game Ruk" LoLZ' Xp

*&then i post up more tomorrow;LoLZ' :D


sarNie Oldmaid
Wow your artworks are so lovey and I love the background in your works so nice. I was also into Dream High too when its air. I was sad for Eun Jung & Taecyeon characters. They should have end up as a couple. They were my favor couple in DH.


sarNie Juvenile
Wow your artworks are so lovey and I love the background in your works so nice. I was also into Dream High too when its air. I was sad for Eun Jung & Taecyeon characters. They should have end up as a couple. They were my favor couple in DH.
haha' thank you' ;)
i started watching "Dream High" because of Eun Jung' <3 &Taecyeon' :\
even though Eun Jung's character got annoying towards the end of the drama;I still like her' :)


sarNie Juvenile
"When Music Calls For Love"
*I already fiinish this fanfic' &I believe it's in the "Complete" section' :)
#click on the link below for fanfic' <3

"Vampire Reincarnate"
*I am writing this fanfic at the moment' :p it's Part II of "Vampire Sex"
#click on link below for fanfic'
Part I: Vampire Sex: http://asianfuse.net...88-vampire-sex/
Part II: Vampire Reincarnate: http://asianfuse.net...ter-23-updated/

"The Curse Prince"
*It's in the "Incomplete" section now' :X I am going to finish writing it after i finish "Vampire Reincarnate"
#click on link below for fanfic'

*It's in the 'Incomplete" section, i believe' Xp i plan on continuing it after "The Curse Prince"
but i could change my mind, if no ideas comes to mind' :D
#click link below for fanfic'

*&then last one for this morning' :D i have school;so i'll post up more when i get back from school;if i remember' :]


sarNie Juvenile
#spoiling some of my new up-coming fanfic posters!' <3

"Please Don't Say"
*this fanfic won't be up soon, i believe because the idea for this story isn't well known yet' :D

"Be My Ending"
*I haven't really thought of a storyline for this poster yet'

"Another Day Without Me"
*i started writing just the beginning of the story' Xp

"The Reason Why"
*tsk;i have a storyline for this;but there is a problem;LoLZ' X0

"When Fairytale Ends"
*it's based on a true story' :)

"We Used to Love"
*i don't really have a storyline for this fanfic...
only pieces of small parts in my head'
but by looking at the title&the pictures;i believe you can tell what it's kinda about' :p

"That's My Girlfriend"
*LoLZ;i couldn't resist;he was too kute' <3

"Following Again"
*i was seriously addicted to Jiyeon' <3

"Noona, I Love You"
*hm...i have an idea for this fanfic;but i don't know when i'll be writing it' :)

"Stranger for Sale"

*continuing P1&P2: "Vampire Sex"&"Vampire Reincarnate"
#P3 & P4 & P5
(there might be more parts?' i don't know;depends on if i get any ideas or not')


sarNie Juvenile
#back from work' <3
*posters that i made for other's fanfic' :D

"Mamas Blue Daisy"
#click link below for fanfic'

"Something That Happen"
#click link below for fanfic'

*tsk;i was park jung min&park gyuri addicted' Xp teehee'
i haven't wrote anything on this yet;but i am planning to' :p

#mangas that i've read;i was just bored so i decided to fix pictures of it' :p
i used real people;haha' X0

"Moe Kare"
*this manga was seriously annoying' especially the main character girl' X0
but then again;it was a sad love story'

"Kyou Koi Wo Hajimemasu"
*i love this manga' :) i mean;it's annoying, but still cute' <3
the main character girl is so pretty&the main character guy is so kute' :)
i meant;the cartoon one' Xp

*one of the saddest manga ever' T.T
haha;well;i haven't read the whole manga;but there was a live moive&drama for it' :)

*haha;i forgot what thee AAA stands for again' X0
but this manga was awesomee?' ;\ i like it' <3

"Suki Desu Suzuki-kun"
seriously;no lies;this manga is sad' :|
i mean;i haven't read the whole thing too;haha;but i already know what's happeniing' T.T
it's just touchy' <3

#teehee;more tomorrow?' :) maybe?' ;\


sarNie Juvenile
Porshe & Baifern' <3
*just got bored;&whiilee searchiing through thee net;baifern just camee across myy miind' :)
hm...ii diidn't know who to paiir her up wiith so ii choosee Porshee'



sarNie Hatchling
Omg I love your artwork it's so nice. Keep up the good work. I wish I can do something nice like that.