Kwan and win and poo


sarNie Adult
Never heard of Star action before.. are the voices good? What's the name of the title and how many parts?


sarNie Granny
i think is the production who dubb "smiling pasta" my sis bout it too i dunt like poo's voice...oh they also dubb "kaew mah nee" too the horse girl...


sarNie Granny
there's 1-9 nine parts all cost my sis $35...cause they sell each for 5 then lower another $5...


sarNie Oldmaid
umm...their booth...i dunno i forgot...but yeah i think they seel kwan n wier lakorn too...not sure its been a few days...
oh alrite.. I guess I'll just buy it next year during the memorial tournament... since now there's no more tournament to go to anymore.. I'll have to wait to get my copy.


sarNie Hatchling
I think she means....Dung Duang know...Tus Hlub Nyob Pav Thus Lav (one version anyway)...the one where she's a princess and he's a prince (or king)