kwan usamanee and golf pichaya


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The reporters asked Golf that there seems to be another guy in the picture, pursuing Kwan, Golf says that he doesn't care, that is Kwan's own privacy. If Kwan was to have a boyfriend, that's her business because Golf has never said that they were together or had something. Golf and Kwan has distant, they don't talk much anymore and Golf claims that it's not because of the bad news but rather his busy schedule that has caused the distant. The reporters asked about the drama between him and Poo, Golf says that everything between them is fine, they have no problems. They attend the same university so they talk normally but the rumors came about due to miscommunication.

Note: Golf is truly a coward. He began off defending and protecting Kwan, even claiming a close relationship with Kwan in a recent interview before this, and now he swallows up his words? Gee. Good, flee you little whimp. :lol: :rolleyes: He needs more growing up to do. -_-


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hmmmmmmm wat is up with golf? ... i didnt mind them two at first but now.. hmmmm .. >_< .. im confuse now..