Kwan Usamanee is mixed right?


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I mean she looks mixed, her mom is thai so I'm guessing her dad is caucasian or mixed himself. She said in the Jun pun dao interview that her dad is a cop, a white cop in thailand? I also noticed that her thai is not perfect, there's something about it. She seems like a very nice girl, very articulate too in her interviews.


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actually she is not half and half. her father is mixed, he's not half white and he doesn't rally look white himself. her mother is thai. i think that is just the way she talks. she is not like poo who knows more english. i dun think kwan is fluent in english it is just the way she sounded.but she looks mixed.


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I hear she's mix with American??

don't really follow but she doesn't look full Thai


wow so her mom must he thai/hmong...i doubt her did is mixed with hmong....he is full Libyan...that's ARAB!

sooo...Kwan is mixed with thai and arab..thats so cool haha..

ann t. is like part persian too

pinky, por .n, and i forgot her name is mixed with hindi.. many mixed with the middle east/south asia