Kwan Usamanee & Vee Veeraparb


sarNie Egg
:baby-scene-pop-corn: Their so cute together >>> when are they making movies again with one another....

:thanks: For sharing the pix... she is awesome good looking!!! he is handsome. :kiss3:


sarNie Adult
kwan has such a beautiful face

thanks for sharing


sarNie Adult
I love Vee and Kwan together, especially after Liam Ruk.. They make such a lovely couple...she's really pretty in this shoot..and he's quite handsome!


sarNie Granny
^ hehe i agree, doesn't seem like he needs to b n here in this shoot, cause the only person that stands out is kwan. anyways the cover looks gorgeous.


sarNie Egg
lol! kwan totally outshine vee. when you look at their pix u don't even notice vee in there. you just look at kwan! :camera: