Ladies Room *Book 3: Chapter 4, Part B*


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Yah, Aff finally meets aum...She was so strong.I wonder how aum will kn ow that aff is pregnant...hope u update soon..thx


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Yah, Aff finally meets aum...She was so strong.I wonder how aum will kn ow that aff is pregnant...hope u update soon..thx
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Chapter 10/12

Aum couldn't exactly don't know what to do if Aff finally arrives, he was afraid that she'll refuse him again. but he still dont understand why she refuse him awhile ago... and yet, when he kissed her, she kissed him back.

eagerly... missing her. if only he could make love to her on that moment, he'll do it right away. but Aff...-

snap! Aum threw the documents at the table. then he start off his sketch again, his mind was blank.... his tracing paper was blank. he couldn't concentrate because his mind was only filled with her image. the image that happened awhile ago.


Aff just arrived at the building, her was beating so fast. it was already expected to know what she would feel everytime she's getting more closer and closer to the things that she was obviously avoiding. "Aff... why were you the one to ask if where you should meet him... its obviously where he wants you to meet. you're the who should give him the place-"

"i know... i know... and i admit that its my mistake. but i wont let my feelings show- no... i wont let that happen"

a piece of paper that she was holding, it was the address of this building and the number of his unit. she was nervous, then she just found herself got inside the elevator... pressing the 20th button. it only means that he's living up there.


the elevator opened and as she found his unit and walk towards as she was getting more closer and closer. on that moment, she could only her steps... then her heart beat flows with the ticking of the clock. she was indeed nervous.

finally, she's now infront of his door... -was about knock-

Aum: (he opens the door suddenly, but didn't expect to see Aff. he was expecting for her to come over maybe later. but-) Aff...
Aff: Mi... mi... Mr. Atichart... (she's aware that she's stuttering on that moment, but she then gather her whole self and sighed.) Mr. Atichart... i came here for the documents just like what you said.
Aum: ah- come in... please.
Aff: it's okay... i can wait here. (now its starting...)
Aum: Aff....- i mean... Ms. Taksaorn... i prefer you to wait inside. (Aff then frowns at him, geting suspicious.) Ms. Taksaorn, if you're worried because of what happened awhile ago... then i'll assure you that im not gonna do anything to you. i want to apologize about what happen and i know its kinda awkward right-
Aff: fine... fine...

she had no choice. he showed her the way and she sat at the living room while he went to the kitchen and get her something to drink. he gives her a coffee, but its obviously that she couldn't drink it. "im sorry... i dont drink coffee..."

Aum: uh... sorry. is there anything you want? juice, water, food-
Aff: the documents... that's what i came here for.
Aum: i... i... i see... i'll get it for you then now. (he stood up again and went to his desk. study desk was just in the living room and so, while he was browsing the files. he thought of something that would make her stay longer.) so... uh... how's everything now in Thailand?
Aff: it's fine... everything seems okay if ask me about the business.
Aum: (he turn around to look at her as he was holding the documents he needed to give her.) i see... that sounds much better then. (he took the seat of her opposite direction.) here you go...

as she full accepted the documents, he caught her hands as much as he caught her off guard. their eyes meet and on that moment, she couldn't take off her eyes from him as if it was magnetize to his. "Aff...-"

Aff: (but her senses can still remind her that she needed to be careful by any means.) Aum... i need to go now, thanks for theses documents. (she got away from him... from his touch and stood up.)
Aum: you just mentioned my name... and yet- you're holding back your feelings. (she stopped from walking after he said those words that kinda hit her.)
Aff: (she turn around and maybe if she could clarify him one last time, then this will be the end.) im not holding back my feelings. this is how i should place all the things that is left.
Aum: you once told me that you love me-
Aff: that was only once... and that was before- it's different now. we are nothing but had business relations only.
Aum: how can you take that kind of act infront of me... (he started to walk towards her.)
Aff: (closer and closer...)what do you mean?
Aum: trying to be insensitive...
Aff: (and just a few inches away, she just found him standing infront of him. as if she already knew that by his glare, she'll be in a trap anytime.) i am just being me...

"that's not how i met the woman i fall in love with...", he then reclines her against the wall. brushing off her hair, he missed everything about her. "...and i will prove it to you that you feel the same way as i am..."

"Be My Number Two" CLICK ME

the next thing happen, his arms were like cell that she couldn't get out anymore. when her lips touched by his, it was soft... convincing... tempting that she would kiss him back. but she wanted to protest, her mind wants to scream from what's happening right now... trying to stop herself from being tempted. however, her heart overpowered all her and it showed her weakness the moment his kiss started to get intense.

she was aware of everything, but she couldn't resist either herself from him. her hands was at his nape and his hands started to explore from her hips and going up, caressing her face. and before he could kiss her again...

"i love you, Aff..."

his hands reached for her hand this time, intertwine as he dont want to let her go. the kiss was getting deeper and he just made a bruise at her neck by his kisses. sucking all of her, until she'll surrender and let him be. he carries her they were embracing each other's arms, continually giving back each other's kisses... until they reach his room.

he lay her gently on the bed. they look at each other's face, there's nothing else to say... she didn't find it strange when he said that he loved her and the moment he kissed her... those three words and that kiss... were one.

he undress her this time, he didn't ask her permission anymore. when he successfully undressed her, he took one of those mounts and soon as he suck the other one and the other was caressed by his hand, her body started wave... the rhythm behind those touch. she couldn't help but to moan...

when he left trace to her breast and his mouth explored to different places, if he only knew that she's about to go crazy because of the wondrous kisses that he always left in every place of her body. he then stop by at her navel, when he kissed her womb-

Aff opened her eyes widely and remembered something. she look onto him whose busy himself from placing kisses to her navel. "Aum...", when she called her name, he looked at her. "i... i... we... can't-"

he stopped and was waiting for her finish those words.

Aff: we... we can't do it. i... i can't-
Aum: why?

Aff didn't know how to tell him her own reason. she simply carries his child and when she remembered what Ken said that she needed to tell Aum as soon as possible... or he'll be the one to tell him. she dont want that to happen, she was only scared about the consequences. she's afraid to get hurt... afraid that the person he loves might couldn't accept her.

his expression of being curious on why they couldn't do it suddenly change, she was expecting him to be disappointed by ruining the night... but it was different. he didn't want to force at all and rather gave her a smile.

Aum: it's okay... i wont force you anymore. but you dont mind if you stay here for tonight, right?
Aff: (she just smiled.) of course... after what you did awhile ago, i dont think i have plans to go anywhere but to stay here with you...

Aff couldn't think of any answers, but Aum was beside her... embracing her. his arms wrapped around hers, while his hard chest serves as her pillow. its funny how she picture them right now, they were both naked... but they didn't do it. but she only promise one thing to herself... she'll tell him tomorrow that she is...-


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i guess i only teased you, maybe when i was writing on this before... i almost forgot that
she's pregnant. though Rome and Rita did it while she was pregnant, i want this one to be different.
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preview songs that i am going to use for the "Ladies Room, Book 3: Sometimes You Don't Know".
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"Steep" CLICK ME

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even if they didn't do it? XD lol

LMAO. a guy is a guy... XD i will leave to you the rest of the imagination. i supposed to add the part where he's planning to kiss her all night. more like a foreplay of what they did. i dont think Aff would mind if they'll kiss all night, you know... =P
Yes, even if they didn't do it.:D


its been quite awhile and its going for a month already since i last posted. anyways, im gonna update this story one these days. there has some changes... especially in BOOK 2.


Chapter 11/12

Aff opened her eyes, she slept with the man she loves most. watching him asleep, what happened between them had just forgotten. his arms that wrapped around her body is like a steel that she couldn't even go anywhere. but she don't know why she's still not satisfied, she thought about their child inside her womb. she almost forgot and that she needed to tell him as soon as possible.

she kept in mind, reminding herself that she needed to tell him once he's awake already.


she look over his pantry at the kitchen, trying to find something for breakfast. he was still asleep and she plans to surprise him with a simple breakfast only. he dont have any rice in his pantry, but rather she found some stocks of bread and so she decided to make some 'clubhouse' for breakfast.

while preparing their breakfast, Aum woke up without the woman whom he love most. as he gets up, he thinks of her. they didn'tmade last time but to have her beside him... and maybe if she'll stay with him for the rest of his life, then maybe there's nothing he can ask for more.

he finally gets up and he was only wearing boxer shorts, leaving his upper body being half-naked only. as he goes outside and slowly opens the door-

on the second thought, he thought that Aff left him... but she was there, preparing something for them.

he slowly walk towards her, approaching her without knowing that he was there. as he was at her back, he grabbed her waist and she startle because she was so busy and didn't even realize that he was there. he was holding her and gave her kiss at her nape. she then turn around as they look at each other's faces and she clung onto him, she then kisses him to his lips. it even got far as his hands crawl down to her waist and lift her so that she can sit at counter. he cupped her breast and continually kissing her as he was about undress her, she almost got out of her mind but as soon as she got back her senses... she let him stopped as he was about to unbutton the last button of her shirt. "wait...-"

Aum: wha-what...
Aff: i... i... aren't we going to eat our breakfast first?
Aum: that can wait... (he was about to kiss her, but she stopped him.)
Aff: Aum... -
Aum: this can't wait... (he was referring to his manhood, partly he was teasing her but he was serious about it.)
Aff: (he was kissing her neckline, she then pushes her to stopped him for one last time.) Aum, i can't...
Aum: (he doesn't understand her, why all of a sudden she's refusing and yet she felt like she wanted to. he let his attention went to the food that she prepared.) fine... let's go eat then.

he walks out and Aff thought she made him mad just because they can't make out together. she waited for him and as he got out of the room, he had his shirt on and just silent walk towards 'til he gets his seat. Aff then served him some coffee. "Aum, are you mad at me?", she asked.

Aum: no... let's just eat.
Aff: Aum...-
Aum: i said im not mad at you...
Aff: Aum, there's only something i needed to tell you.
Aum: what? (he look straight in her eyes.)
Aff: i am pregnant... i... i... i am three months pregnant....

he discontinue in buttoning his shirt after hearing what Aff just said to him. at first he got confused or whether he wanted to ask her if he's the father, but no doubt as he remembered those words and kept repeating that she was three months pregnant, he realized that it's been three months since they haven't seen each other.


in Thailand...

Por's not expecting for a welcome party from his father. they both know that they dont have a great circumstances as father and son, its been years since he ignored and forgot the question... why his father hated him so much and why he considers his twin brother so much?

though Por finally got introduce with his father's business partners and clients. on that moment, he remembered that one thing he came here for is to revenge.


alone her room, Ploy just got her photos done from the dark room. she then scanning the photos the she took during her hangout with Chakrit, she then later opens her drawer to put the pictures there and if she could have time, she'll put it in a new photo album.

from the drawer, she saw the book planner that was given to her years ago. it was given by someone she always remembered and to realize that its been years since they haven't got in touch.

"Wherever you are... i know someday we will meet again..."


"you're.... you're...-"

"i'm the father of that child", he continued.

they remain standing away from each other, she thought that after telling him the truth, his silence made her feel awkward to the point that he might not accept that she's pregnant.

but it was the opposite, he step forward... and walk towards her. with no reaction from the way she sees him, he just come closer and grabbed to hug her.

Aff: Aum... (she then hug him back and wrapped her arms around him.)
Aum: i love you...
Aff: i love you too...

words he couldn't express, those three words was enough to let her know that he was surprise about the news and he even love her more as she had their child. he couldn't ask for more.


there's CHAPTER 12 on this... because you might though that this is the last chapter as it has come to an end.
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Chapter 12/12

"hon...", Aum called her like that for the first time. they were cuddling at each other. Aum end up staying at home together with Aff, after she told him that she's pregnant, how could he leave her.

Aff stared at him with surprise. calling her "hon" was the first time.

Aff: what did you just called me?
Aum: hon... as in "hon" for "honey"... why? dont you like it?
Aff: its not that... mmmm... its weird for me. i still prefer you to call me with my first name.

Aum embraces her, as if he dont want her to let go. they were just lying on the bed after they took their breakfast. Aum then remained staring at her, brushing her hair by his fingers.


opening up the bottle of champagne, Rome pour the champagne to each glasses that was holding by Aum. Ken was also at the party and Rome invited his friend who's back from the States, Por.

Aum got back to Thailand together with Aff and ask permission to Aff's father that he wanted to marry his daughter this time. Aff didn't expect for Aum to propose to her and infront of her parents. but she accepted it, not because she has their child only... but Aum loves her.

while Aum trying to get to know better that his wife-to-be close with; Rome and Ken. one thing he realize that his feelings for Rita was part of his past, forgiven and forgotten already. a new found friends, Aum finally joined the enjoyment of the group since the party was dedicated to him.

Rita, Anne, Vicky and Ploy also had a bridal shower for their friend Aff. it hasn't been a month yet, but it seems like the wedding's coming up because it was decided by her and Aum. their plans was to get married and waited for their child to come out in a few months.


6 months later...

Aff was in the grocery together with Vicky. but all of a sudden, Aff got a signal that her water just broke and needed to go to the hospital, meanwhile, Vicky dont know what to do since she started to panic and ask someone's help at the grocery.

as they arrived at the hospital and Aff was sent to the ER, Vicky hurriedly called Aum at the office and so as their other friends. spreading the news that Aff's giving birth.

as soon as Aum arrived at the hospital, only to find out that Aff already gave birth and it was a baby boy.

-------THE END--------​



5 years ago...

"why do you want me to go with you in America?", Ploy asked Por who's lying on the bed while Ploy was massaging his head. since she was his physical therapist... despite of her blindness.

the two got met accidentally during Por's check up in the hospital, Ploy was on her way to check up her eyes that time because Aum was helping her too. releasing his depression, the one who's left in the apartelle was Ploy only. their second meet was at her working place where she was one of those blind masseur employees at the local plaza.

as far as Ploy can remember even if she was blind a nice man came to her ask to be his physical therapist since she was good a masseur despite of being a handicap woman for years. yes, her blindness was inborn.

Ploy already buried her tragic memories along with her parents, they got car accident when they were about to go out of town. but the car loses its brake and since she didn't got her seat belt on, her head went first at the front and the window glass scattered during that accident. the relatives thought that she would die along with her parents, but it seems like she was left alone. she was alive and both her parents died during that time.

the doctor thought that they took all the glasses that almost damage her brain and she wouldn't suffer in comatose. but the next day she woke up and prison herself in darkness. the medical expenses made her lose her family's money, she had her x-ray and the doctor believe that the window glass made her blind, because a tiny glass that stuck inside her eyes. it would be 50-50 chances that she would have. even if they make a successful operation of taking out the tiny glass, they couldn't say that she could see again... she could be blind forever.

Ploy not only suffered from the hospitalization but even if she couldn't see that time, her relatives took advantage of her family's money. it only lead that she couldn't have an operation to take away the glass inside her eyes. she called her father's close friend whose a lawyer and wanted to know if her father kept some money for her. but another misfortune came, it turns out that the documents... that her father was going bankrupt and had money issues with the loan sharks.

she was alone. her relatives didn't even adopt her... but she didn't give up. she was walking at the streets being homeless and never intended to go back to her home because her relatives would only manipulate her power at young age.

Ploy couldn't remember and she dont want to remember either of how she survived that time. an owner of the apartelle found her sleeping infront of the building. it only happened that time that the owner of the building has inborn blind grandchild and automatically the owner kept her.

but her misfortune didn't end there, the owner's grandchild died and Ploy was like the shadow of their grandchild that they didn't want to remember. she beg to them that she wanted to stay and live like a normal, and that's how she started to work and proves to them that she can pay her debt of gratitude. the people who lives in the apartelle no one knows her past... even the owner. even Rita and Anne who happens to live there.

no one knows... except her. and these... all those tragic moments that she went through. she buried it when she started to stand up to her own. even if she was blind, she change herself into something else. Ploy whose nobody and how she was born in this world.

but all these memories were dug by a person whom she couldn't forget during her stay in America.

meeting Por and his family was too much of a blessing to her, except that Por's father... she never met him before. she accept Por's offer to go to America to have an eye operation. she knew Por's sickness and encouraging him to have a therapy as well.

and a promise came...

Por: by the time you can see again... can you promise me that you should go meet here?
Ploy: of course. the person whom i wanted to see first is you because you were the one who help me through this and honestly i dont even know how i can repay you.
Por: let's not discuss that for now of how you will repay me. after you have a successful operation... that's the only time we can discuss of how you will repay me. promise?
Ploy: promise... (crossing their pinky finger.)

but Ploy didn't know that Por was dying already. Ploy was in her own patient's room and that time, she was waiting and praying for a successful operation of Por.

(i will leave to you on how you will imagine the situation.)

the clock was ticking and Por's brother was sitting beside him only, holding his hand... his mom was crying and couldn't stand seeing his son that is dying already. Por already prepared some letters to his mother, to his father and to his brother. and also, he had a letter to Ploy.

as the minute hand strikes at 12, his life line just ended.

the nurses came into Ploy's room that she will have an operation right away since a donor was just in time. Ploy didn't prepare herself at all. when she was injected anesthesia, her eyes maybe be open... but her mind was totally unstable during that time. she could only remember her past. her tears made everything blurred while seeing the doctors and nurses doing an operation on her, she remembered Por's words.

"have faith in yourself. dont try to lose yourself from the past..."

"i'll always be here for you... by the time we'll meet soon, remember that i'll always be your savior"

"now that i found where you buried your past... i wanna bury it again to a place you'll never find..."

yes, the person she opened up to was only Por. and that time, she's growing fondness towards him. the only person who could understand her was him... nothing but him only.

she had her bandage for a couple of days only, the doctors were great that they successfully remove the glass to her eyes. they actually explained to her that if she didn't had an operation... the glass inside her eyes will not only made her blind but might cause her to die, because it was trapped to the veins already headed to her brain. and if it continued, one move only... and she'll die out of nowhere.

she was thankful to Por... if there's only one person whom she wanted to thank all her life, that would be him only. Por who healed her heart, who break the chains that tied her from the past... and she doesn't care anymore if where did he buried her past.

the day she has to meet him. it was Por's mother who showed up, telling her that Por went to Europe for another operation. but a promise is a promise, his mother gave her a letter. it was for Ploy only... when his mother left, she was crying. she dont understand at all...

"a promise is a promise. i couldn't stay at all because i am more ill than you expected. but i will meet you soon, a different Por you will see. the picture i have for you is me trying to be feeling fine, sorry if i look pale than you expected.

while reading this letter, i hope by the time we meet soon... i hope i could share to you my problems and this time you'll be the one to heal my heart. this is the real illness that i have, my own heart who's suffering from a family's decision. by the time i'll meet you... you might be surprise by my true colors. i didn't tell you my complications with my family because i wanna share your sorrow first.

i will meet you as i promise. but i'll be in different as you have to expect soon. i kept you something that would make you start over. just follow my instruction. i made this book by myself, so that by the time i will try to find you... it wouldn't be hard for me to follow you.

the friendship that we built is extraordinary. since im having problems with my sickness, i might forget all the memories we shared...

love always,

that was the letter he left for her and a picture of him, so that at least... she had glimpse of him of what he was like. but she's feeling guilty and regret that she had her operation... while he was needed to transfer in some continent of this world to have an operation. is that how much he was ill? she thought about it. but she opened the book, it was all hand written of Por. a list of the things she has to do to be able to start again. there's also a list that he recommend of where she needed to work.

and that's how she meets Chakrit. a son of the hotel resort owner, she's supposed to meet Chakrit first... but it happens that Por left a letter to his father and that how Ploy got accepted to work in the hotel-resort.

before that, a lot of things happened when she came back to Thailand. she met Aum first before meeting Chakrit. to Aum's building where she stays at.... Aum didn't mind her business. but as soon as she establish herself being different Ploy now, her closeness with Aum was being rebuilt that time. both of them were the same that they dont want to meet the same people in the past yet... but meeting Rita or Anne... she couldn't trace that time.

she happens to meet Chakrit during her work and didn't know he was the son of the hotel resort owner that time. he was an artist, a painter... who happens to rebel over his father. she witness the arguments of the father and son, she was told by his father to convince Krit to run their business. but he was hard headed. she give advices to his father.

Ploy now understands what Por gave to her, a new life... new friends. though Aum was an old friend, he was now different. and because she's good in giving advices, Aum listens to her at the same time.


and now... it's been 5 years but she haven't meet HIM yet. she haven't meet Por yet.

she was thinking that maybe Por forgot their promise already and maybe start his life somewhere in this world. but she haven't forgot their promise. she was still expecting... hoping that she would meet him someday.

"someday... somehow... somewhere we'll meet..."


Chapter 1/12

from the hospital, Ploy hurried back to the resort because she a got a call from the manager, telling her that Chakrit and his father had a big fight this time. she told Aum that she cant stay any longer because she had an important thing to do and so she excused herself from everyone.

but as soon as she passed by onto someone... someone who looked familiar. she then quickly thought if it was Por whom she saw. when she turn around to look at him again, he was walking away. she wanted to call him but her phone suddenly ringing and it was Chakrit this time.

so she never had a chance to see if that person she saw was Por.



Por called his girlfriend as he just arrived in the hospital, Rome and Rita was also there, while Ken and Anne went to buy some food. then Aum was sitting at hte corner, eagerly waiting for the doctor's permission if he could see her wife now.

Por: sorry if i was late...
Vicky: it's okay... we're just waiting for the doctor's permission if we can finally see Aff. (Vicky then hugged him.)
Por: (he just let her be.) my father called, i can't stay for long...
Vicky: me either. i already told Aum that i can't stay long because i still have a photoshoot. if its okay with you, can you drop me at my place first so that i can used my car for the photoshoot.
Por: okay then...

"hey, guys! we only bought some snacks...", Anne said, as she and Ken just arrived. she distributed the snacks to them while Ken gave them some coffee one by one. but Anne noticed that Ploy was missing and the snack that was left is for her. "where's Ploy?"

Por was confused if the "Ploy" she was looking for is the same person that he knew.

Rome: she went already, she said that she still has an appointment.
Anne: i see... well, i guess this belongs to me-
Ken: uh-uh... uh... we have other guest (he pointed onto Por) give that to him.
Por: uh... no, it's okay... i already already ate.
Anne: see... now , these belongs to me now. (she gets the coffee from Ken.)

she then sat right next to Aum. while Vicky just giggled because of Anne's personality , then Rita and Rome shake their heads as they both know how Anne loves to eat so much.

Por just sighed while staring at her, he then thought about Ploy.... still in confusion.


Ploy finally arrived at the resort and she hurriedly went to the private rest house, which was Chakrit's property. the manager said that the father and son had a non-stop argument.

she knew that his father was strong despite of his age, his father was a sportsman; once got into a military and even learned muay thai martial arts, did fencing before, an explorer and even a sharpshooter. those were the things that Chakrit also tried, since he's the son.

his father was about hit his son when Ploy screamed his name.

-faded scene-

Ploy: i thought you were going to die...
Chakrit: if he's going to hit me, i know how to avoid his attack.
Ploy: really...? how about this.... (she pressed in the ice bag to his face that gained some bruises.)
Chakrit: ouch~!!!!! why did you do that?
Ploy: Krit, for how many times i told you to not argue with him. he is your father.
Chakrit: im not... he was the one who just attacked me like that. i didn't even know that he just came back from the States.
Ploy: this is what you deserved if you cant run this business successfully.
Chakrit: i told him already, that i cant handle this kind of business, i prefer to handle a gallery shop.
Ploy: Krit, if you continue that... i would understand what your father would feel.
Chakrit: so you're siding him now?
Ploy: im not. im just telling you that you're his only son, its normal only that he needed to pass down his throne to you.
Chakrit: i still dont want to...

"here... it's done now", she bandaged the open wound at his left cheek. she then returned the medicine from the aid kit. Chakrit just looked at her with concern.

Ploy: what?
Chakrit: nothing... (she sighed.) thank you...
Ploy: its the first i hear that... (she stand up and return the aid kit at one of the drawers at the kitchen.)
Chakrit: Ploy, tomorrow...
Ploy: (she look at him.) tomorrow what?
Chakrit: after dad beat me up... will you be alright tomorrow?

she knew what he was trying to say. there's a new boss that his father assigned tomorrow, Chakrit temporarily under probation because of his deeds while his father was gone for awhile. when the manager reported the flow of their business here in the resort, he got disappointed because of the small percentage they got. this only serves as a punishment to his son. because Krit had nothing to do but to paint only.

she admits that she had been conceited eversince Krit handle the resort, they can do whatever they want and her sales was also low, the massage parlor didn't work out recently. she just realize how big her fault was.

she wonder now if the boss tomorrow will be strict as Chakrit's father or strict even more as the boss might check from time to time all the flow in this resort.


after he sent Vicky home, he went home straight. he plans to get ready for his business tomorrow, but as he got home, he didn't expect that his father was still awake.

Por's father: where have you been?
Por: i went to the hospital because my friend gave birth.
Por's father: Aff, isn't it? (Por nods.)
Por: why are you still awake?
Por's father: i just found out that you invested in this resort (he threw the document at the table and for him to see.)
Por: yeah... and so?
Por's father: why you didn't told me?
Por: why would i? its my own share that i invested in the resort.
Por's father: but you're carrying my company's name!
Por: your company... (he sarcastically smile at his own father that it made his father even more pissed.) have you forgotten the deal we had before i accepted your offer? or do you still want me to show you the document that you signed last time?

"i just want you to know that this is my way of strategy of how to run our business, if you want your bankrupt business to get back, just let me do what i want...", he ended and left his father at the living room. he was pissed. as soon as he got into his room, he then immediately wanted to calm himself before he could end up drinking an alcohol again.

he just close his eyes and he thought about his brother, telling himself to calm down and that he's only doing this for his brother.


see you in Part B... ^^
Ploy and Por are going to meet again.


Chapter 1/12

the phone kept ringing and Ploy woke up because of it. as she woke up, she only realize that she's sleeping at the private rest house. she was at the living room, she could still remember what happened last night. after she aids Chakrit's bruises and opened wound at his face, they end up drinking together. she cant refuse since they are having a big problem. today's the arrival of the new boss of the resort whom Chakrit's father designated to sit on Chakrit's position.

she answered the phone. it was Chakrit.

Ploy: where are you? (she look around and it was too late for her to realize that Chakrit's not in the rest house.)
Chakrit: im at the seashore... go outside.
Ploy: (she stand up and walked at the veranda. there she saw him at afar, waving at her.) what are you doing there?
Chakrit: as usual... (she then noticed the canvass at the aisle stand. he's doing his unfinished painting.)
Ploy: wait for me there...

she went down to see him right away, she stared at the painting first, it was the painting that it keeps him busy and she also know that he havent finish that painting for months because he's lack of inspiration as what he explains. "so... is that mean you're being inspired now to finish that painting?"

Chakrit: i guess so... after what father did last night. i think... (he grabbed some of the paint brush and before he could start to paint.)... im planning to quit. (he then stares like a man's eye view, leveling the sea and continue painting.)
Ploy: you gotta be kidding me...
Chakrit: im not (he turned and look at her with a serious face.)... i have my few savings and i think i can survive enough with-

"excuse me, sir... but your father is calling both of you in his office...", a secretary of Chakrit's father just came without even noticing. Ploy frowned as she look at him and crosses her arms. not verbally; telling him that he cant go on with his plan because for sure... his father wont allow him.


before they went to Chakrit's father, Ploy had her available clothes at the private rest house. yes, she's also an employee in the resort but Chakrit's father trust her and so she was treated as part of the family. the two went together at Mr. Yamnam's office.

Chakrit's father: good morning...
Ploy: good morning.... mr.-
Chakrit's father: i heard that you two got drunk last night...
Chakrit: and so?
Chakrit's father: at my own place???
Chakrit: look, just get straight to the point. why did you called us?
Chakrit's father: i was expecting for you to apologized to me after what happened last night. but you're still the "oh-so-proud-of-yourself" even if we all know that you cant make money out of that stupid paintings...
Chakrit: are we going to playback about what happened last night? dad... no matter how much you would convince... i cannot do it.
Chakrit's father: well said. if that's your choice, i wont force you. i will let someone handle this business because my own son couldn't handle it. he'll be here in any minute and i'll tell you.... if you-
Ploy: uh... Mr. Yamnam, i was about to ask you the new boss of this company. will all the employees will be under probation?
Chakrit's father: yes... and if there's anything to change according to what he wants, i will agree to it into any proposals or plans that he has for this resort. and you, Ploy, aside from supervising the spa and massage section. im going to hire you as his assistant-
Ploy: wait... wait... i cant be his assistant. im not only in-charge in this whole resort-
Chakrit's father: but i chose you to assist him.

while Chakrit's father discussing the man who'll arrive, the one who will turn over Chakrit's position. Por just entered the hotel-resort and from the receptionist, he ask the owner's office and inform that he had just arrived. after confirming, the manager showed the way to the owner's office.

wearing a business attire as expected, a shade of black. his aura brought curiosity towards the people around him.


"excuse me, sir. Mr. Thrisadee is waiting outside....", the secretary confirmed the new boss of the resort. "let him in...", Chakrit's father said, then his stare turned to his son.

"Thrisadee...Por?", Ploy asked herself. she knew someone who has the same name as the current boss.

as the door opens, the Por finally entered the office. "good morning, Mr. Yamnam..."

his appearance made him look so proud as Chakrit got even more pissed, still in disbelief that this man will turn over his position. his father stood up from the chair and the two handshake as they finally got the chance to meet. "i'd like you to meet my son Chakrit... and this is Ploy, she's one of my entrusted employees..."

despite of her excitement she felt as finally meet up again with Por, she wanted to be proper and she gradually help up her hand for a handshake but Por didn't want and rather said "nice meeting you...", with unpleasant voice he had.

Chakrit's father: my son knows that i chose you for his turn over, he has further plans with his life, that is why he's planning to leave-
Chakrit: hey, who said i am leaving? im not going anywhere...
Chakrit's father: silly... you just said awhile ago that you want your own freedom. if you dont wanna work here anymore, well, the door is open so that you can leave.

before the father and son would start arguing again, Ploy tried to change the topic. she only wanted to protect their reputation and for a new boss... or one of the stock holders in this resort, she didn't want him to see some difficulties between the father and son. "uh... Mr. Thrisadee, is there anything you want me to serve? i'll make you some coffee..."

Por: no thanks...
Chakrit's father: uh... Ploy how about to tour him around. show our facilities and records here in our resort, so that we can discuss about some changes that he wants...
Ploy: uh... yeah-yes...
Chakrit: Ploy's going back to her work now, so why dont you assign someone else to tour around for this man.
Chakrit's father: am i talking to you? you're not even working anymore.

Ploy gave Chakrit a glare, telling him to stop arguing with his father. "uh... let me show you around our resort, sir...", she grabbed Por's hand and they got out of the office.


as they finally got out of the office, Por stared at her while they're running at the hallway. he had a mixed feelings on that moment, just staring her back. he suddenly remembers something...


after receiving a letter from his deceased twin brother, he soon reads it.

how was the request i told you brother?

did you told her that im going to meet up with her after my surgery? i know what you're thinking now, why would i do such a thing even if i already knew that i am about to die.

can you meet up with her as what i promised to her?

brother, believe it or not. the reason why i want to help her was not because she change a lot of things in me, i almost lost hope when i found out i was dying, but eversince i met her... i learn to accept things. and maybe she could see again, if the time comes that you'll meet her, she might change your way of perspective-

back to reality, Por let go of his hand from her. she turned around and as she look up to him, it only made him realize that they were outside the building. he dont know what he's expecting from her, he just frown as she turn around and look at him.

Ploy: Por!!!!! (she hugged him as she misses him.)

[imaging the scene, while hugging him... Por felt something strange about her embrace, something nostalgia. Ploy then closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of his embrace. she missed him.]

but only Ploy was hugging him, he then pushes her away from him. Ploy was surprised with his actions.

Por: excuse me... do i know you? (he sounded irritatedly after the embrace.)
Ploy: Por, its me... Ploy. dont you remember?
Por: well, i dont remember someone who's name is 'Ploy'.
Ploy: (she just smiled.) now you're being forgetful? you're acting as if you cant remember me? i even saw you-
Por: well, i am not being forgetful. i dont know someone like you!

he was about to walk away, when Ploy stopped her. "Por... you're not pretending right?"

Por: excuse me, i have business to do... if you're not gonna show me around here, well, you dont have to because i can manage.
Ploy: but-
Por: if you dont want me to fire you in this resort, then at least make a way there. (pointing to it own way, where Ploy was blocking him all along.)

soon as he leaves, Ploy was watching him... left in dilemma, she wonder why he cant remember her... or does she believe enough that he doesnt know her?


NEXT: Chapter 2...

Ploy: i have your picture! i even have the note that you wrote for me after my surgery!!!! (Por was leaving her again, ignoring and insisting he doesn't know her.)

Por: your annoyance causing too much trouble in me... so, as much as possible... please... please stay away from me.

Vicky: hi, Ploy! i didn't know you're working here...
Ploy: uh... i've been working here for years now.
Vicky: oh... well, then i guess you and Por should get to know each other, right? right, Por?
Por: im done with profiling my employees here...

Ploy got back to the apartment, Aum left her a message that he and Aff are going for vacation with their first baby. she then opens her drawer at the side table of in her room. she gets the book planner that was given to her by one of those important people, but that person hardly cant remember her.


Chapter 2/12

Por excused himself everytime Ploy comes near him, he rather tour himself around the resort than having her and maybe ask about the past....

before he could start thinking all over again about that woman, his phone suddenly ringing. it was Vicky at the other line. another woman that annoys him. he's still wondering how his brother fell in love with this woman.

Por: hello?
Vicky: hi! where are you right now?
Por: im here at the resort just like i told you...
Vicky: you never told me anything... all you say is that you're busy.
Por: i am busy.
Vicky: honey, are you pissed because i called you?
Por: no... im just busy at this moment.
Vicky: uh... if you're busy then, i'll just call you later again.
Por: yeah...

as he hang up the phone, he also turned it off because he knew for sure that Vicky will call him again. it annoys him from time to time she calls. but back to where he was, he decided to go back at Mr. Yamnam's office after his tour. but when he passed by at the massage parlor of the resort, he then saw her again...

she was busy, informing the employees about the customer services. with her uniform on it, he remember that his brother mentioned that Ploy was once a blind masseur, a physical therapist of his brother.

when Ploy caught his stare, he look away and left right away.


still at work, but Ploy still wondering why cant Por remember her if he's the one who told her to kept their promise and someday they'll meet again.

Chakrit went to see her during at work, he pulled her arms to come with her. they went to the beach side.

Ploy: why did you bring me here? (he let go of her arm.)
Chakrit: i found a place where we can hangout next weekend. here you go... (he gave her the flyer of the place where they'll be hanging out for their another adventure.)
Ploy: you brought me here... just to give me these?
Chakrit: well, yeah???
Ploy: but i can't go... (she gave it back to him.)
Chakrit: why?
Ploy: what do you mean why?... Krit, last week we stayed at this place just to hangout, dont you remember?... your father wasn't around that time... and since your father's back now, i cant come with you.
Chakrit: why?
Ploy: Krit, isn't obvious? im here to work... not to have fun. especially that he kicked you out of here, its obviously that he's going to strict this time... not only with you... but for me also.

Krit left her when her phone was ringing and she was called by his father. needed in the office right away. but as soon as she entered the hotel entrance, she saw a familiar face... embracing Por.

and when she turn around it was Vicky.

Vicky: hi, Ploy! i didn't know you're working here...
Ploy: uh... i've been working here for years now.
Vicky: oh... well, then i guess you and Por should get to know each other, right? right, Por? (resting her head over his shoulders, Vicky cheerfully introduced Por to Ploy.) oh, by the way... Por's my boyfriend-
Por: Vicky...
Vicky: what???
Por: i know her already and im done with profiling my employees here...

"hey, Ploy! how about some little tour-", Vicky hold Ploy's hand. being a sweet nang'ek as everybody knows that she was an actress after all. she wanted a little tour in this resort because she haven't been here yet.

Ploy: ye-yeah, sure... (she's always nice.)
Por: Vicky, you cant have a tour today since i am going to be busy. i'll just drop you to the set and im off to go to my father's meeting.
Vicky: but-
Por: Vicky...

she had no choice. Por and Vicky went, leaving her again, Ploy deep sighed. how could she forget... the girl that Por was referring was Vicky after all.

she remembers that Por had mentioned that there's only one girl he'll ever love, but he never mention her name. but it was Vicky after all. what a small world.


Ploy got back to the apartment as the day ends, Aum left her a message that he and Aff are going for vacation with their first baby. she then opens her drawer at the side table of in her room. she gets the book planner that was given to her by one of those important people, but that person hardly cant remember her.

she keep insisting that Por was the same person in the picture. its not just a look-a-like, but it was him. she believes.

at the meeting, Por couldn't concentrate because he was thinking about none other but her... Ploy. he's still needed to think if what kind of excuse that he'll say to her. that's he's the same person in the picture, of course... it wasn't really him. but it was his twin brother.

"are you even listening to our meeting? you seem like you're not yourself at the moment..."

"i am listening...", he told him and the other investors "...keep going", he said to them. and his concentration was back to his papers again.


he arrives, 8AM sharp at the hotel. "good morning, sir... i prepared your schedule for today about the meeting with the clients and the upcoming events for this month".

before he could enter the elevator. he turn to her.

Por: who are you and why are you telling me this? are you even my secretary? (his sharp stare froze her for awhile.)
Chakrit's father: (but before Ploy could answer, Chakrit's father came out.) why, good morning, Mr. Thrisadee... is there anything wrong?
Por: (he chuckled and turn to him, putting his hand inside his side pockets of his pants.) good morning, Mr. Yamnam. im here to confirm about my secretary... it seems like i didn't ask anyone to be my secretary except if i asked for it.
Chakrit's father: Miss Chermarn here knows everything about the running of the resort and so i highly recommend her to be your secretary for your work.
Por: but i prefer myself to choose someone to be my secretary.
Chakrit's father: well, then... Miss Chermarn here will help you then to look for a secretary if you dont want her to assist you. i have to leave now, i still have to take charge other businesses.

after Chakrit's father left. Ploy sadden a little bit when Por finally got a chance to choose his own secretary, because obviously he doesnt want her.

into his office, she was still following him. and it irritates him even more. he hated it.

Por: why are you still following me?
Ploy: im just waiting for your commands, sir.
Por: commands? well, i command you to leave now and only come back if you finally found someone who's qualified enough to be my secretary.
Ploy: why am i not qualified, sir?
Por: (after hearing such a question, in his mind she's so unbelievable by asking that to him. he dont know if it sounded like a joke or not.) apparently, NO... you're not qualified to be my secretary because your annoyance causing too much trouble in me... so, as much as possible... please... please stay away from me.
Ploy: why are being so mean~!?! i didn't even do anything to you! (she let out her book planner from her bag and let her see the picture.) here! i have your picture! i even have the note that you wrote for me after my surgery!!!! (Por was leaving her again, ignoring and insisting he doesn't know her.)

the elevator opens and he blocks it before she enters, "look. you keep insisting that its me in that picture even if i already said no. people has look-a-likes, why do you still keep insisting? this is the last time i will tell you... im not the same person you know!", he press the button and with his warn, before it closes and she even moves to follow him again. his sharp stare made her a big warn to not follow him.

Ploy got left again. she stared at the picture, she wanted to believe him that he's not the same person she met before. he's indifferent, while the person in the picture was sweet. she felt like she wanted to give it up. she and that person in the picture will never meet again.


see you in part B
nothing much to say...