Lakorn Association....


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Blah In Need of a New Game LOL so I kind of *coughs* borrowed one from Spicy Hahah lol So how this game works I list a lakorn or actor or actress and the next person list a person or lakorn related to what I said ............... Like for example *coughs* Spicy Members Should Help Play The first few rounds so others could get the feel of the game LOL

Example : Me: Leh Ratree

Next Person: Pepper

Next Person: Ruk Lhok Lhok Yah Bork Krai ...

Etc ... Etc...

-------------- So the game begins Here I will state a person ... my person is ..



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Gosh Chewy LOL say Note!! LOL haha and then I'll edit my post LOL

Gosh Since Chewy Can't Do it LOL I'll Say Note for her and continue LOL

Jai Diew ...



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According to the game rules, if you answer it correctly you need to name the next lakorn title for the game to continue.


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HUh???? LOL I thought we just name the lakorn or a person then the next person names the lakorn or person its related to .. like if i name a lakorn next person names a person from it .. then after than ... the next person names lakorn that person is in ...

Nai said Dan ........ So I say

Hoy Un Chun Ruk Tur


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umm yea I think KhoOnxNouxWanxJai is doing it right. So she says Hoy Un Chun Ruk Tur so I say

Janie Tienposuwan