Lakorn Association....


omg i can't do person to person... does it have to be person lakorn man! lol ok it is lakorn association game garrr

kob the younger one i don't know her whole name


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Aff Taksaorn

I'll shank ya'll if you don't post! many of you should have one for this!

To restate the rules.. when you see the name of the actress then you say a lakorn they were in then the next person will have to name another person from that lakorn Example

Me: Leh Ratree

Person 1: Pepper

Person 2: Ruk Lhok Lhok Yah Bork Krai ...

Aff Taksaorn


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Johny played in the old Mia Luang so there

Mia Luang lol


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the first lakorn i saw aump in was Chuen Fun Panan Ruk
alright I'm gonna take a stab at this even though I never saw this lakorn just saw a clip on youtube...correct me If I'm wrong.

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