Lakorns Imitate Life

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sarNie Coma
You know when lakorns have that one shameless person who does things that make you go "yeah right, no one is that shameless in real life"? So I went on vacation with my family (one day trip) and we are at a waterfall. My dad calls out to this one lady who turns out to be the wife of his old buddy/roommate. My uncle arrives and they all start talking casually and my dad says a joke and she starts playfully hitting him and saying "oh you" she starts getting real touchy with him as they are talking and she's giggling like a school girl (my dad isn't really responding to her touches but he continues casually talking and joking around). I'm just standing there giving her a real hard side eye, wishing I had laser beams in my eyes (I was wearing sunglasses so I don't thinks she saw me.) She of course knows I'm his daughter since he introduced us earlier and she's either too stupid to realize that she is a married woman and my dad is a married man and she shouldn't be obviously flirting with him in front of his daughter or she knows exactly what she's doing (I think the latter). As we are walking back to the car, she turns to my uncle who is like the strictest most classy man out there and she starts walking away with him wrapping one arm around his waist, my uncle, who can also adapt to any situation like a pro, does the same and I am walking behind her thinking that if I was in another universe, I would have thrown her into the waterfall. Seriously I didn't think someone who is in her 40's, has a few kids, married could bring themselves to act like this (like a 15 year old school girl) but now I'm convinced that those overly extreme women in lakorns probably do exist. 


sarNie Granny
there are crazy ch7 n'rai in real life running around , Im one of them & im boy crazy like them too but i wouldnt hit on old man , she give us n'rai a bad name , we goes for the young man. 


sarNie Adult
I always believe that dramas/lakorns are made from real life situations and ppl, sometimes real life is even worse than lakorns. There are so many different kinds of ppl u'll be surprised :)
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