Lee Minwoo Official Thread


1TYM hwaiting!
I think he's single at the moment. He was going out with Shin Ae (spelling?) but they broke up not too long ago. I posted pics of her in the X-Man thread because someone asked for how she looked like, so go there to see her pic ^_^


hahah man being famous and hott and single that is a plus...no wonder i see a lot of minwoo fan..jp..he is hott and funny i like his personailty tons


Super Momo
yeah he was dating Shin Ae but they broke up its sad. and he's off to the army soon tooo I dont know when but soon =[


sarNie Egg
No girlfriend currently..Minwoo is so hot adorable..Shin Ae auck she doesn't deserve him..

His Ex. Shin Ae

how can she match this hottie? :wub:


sarNie Hatchling
ahah this must be new to me but I never knew he use to date Shin Ae.. ahah ain't she taller than him ahahLOL.. cause minwoo is short ahahlol.. that too funny!!

and anyone knows how long they been together??? ahah you can tell my get news very slow ahahLOL..

and Minwoo is just so cute.. he cracks me up when it comes to cute and pretty girls.. and I love him in xman ahahlol.. i just love watching him dance.. so HOT!!


sarNie Egg
have u guys seen his new mv with this one chinese chik?? ohh her namw is cici wang! ohhhh i thought it wuz awesome and very cute!!!!