Let's vote

Which old lakorn in my lists I should sub?

  • Prajan Saen Kol (Ken&Janie)

    Votes: 4 12.5%
  • So Saneha (Oil&Aum P.)

    Votes: 9 28.1%
  • Plerng Payu (Oil&Aum P.)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Hoi An, Chan Rak Thur (Dan&Janie)

    Votes: 4 12.5%
  • Wimarn Sai (Chakrit&Bee)

    Votes: 3 9.4%
  • Neung Nai Suang (Ken&Janie)

    Votes: 5 15.6%
  • Wang Waree (Tik&Nat)

    Votes: 7 21.9%

  • Total voters


Expired Sarnie
Wang Waree with Tik and Nat, my next would be Ken and Janie's lakorn, but whichever lakorn you decide to do on, is very much appreciated.


Staff member
Wimarn Sai b/c it's a slap/kiss lakorn
then SO SANAEHA b/c it's a love lakorn
the rest will follow ^^


sarNie Adult
Either one of Ken and Janie's lakorn but I like Neung Nai Suang more.
Any of those would be fine. They're all great lakorns!

Also the lakorn with Janie and Dan is a very romantic one. But whichever one it is they're all good! Lol.


Staff member
so sanae ha.. or plerng payu.. ^_^

yigu loves krit

sarNie Hatchling
Wimarn Sai (Chakrit&Bee) is my choice

krit and bee has both great acting in this lakorn, and exact did a good job

please, dear W! B)


sarNie Egg
i vote for "Wimarn Sai " (chakrit and bee)

you know, this lakorn is not long。

thank you very much for your kindness of let us choose our favorite.

i have use your eng sub ost to subb a chinese "Wimarn Sai" OP, so thank you again for your nice subbing! :p



sarNie Hatchling
So Saneha cause i heard that this is a very good lakorn......hopefully you will sub this one thanks ......love all the lakorn that you sub


All the lakorns are great but I would recommend Wimarn Sai, then Plerng Payau and then So Sanaeha.


Staff member
After rewatching SO SANAE again over these past days, i've changed my mind. It's best to sub this one then follow by the rest^^


sarNie Egg
I like Shakrit and Bee :wub:, I have voted for them, and glad to see they are in NO.1 in the vote, please please translate this larkorn, a lot of fans are waiting to watch it for long time in China:w-scene-pop-corn:


sarNie OldFart
After rewatching SO SANAE again over these past days, i've changed my mind. It's best to sub this one then follow by the rest^^
I agree w/ you! :) I hope WISHY does decide to sub this one since it's a very sweet drama. But seem like it's tied w/ WIMARN SAI here. & On WISHY'S blog both Ken&Janie lakorns are taking the leads by so many more votes. :( Anway, I've been watching the preview many times and fanmade mv's. Also I just started watching the sub clips by Spicyforum and other cut cute clips by fans. I really want someone to sub this. It'll be a nice channel change for once too. :p And I'm sure it'll be a pleasure if this lakorn would be subbed. I'm loving Oil and Aum all over again. And I'm falling inloveeeeee w/ this lakorn! :wub: Tehee. So romantic!!