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Hi guys, ill give u a taste of chapter 1 first. It may not be that good but I hope u guys like it!!

Lie Ch1 maybe

Yaya fell back into the mattress, her heart beating fast as the memories rush to her. She still couldn't fall asleep without having a nightmare. Barry, how could she had let him fooled her so much? She looked around her surroundings, as diamond beads of sweat rolls off of her heated skin. Her body felt so weak and yet there was one priority on her mind. Barry. How can it had still be Barry? It's has been a year sense they last saw each other, spoke to each other and breathed in the same air from each other. However, she always had the same nightmare at the same time and on a Sunday morning. It was one that wasn't scary or frightening but it was more of a heartache.

Yaya closed her eyes again and hugged the blankets to her chest before turning to her side. Barry was the only guy who broke her and yet the only cure for her broken heart. And that she hated him for it. "Never again," she told herself. "I won't let him fool me again. Not this time." But the old memories, the old days and for-long of them was so hurtful for her. She opened her eyes again and tears sprung from underneath her light brown eyes.

"Give me a child, Yaya. Give me a boy." Barry will say desperately. If only he knew why those words hurt so much. Did he ever turn to think about it just once. How can she give him a child if they haven't done the deed yet?

The memory of those words pain her. She long for a life with a family to call her own. Barry was her family. They got married when things where good and they somehow fell deeply in love but how did all those things change? She wanted a family with him, she knew he longed for a child, a boy mostly but he was always so eager. He wanted and wanted things from her but in the end he figure it wasn't enough and moved on. If only Yaya knew his reasons and his wants, if only he was open to her than she could have given it to him. But after they got married everything was so different. There had been a distance for the two. There wasn't anything between them and they stayed as far away from each other as they can. However, Yaya always tried her best. She'll confront him and sometimes things went smoothly or things had gone the other way around. Barry was simply never there to hear her out and she never had a chance to finish what she started. So was it her fault their marriage had failed also? But it was quiet ironic wasn't it. They've failed in their marriage but never given it a thought to divorce each other legally and it's been a year.

Yaya wiped the tears away, she no longer needed to cry for such a guy, did she? But she couldn't help it. They where friends weren't they? They fell in love as young couples and parted when they had a career path waiting for them. But they promise to call each other often and stayed in contact as much as possible. So how did they both grow away from each other? Yaya went abroad, Malian was the right place for her to learn the beauties of fashion and she did for the last four years of her life. She came back quickly, got a job fast enough, made good money and quickly return to her old lover Barry. They were happy but how things changed after they got married. Nothing was ever the same. So how did best friend, who turn into lovers, got married and suddenly no longer felt the same for one another the next day? Was this love at all?

Yaya often questioned herself after and yet everything has passed already. However, she never got the courage to really ask Barry for a divorcement and his other women didn't really mind either. She wasn't the type to be married and stay marry anyways. But she stayed by his side for a good long year and Yaya had a sense of knowledge that she won't be leaving soon either so she kept her distance. No need for her to get tangle into a shot of teenage drama over some guy. She was way too old for that stuff so she simple let it go and moved on with her regular life, without Barry that is. She didn't need him and she was living a great life without him. The only thing that wasn't so great was she longed the touch of a guy and his words that sounded so sweet against her ears. That was the only thing she missed. If only there was a guy who made her body feel like it was on fire like Barry did then she'll be great and the loneliness in her heart will disappear.


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Hi kiki I Love it, poor yaya all alone n wif love4 barry tat wont go away! Im staying tuned, tyvm kiki, wif appreciation, key!


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Lie Ch2

Like a waterfall, life falls and moves on. Yaya held onto the deeper self of her and gripped the sides of her stomach together. As if to secure herself more than she had too, she took a glimpse at the party around her. Nothing felt the same anymore. She was more insecure about how people will see her as. In their eyes she was just now a loner widow. A women who was taken to be the most lucky bride ever to a women who was the most bad luck women in this world. Did this world judge her so much to frighten her? Was she scared of this worlds judgement towards her now?

Yaya took a drink and gulp it whole. The wine seem to cherish her though and lighten her mood. So she took another glass and drunk it whole again. She never consume so much alcohol in her life but the wine was light not enough to make her drunk but it will do for now. She took one last glance in the crowed and finally her vision was clear and she was more confident in herself. If she wanted to move on, it would be now.

She pulled her wavy brown long chocolate hair to side of her shoulder and help fixed her dark rosy silky dress. The hearts shaped diamond rounded her top perfectly and hugged her body elegantly. The lower half of her dress was with a long and edge flow with a long slit to the side. Now she was prefect to make her move. This was about moving on, so why not do it at this party? Things just got a little more interesting.

She enter a crowd and started a conversation. For most of the time she made people who felt trap laugh and smile. They no longer felt like going home for the most part. Good she hasn't lost her touch just yet, she still had it in her. The more she talked the more people came into their circle and somehow it attracted more gentleman then women. However, Yaya's goal was moving on and that was, who was the next guy for her to charm and sweep her away? The guys came and she talked to them. But there was only some who actually interested her. Those she actually talk to and made herself known to be interest in them. The crowed she made was interesting but it caught a familiar gentlemen.

He was tall, broad shoulders, muscular and in the right kind of suit that screams, "wow"! He was handsomely tall, colorful brown eyes, daring actually and a smile to die for. His teeth was perfectly white and straight as if god created him to be the prefect man. He glow like sunlight, everyone who saw him, would know he had money and a lot. The man grew wary of the large crowd and enter slowly with his mistress by arm length. His eyes curious on who was the main topic of the laughter and talkative crowed. Until the voice grew warm to his ears, making them turn red instead and he was hype already. Very interesting. None the less, things haven't made him this exciting for awhile. But the voice of the soft purr that came from the mysterious women made him smile in want. However, when he came to dead end and staring straight to a women who he knew, made him furiously angry and dangerous and intoxicatingly breathless.

Yaya grew with more laughter, her heart accelerated more as she stared straight at one man. His name was Jace and goodness was he something. Their was definitely chemistry between them and she wasn't shy about flirting around with him either. However, she also wanted to keep her options open in case he wasn't the one. But as soon as notice, she keep talking but the people around her suddenly was moving away from her crowed. Even the guy Jace.

Her eyes was enormous when she saw HIM standing close and watching. His eyes glaring holes into her skull. His veins showed through his neck and his forehead. His jaws clench together with pure madness.......... and she was at fault?

Yaya looked down at her dress. She knew he would reject her wearing something so revealing as to her legs. But the slit was there, showing how clear her legs were. They were long and sexy as hell. But it's been a year. Yaya kept reminded herself. What did it matter to him if he saw her wearing this. This dress made her feel sexy, it made her feel gorgeous and gave her confidence. So she dared to looked up back at him and smiled his way before walking towards him and his mistress.

"Barry," she smiled before ignoring the other women. "It's been a long time, hasn't it?" She continue without sounding rude enough and crossed her arms together.

Barry stared her down and finally met her eyes. His long legs showered around her body leaving his mistress standing alone. He circle around Yaya, disapprovingly of the dress she wore tonight. On the back of Yaya's dress was nothing but bows of little strings showing her bare back clearly down to the waist. At least her ass wasn't showing, Yaya thought and rolled her eyes. Did she really need his approval? Hell NO!! Even the slit and how clear the dress flow, it didn't show her legs. The dress had a ruffle of long river flows, her legs only showed if she walked like the wind was blowing all around her. She sighed and had an annoying look on her face. But Barry nodded of course disapprovingly again.

"It's good to see you again Barry, I hope your doing well." Yaya said glancing at his unwelcoming eyes before he stop dead in front of her. His luring eyes grew with anger but his voice remained calm. This was his game she was playing in, she thought. So be careful, her conscious roam.

"I am doing very well but I've got to talk to you Yaya. We've been gone too long from each other."


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tyvm kiki 4 chap2 update ! yaya is v lonely poor her ! im looking forward 2 yadechs convo if they would continue their relationship ! take yr time kiki, wif appreciation, key ! o


FF Writer!! Love it!

Barry stared at her. His eyes gleaming at her. Striking her with his fist to the side, he was amazingly in anger, when he didn't have the right to be.

Yaya stared back him. 'How dare he!' She thought, 'what right does he have to stare at me like this?' All she wanted to do was take a hammer and smash his face with it. Maybe that will will remove his ugly expression on his handsome face.

That only mask how lonely the rooftop is that held them both. The dark black sky was their witness for sake if only the stars wasn't there to watch also. Silence breezed across them as the wind whistle slowly dancing like little kids laughing and playing. But of course that held no peace between the two.

Barry crossed his arms together, taking a step closer to Yaya. His jaw set hard ready to argue as if he thought about this day already. In his mindless mind, there was only one objection and no wasn't the answer. He was going to force his way in if he had too and that meant crushing Yaya's hard stone walls she built inside of herself. He thought about it again and if she refused him, for hell he will go against her and carry her into his car and lock her inside his house if he too.

"What is it? You said you wanted to talk about, can you hurry up! I'm on a schedule here." Yaya said trying to sound annoyed. She attempted to rolled her eyes and slacked her back against the wall behind of her. She crossed her arms together tightly around her chest and stepped away from Barry. 'What is his objective tonight?' She thought and observed him of a moment. "C'mon spit it out!"

Barry gave her a look and grin at her impatience. He stepped in closer to her figure, closing in the space she created between of them. He moved so fast Yaya didn't even have time to respond. His hands spread to her waist and pulled her to him. His forehead closed down onto her own skin, leaving her breathless. His nose touching hers and her stomach and waist touched his in a very inappropriate manner. Her shoulders and hands quickly wanted to dissolve far away from him in any manner as possible but one problem was she was stuck.

"What are you doing?" She panicked with alarm and tried to fight him.

He remain silent and looked into her eyes. The closure of her warmth close to his and touching his in a very erotic manner was enough to get his thinking in process. "Come back home Yaya?"

Awestruck, Yaya stared back at him. Her eyes blazing with sadness, madness and hope. But mostly madness. She calm her aching heart, her raging conscious and her rushing adrenaline. This couldn't be happening all at once. She closed her eyes for a moment and her fist wide open against Barry's open chest. They were back to old position. Barry's hands around her waist, eyes looked on her next expression.

Yaya then open her eyes again. "Let's get divorce instead Barry? Your home is no longer my home anymore."

"But I thought you loved me, Yaya." He taunted with cruelty. His eyes anger again and then they were back to soft gentle eyes. He didn't want to scare her off just when he needed things to go to plan.

"Not anymore," hopefully the lie sounded real. Her voice was in charge not her emotions, she told herself once more before staring, daringly at him again. She gently pulled him away and finally the closure they shared just a moment ago was released. 'No more' Yaya told herself. 'Enough'. This was enough.

Barry's eyes challenge with a new tic-tac. The word guilt hit him. He was going to use this method instead. "Well...." He closed his hands together. "What happen to, 'I love you forever Barry'?"

"Things change," Yaya said with a halt to her voice. She hesitated for a brief moment and her voice went cold.

Barry was terrifying chill. He was tender and carefully observing and listening but he wasn't easily fooled. "What things? You look no different." He answer her. His tune of voice was impatient but he proceed anyways.

", I-I've changed." Yaya stutter at last. She cursed herself. She didn't want things to go down this road and Barry just caught her in the act. But he didn't pushed the subject of lying to him. He stared a little longer at her and soon open his mouth again.

"Changed?" He played with the sound of the word. "Your still the same old Yaya I married aren't you? The same women who told me, she loved me, cared for me, and wouldn't leave me even if I told her to. The only women who stuck around long enough to know what kind of person I'm like and would still stay when she knows the worst of me. Your the only women stupid enough to stay aren't you, and now you want to leave like you never said any of those things?"

Yaya flinch at his words. Cold and harsh against her ears. But she once again refused his approach. "For all the more reasons to why this marriage won't work. I know you too well to know that were not prefect for each other. To know that it's my time to shine and not your anymore. Your boring now Barry, I don't need you anymore." She forced the words out. Harsh but yet well said clearly.

"To you maybe, but Yaya I told you before we got married this marriage will be hard to get out of and I won't give it to you until I get what I wanted from you."

"I can't give it to you." Yaya wanted to scream but her voice remain calm. She stop to turn around from him and glance at the door. "And I won't give it to you. It is my choice Barry and I won't ever come back to you. I don't care if we do stay marry till death, I won't give it to you. Divorce of not. I will make it happen." With determination Yaya walked away. Hot tears pool down her face but she quickly wiped them away. She pulled open the door back down into the building but shut again. Barry stood with hands closing the door shut frantically.

"I don't want this to be hard Yaya and your making it harder than it needs to be. Give me what I want and do as I say or else everyone around you suffer your actions. Or I can ether carry you out by your own unwillingly and drag you to my house if you want things to turn nasty and dirty."

"Lock me up. Do whatever I still won't give it to you. If you dare to force yourself." She challenge and shoved his hands away from the door. "I'm still not interested." She forced the words down again. "Now you can leave me alone now and may that be forever." She suggested and moved alone down the stairs, disappearing into the building as Barry knew he just lost his match. He should had never letter her go in the first place. Things would had been much more easier.

Barry still had no choice. It was either this or perish it all and his hatred still grew, for her. Yaya.


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hi kiki thanks 4chap3 ! yadech seem 2share sth v sad ! m sad nadech isnt able 2convince yaya 2stay, brute force maybe but hopefully not da way ! hope yaya will yield n yadech will iron out their affliction ! tyvm kiki, tc, wif appreciation, key !


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Finally hot the chance to read this ff. so far it's very interesting. I like how Yaya started out weak but is strong enough to handle the controlling ex-husband of hers. Can't won't for the next chapter ja, hope the wait will not be long. Thanks ja, Kia for another wonderful ff :)


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For the next couple of days, fall seems to have been moving fast enough. The trees were falling different shades of colors other than green. The clouds moved faster along the skies and the sun was either cover or naked over the sky. The wind's breath grew in cooler airs, the mornings where icier and the afternoons where warmer. In day on and day out Yaya stared out into the empty patio. Where she remember her days as a young child. However, her memories as a young adult remain there also. Happy memories, even before she was married. There once was a guy, who didn't care how he loved or he did it. It only matter if he was going to do something about it. He did, he hug, kissed, said sweet things, and even just sat there in silence with her for a whole day, just admiring the great view that was before of him and it was peaceful. The sun was shining bright. The sun was way up high and the shadows around the house stone down on them as a witness. The flowers smiled up at them in resemblance and sway as the wind did. Like they were surrounded with nothing but love and it was........absolutely wonderful.

Yaya smiled and drunk her almost empty coffee. Her hair was put up into a tight flower bun. Neat and starlike. Her makeup was light, mascara and pink and white powerful eyeshadow along with black eyeliner and a little side blush for her cheeks. Just a little makeup to dazzle the field. She was getting ready for a day out and to catch a man, not that she was desperate or anything. But a eye candy man with a nice booty was good for her desert. She was a perfect women and she didn't need a man controlling her self esteem or endangering her anyhow. She gather her purse by one hand and stood up getting ready for a day out in town.

Behind her, she closed the door and overlook her now empty house. So much to remember and yet so sad she had to let it all go. She smile again. 'Moving on.' She thought with happiness. 'No more fooling around.' She got into her car and drove out of the drive way, making sure she also closed the gates behind her and drove away.


Barry stood in his closed office door. He over look the city beyond him in his ten feet foot floor building. 'Dammit' he curse again and again, this was his a thousandth time saying that word. He was as mad as a bull dozer.

'Christ,' he mutter to himself again.

"What are you thinking so hard about?"

"Everything Lilia, what am I going to do? I don't want to get involve with her again. You know that."

"Then don't," she reply. "It's a easy win win for you. Barry."

"Easy? I was stuck with her for five months, do you know what torture that was? I didn't even touch her, that's how bad it was." Barry scoff and ran his hands through his hair. "You know why I married her, and now I will have to go right back to her." He said, with despicable eyes. "What do you think I should do?"

"Your asking as a friend or as a sister?" Lilia crossed her arms. Her eyes lifting to his in concern as she stared at him. "Honestly, mother doesn't like her...." Lilia continued with a worried phase, "I don't mind her as much but you know how much Grandpa likes her and what he says go." Lilia paused again and twirls her hands together. "Do what you feel like doing Barry, but don't you regret any of it."

"So what's your answer?"

"I'm not siding with you nor am I agreeing with you." Lilia saying uncrossing her arms and standing up. She walked to where Barry was and patted his back. "It's your choice."


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hi kiki thanks 4 da update. yadech seem 2 hv a complicated past n sth or fam commitment is pulling nadech 2make amends wif yaya, both r stubborn ! Looking forward 2find out more take yr time though ! tyvm kiki, wif appreciation !


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Lol key I like my character being stubborn. It's like they both hv there own minds. They both think differently so it's a interesting combination. Bc Yaya wants the opposite of what Barry wants.


FF Writer!! Love it!

Yaya return home during the afternoon. There was no one new in her life but a old couple she saw from afar today. They were sweet to watch and it made her smile more merrier. At least she saw many happy faces, it warmed her day even if she wasn't that happy.

She sat outside into the view where the sun was setting down. The clouds remain clear throughout the day and it was like making room for the stars to come out tonight. But something caught her eyes. She scramble to the ground and under one of the flat surface rocks was poking out of her patio. She then slowly picked the piece of rock and set it aside. There was a leather black book, like a hidden journal. Yaya open the journal and it was a dairy. Closed up and hidden away like some nasty memory no one would ever want to find out what was inside of it. No one would want to retrieve the hidden thoughts and secrets they once held.

The thought of someone else hiding away a piece of their life made her feel vulnerable and as crazy as it sounds it was as if the dairy itself resemble her. Giving that dairy a piece of life itself. A awakening to a sadden thought that crush her. And yet that sadden feeling was a mystery to why finding a dairy that meant nothing to Yaya could affect her so much. None of it made any sense.

Yaya held onto the dairy and close back the rock patch. She stood up and went back to her regular seat and sat down comfortably before digging into the dairy she just found. Although it was no right of her to find and read but this house she lives in was her family way before she was born and whoever own it before never came to get back what was there's, so there was no point in not digging into the dairy itself. It made sense at least it did to her.

Yaya slowly opened it and soon started to intervene into the dairy itself. She read it out loud and thought for a moment. "1980" this was long ago. A mystery of why this person never came to retrieve their dairy. She began to restart reading it again. Clearing her throat once more she blew off the dusk from the book again and carefully read it.


Dear Dairy,

I've met the most spectacular man. He was so kind and gentle like a flower. He had broad shoulders, scruffs but that made him look so mature. His cloths where so fine and elegance that they made him shine like a suns ray. However, he had the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. Brown and whiskery red when he gets frustrated. I've been observing him from afar but thy I say, I've been in loved with him sense I was a child. I've long forgotten him but I've meet him again and did he spark my heart and made fireworks fly like they've never flown before. It was as if I were in a dream but did in a million years did he have to crush it the day I've met him again. He had to crush my heart.

I had to go to his party, he had solemnly invited my parents and I too where to go. I never thought I could feel this kind of pain, he was to be married to my best friend Rosa. Was I so naive to have fallen for my best friends future husband? Did I have any pride in myself at all? I could not speak to my parents about it and if I did, what could they had done? Nothing of course, I was to be quiet and they would pre-arrange my wedding for me whether I liked it or not. I did not like how they work with things. How I was supposed to be the perfect bride because I came from rich and fame.

But I thought differently. I was just a ordinary girl so how do I tell everyone around me? That was the thing I couldn't. I hated today and I hated my life. I hated everyone, not because I couldn't have want I wanted but because I was being controlled like a puppet and I hated it.

But no criminal nor a high king shall know of my hatred. To thy dairy of my life should you only know of my last secrets. Till death part us to another day and reveal our next day. Today I feel the most miserable and you are the only one who shall know.


Yaya shut the dairy away. As if she enter a world of maybe resemblance of the same hatred. She hated that her mother and father died leaving her alone. Hating the fact that she grew up and alone for the most part. Leaving her to mature in much a younger age than other kids would have to. That her hatred grew so much she despised the world until someone came and made her lonely life whole again and filled her with happiness. However, happiness only comes by so fast it could end as easily as it came. She took a deep breath and got ready to closed all doors before she got ready for a shower and to bed.

She stood up and about to leave up the stairs, her doorbell ringed and made her halt for a second. "Lovely" she whisper. "Who could it possibly be?" She went by the door and by the alarm setting she click a button and said, "whose there?"

"Would you mind letting me in?" A voice, raspy like they've been running, halting in hesitation as if they weren't quiet sure they wanted to be there but came anyways and his voice was no mystery.

"What do you want Barry?"

"three things" Barry said, "do you remember what I've always told you Yaya?" He stopped and took in a deep breath. Yaya followed along and as if she knew what he was going to say she followed along with his voice "Talk. Listen. And Understand each other." She repeated after him and it brought her tears.

She closed her eyes and stood in silence. She took a deep breath and hit the button again.

"Go back home, Barry. This place isn't where you belong. This place doesn't welcome you anymore." Yaya said and stood in silence before waiting for him to answer her again. But she only heard silence. Maybe he did really leave, she took in a deep breath once more and forward she took a couple of steps before hearing his voice again.

"I want you back Yaya. I'll wait here till morning if you don't let me in. I'll wait till you take me back." Barry says as his voice dies down into the speaker.

Yaya ignore the threat. This was how he was. Wanting her to give in and that she won't certainly do. This time she won't give in for sure, she'll ignore him. He will leave, he always do. That was how he was after they got married of course. Everything was always different after a couple gets arrived maybe that's the problem.


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hi kiki luna has a v sad story ! poor nadech begging but not moving yaya ! i think hes sincere in wanting her back but da past is holding yaya back ! thanks 4 updating ch5, im looking forward 2 read their past, future, their love ! tysm kiki, tc, HAK, key !


FF Writer!! Love it!

Yaya laid on her bed. Not knowing what to do, should she go to sleep when sleep wasn't what she wanted to do. She stared back at her watch, "1, great it's 1'o-clock in the morning and your still awake Yaya." She mumbles to herself and finally glance at the dairy again. "Should I?" She questioned herself again and finally stumbled to get the dairy. Opening the first page again she flip through to the back of it and started to read again.

Dear dairy,

I have yet to met him again. His name was the devils, therefore I could not bring myself to actually writing his name upon your white innocents pages. He was something alright but there was something wrong with him. He came over to my house today and ignore me like some diseased. He was mad, frustrated and stressed. I could tell when his eyes kept dilating back to me. Was it hate I saw crossed them? Did I do something wrong that made him angry? I don't know either question and he makes me curious to why he showed so much hatred towards me. It made no sense but I hope it wasn't something bad coming my way. I did pledge myself to never think about him again. Was I ever fooling myself? Did I really think love at first sight existed? Maybe I did and it didn't work as I thought it did and it's okay I'll find someone worthy. I will find someone..............


Yaya flip the page again. Even more intrigue by this women. Yaya continued to read the next page. This time she skip the date and started at the beginning where. Luna finally got to telling her emotions and life itself.

I have not been comforting my emotions for the past days. I hate it, everything. My life is ruined. Today, my best friend Rosa yelled at me for being a cheater and him....him of all people. My family. Friends. All ruin because of my unspoken selfish desire all came to life.

My idiot of a father decided my marriage was going to be soon and had force Rosa's to-be-husband to marry me instead of her. Did that make any sense? And worst of it ........I went along with them. What kind of person was I?

I broke my best friends heart. I made the man I love hate me and if I have spoken or objected this decision of marriage my family would go against me. This world of people was not on my side. I was being punish for whatever sin I have committed in my last life and so please whatever I did do, don't punish the people around me. I only desired him, I only desire Bi. But I never spoken of him. I kept to myself. All my secrets and hidden emotion all kept in a dark space inside of me and it all crashes down like the earth was on fire.

Was it really my fault? I never asked for this. I didn't ask for any of it. I just wish.....just wish everything would go back to normal. I was okay being hurt alone. I was okay being wounded alone, suffering alone. I didn't want everyone else to suffer also. I wanted none of it. So how could this be me fault? Was I such a jinx? Or will I forever be questioning my own human existing? If someone could tell me.....just tell me what I've done wrong to end this suffering I would trade in anything to stop all of it. For dear sake change this inhuman world and make it more human to live in. Because I can not possibly go through this marriage not love but force and hated by the one man that I fell in loved with. So help me change fate.

"Help me change fate?" Yaya repeated and left the book on the bed. She return back at her window and open the curtain aside to see if Barry was still there. And he was. He sat there just waiting and Yaya stared back at her watch.

'Is he crazy?" Yaya mumbled aloud and decided to finally go talk to him at this late of night. She dress herself in her robe and quickly took the stairs and opA en the door to the outside. She went to the gate, letting her small feet drag it's way to him with anger in her, she was ready to blow at him. Curse at him even when she never done so before.

"What are you still doing out here?" She yelled and could she feel the urgency of the wind scooping coldly at her tingly creamy skin.

Barry stood up and stared at her for a moment. His shirt wrinkly from being shove out of his nicely pair of suit. His tie undone and the tip of his shirt unbutton. His hair was a whiskey mess as he looked up at her disapprovingly yet again.

"Is that the kind of clothes you wear to sleep?" He asked totally avoiding her question she seized to ask him.

Yaya tilted her head to the side and inhaled deeply, "yes, it's what I wear to sleep if you have a problem you should see what I'm wearing underneath this? Maybe nothing at all." She sarcastically saying before Barry looked at her tempted by her chosen choice of words.

"You have change quiet a bit Yaya. I see it now and I see it why you have to change. It's all because of me, all because I was unable to protect you from my mom, unable to be patient long enough to stay by your side and now I've let it go this far. It's only fair you act like this towards me." Barry said with a tired tone. "But can I come in instead of standing out here? It's a little chilly." He coughed and Yaya stared back at him with curiosity.

"What's the catch if I do? Your not going to try and rape me are u? Make your little child and then leave me behind like you've wanted to do in the first place? Or even make me suffer more than you have too?" Yaya spit and turn away from him. "I once loved you but now not anymore. I don't love you enough to let you come back into my house."

"Aren't you being a little harsh?" Barry fractionally said apparently more than a little annoyed by Yaya's words of the truth. "Where still married." He announced.

"To you we are, to me were not." Yaya hissed at him and by the moment anger rose up and higher again and again.

"Damn you women!" Barry hit the gate and gripped it hard. "Open the damn gate women. I'm freezing cold." He partially screamed at her.

Yaya simply yawn and rolled her eyes. "Not a chance. Go back home."

"I would if I can."

"Then walk" she finished when a siren of lights flashed and ended up beside Yaya's gates. A police offer rode out of the car.

"What seems to be the problem here?"

Barry sighs and looks up at him. "Apparently I lost my keys and my wife is mad at me. She won't let me into my house." Barry lied as he softly spoke without Yaya hearing. The police officer looked up at Yaya and whom his head.

"Open the gate m'am"

"I can not and unable too." Yaya ignore his words and crossed her arms together.

"Do you want us to have a big problem here m'am. Or else I can take both of you with me to the station for interrupting the neighborhood with your yelling. The people around here are complaining, now open the gate to your husband or else I'll take you both down."

Yaya then charge back down her road and open the gate. Barry enter swiftly and thank the officer for his kind offering to help. He waited till the officer was gone and grip Yaya by her elbow, dragging her inside the house.

She jerked her arm the first time with no success and she jerked her arm free again. Her blood boiled fire as she coolly grace her feet from not stomping and glancing back at Barry's dangerous eyes.

He let her walked freely into the house and he along grip the handle of the door and slam it close. He walked close behind of her not sure of the outcome just yet. His footsteps where heavy but his breath was even more alarming because he was so full with rage. It kept every ounce of him not to barge at her with full force and claim what he came to do in the first place.

Yaya then turn around sharply and suddenly stop, she came out of nowhere, releasing her anger that was boiling up inside of her she yelled, "what do you want?" And Barry bump right into her without thinking. He grip her waist from letting her fall flat onto her ass and they dance around in circle before they actually hit a soft balanced.

"What are you thinking women?" Barry stared back down at her. His arms around her in unconditionally places he had never touched her before and it was surprising at how he had never actually held onto her waist or landed his hands onto her back once. She was right under him with his arms warp around her like a cocoon, she was a foreign human being to him.

"I won't give you what you want. I won't ever." She whispers above him.

"I'll take wants mine. I'll claim you in every kind of way I have to and I won't ever give up. It's either through force or it would be so much better if you are willingly that way you won get hurt."

"Claim? I was never yours to begin with." She struggled through his embraced. "After I realize what a animal you was never the same. Disgusting." Despising her acidic voice she put all her strength into her arms and struggled. Pushing every weight that was holding her to part away but he simply had sticky hands.

Barry grip the front of her robe and pulled it as down as fast as it came on. Distracted, Yaya, eyes alarm, lips dropping and shocked, quickly she knew this was the day she couldn't run away. Barry was right away to attack and she was his prey he came after. He was going to get his way one way or another. His hands closed up on her and away he grip her waist again and swung her up into the air and into his embrace so they were eye level. "Don't fight it or else it'll hurt."

Yaya wasn't so sure it matter if it hurt or not. This time the threat, was personal. Something she has never felt before was going to be force upon her. Her virginity was going to be taken whither she like it or not and it was her husband who she ran from in the first place. He was going to cross territory, borders he has never crossed before and it was going to crush her. She will never find the will to date again nor give another decent man a chance ever again. This was over and piece by piece she saw her ending, door down and up the stairs was her room, one hall way down and there it was. Her doomed.

Barry pulled her down onto the bed and so close he fell along with her. His eyes staring down at her but Yaya refused to glance back at him. Her head turn the other way as she could feel his breath along her tingly skin. His slow movements and then it came slowly, his warm lips touching her creamy smooth skin.

Yaya's heart dropped. Shocked, scared, her esteem system suddenly dropping from grade A to a level F. Unable to speak, her stomach suddenly fell ill. Sick she wanted to escape and hide in a hole. But a breath of any kind was Barry's own breathing and the process was slow and torture. His lips caresses against her skin and his hand ravishing against her thighs. Scurrying up her black silk night gown he lay between her thighs as he explore her body. Was is cherish or was he just acting? Unable to so stop the process she suddenly started to think again. Yaya put her hand against Barry's lips, trembling she finally looked up at him. "Don't do this."

Barry only seized her hands into his and there his answer was. Nothing could stop him. Yaya shook away his hands, she struggle and fought along his searching hands. She help fixed her night gown as much as she can and fought again.

"Get off of me." She finally yelled and Barry pursued to ignore her cry for escape. She tried again and this time she bit him.

Barry growl and shallowly rip the gown from the middle of her gown and down. "I will claim you as I should had done on our wedding night."

"But you didn't...."

"Don't dare me." His eyes captivating into hers. The chill of his breathing fan a crossed her, liquefying every exposed withering noise. He roughly pushed himself away from her, forcing himself to look elsewhere and to finally breath. He thought things through, "I won't take you like this, I'm not someone to force anyone never had to but YOU...." He pointed his finger at her. "You will have to give into me, one way or another."

Barry shifted his glaze elsewhere and storm out of her room. Hardly breathing, he couldn't act out what he wanted. This feeling, this emotion inside of him was burning with passion. Something he had never known before and it bewilder him even more. His beating heart raced, his eyes could barely acknowledge Yaya's body parts. For the first time, a new feeling bloom out of no where and form something he wasn't quiet sure what it was. And it anger him. This anger inside of him was something he couldn't explain.

On the other hand, Yaya was forced into a ball. Her knees hung tightly near her chest and her hands wrapped around herself. Humiliated and disgusted, she couldn't stop herself from not bursting into tears. That's the only thing she could do.


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ty kiki! lunas story was sad n some misunderstanding, wonder hows it related 2 yadech who r so hot! Love ur detailed emotional descriptions hope next time they come 2 their sweet compromise, they've both suffered in da past ! I look forward 2 read more n ty 4 ur time! wif appreciation, key!