Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)


sarNie Hatchling
Definitely looking forward to this one! Absolutely love, love the storyline. In fact, I'm looking forward to all of Ann's lakorns for this year. All of them rocks! Can't wait until the filming start!


sarNie Hatchling
I don't remember watching this. How long ago did it air? The summary sound interesting and can't wait to see Ann here. Glad that we will be watching her on screen again.


sarNie Adult
Omigosh!!! are they really making this???? LOL all this time i thought this lakorn was called "likit Pissawad" this one is really good!!!!! my mom will be so happy when she finds out that ann is going to be n'ek!!!!! She like watched the old version like so many times!!!! LOL

I'm so surprise that they're giving Mart this role..... I'm sure he can play the role well, it just that he such a newcomer and Ann is ANN!!!!! I've been waiting for this one to be remade for the longest time!!!!!! Even though we have it on VHS, I still can't wait the whole thing bc i didn't like the clothing!!! LOL early 90 's and late 80's has the worst fashion trend ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, you guys made my day!!!!

there was 2 :r-scene-pop-corn: and a :baby-scene-pop-corn:


sarNie Hatchling
AWW MARK GREW HIS HAIR OUT! He still looks sooo adorable, but I prefer him with the clean cut! Either way....he's still :drool:


sarNie Coma
omg I'm hoping thats a wig!! :eek: ..i was expecting Mart to look handsome like in his other lakorn. But Anne looks so pretty!..i like her hair.

So she has many types of character in here. interesting!

so excited for this! :D

thanx sophie


sarNie Hatchling
i will definitely be looking towards this one, the story line sounds good and i think they look cute together :)


sarNie Juvenile
ann and mart... soo looking forward to this one... starting liking him since sao pern and loved ann ever since... and it looks like we get to see him angry... the summary sounds good too...


SarNie Adult
yeah this summary does sound like the new coming lakorn of kob and stephan...anyway, i'll watch other lakorn then....


sarNie Adult
oh gosh..i don't like Mart's doesn't match him at all. i love him like in SPJSN :)


sarNie Coma
that guy who interview Mart said hes gonna be darker and messy lookin' in the lakorn so im thinking hes only gonna look like that in the
beginning epi.


sarNie Coma
Annes role as "Karnploo"

thanx to anonymous

At the beginning of the lakorn she's weak and get pick on alot; middle, she start to talk/fight back. Basically she became a fighter, and toward the end she's a full confident woman whose not afraid of anything anymore.


sarNie Coma
yay, Andrew Cronin is also in here. I liked him in "Sao Pern.." He looks much better now that he cutted his hair. i think hes pairing up with Anne's friend in the lakorn.


sarNie Hatchling
i'm so excited for this lakorn... and i'm so happy that andrew cronin gonna b in here i cant wait... i hope he gets paired up with someone good..