LimeGrass Collection


sarNie Adult
Might as well share these artworks instead of letting them collect dust in my folders and never to be seen. So for now, I'll start off with some icons. Enjoy!

Danbo: The Mini Cardboard Robot

I found her at soompi and thought she was cute.

My favourite monkey and other random things::wub:

I love fairy tales:

I couldn't find much cosplay pictures for Beauty and the Beast but Snow White sure is famous--she's not hard to find at all.​


- Marina ♥
wow, you're so good at this :)
these are breahtaking, truly amazing.
good job :D wow...
keep posting up your artwork, i love it :D
i especially love the Mini Cardboard Robot & the Fairy Tales :)


i really like ur icons and avas set. so cute and lovely.


sarNie Adult
Thank you for all the compliments.
Here's a simple poster of sorts. I stumbled across the 'vampire-like' picture of Aum in the 4 Huajai Haeng Khun Khao thread and was inspired to make this. :D



sarNie Adult
Alright, now on to manipulations. I made these a while back--like a few weeks ago--when I came across these promotional pictures for Summer's Desire.

Vintage Set:
Aff looks a little vampy in this one.^_^