[LINE TV] Until We Meet Again The Series (Studio Wabi Sabi): Fluke Pongsatorn / Ohm Thitiwat


sarNie Adult
By far, this is the biggest support ensemble in a Thai BL series that I've seen to-date, since "The Love of Siam" (which isn't technically a series nor originally intended to be a BL drama). Nok Sinjai, Kob Songsit (who both incidentally were in TLoS as the parents of Tong, played by Mario Maurer), and Tom Phollawat are some of the faces I've recognised. Not sure of who the others are, but they kinda look familiar. Not even GMMTV has this level of veteran casting haha.

My guess is that this airs either on One31 or Channel 3.

And did I mention that the production seems quite impressive. Though the "red string of fate" has already been used in GMMTV's currently-airing "Endless Love", haha.