List your favorite hmong


sarNie Egg
I was bored so I want to post this my favorite actresses are:
1. Hnub Lis (she's very pretty)
2. the girl in Kuv Tseem Me Me (she's cute)
3. Ntxawm Lauj (she's gorgeous)
4. the main girl from the movie Thov Qiv Hlub Los Ntawm Koj

Favorite Actors:
1. Eb Lauj (he's so handsome and in love with him)
2. Xab Thoj (he's okay looking and very funny)
3. Phab Thoj (the main guy in Tshua Ib Yam..he's so damn cute!!)
4. Somchai Yaj (although I only see him in his music videos..he's already making me fall for him)
5. Somchai's younger brother (I found him very attractive)
6. the main guy in Thov Qiv Hlub Los Ntawm Koj (I'm starting to fall for him)

Wow! I have so many favorite actors and actresses!! I hope all of them have new movie coming...


sarNie Hatchling
My favorite actor is Xab Thoj. He's pretty good at acting. I don't have a favorite actress, but that Pog Nplaum is pretty funny.


sarNie Hatchling
Romantic/comdey actress:
1. Hnub Lis
2. Blaas Muas
3. Cua Yaj (pog blaum)
4. Maiv Pu
5. Ntxawm Lauj (pog nom phaj in blaum series)

Orphan/Romance movies actress:
1. Ntxoo Lauj
2. Mab Sua Lis
3. Paj Kub Lis
4. Ntxawm Lis
5. Ntxawm Hawj
6. Mos Mim Lis

Romance/Comdey actors:
1. Xab Thoj
2. Tsab Lauj (the guy in plays comdey role in 5 lab dollars and Xab in Tsis yog Laib)
3. Teem Xyooj (the guy in married Xab's girlfriend in the Blaum series)
4. Tswm Fwm Hawj (yawg blaum)

Orpanage/Romance actors:
1. Luj Yaj
2. Ntsaim Thoj
3. Tub Yaj
4. Eb Lauj
5. Txhaj Hawj


sarNie Egg
my favorite actress is MAI CIB LIS man she is a great actress i love her in Qiv Hlub Koj she can be cute or pretty am just love her hope she do more movie like this one :wub: