Lonely Nights


sarNie Egg

"There’s always those nights—when someone is lonely and lost."
She was a dreamer trying to escape reality. And he was just a wandering soul trying to find someone, anyone. 
‘I don’t want to wake up’ she thought as she stared off into the sunset. For the past few weeks Selene has been dreaming of paradise. Either it was the sunshine beaches or the lush rainforest, she never had felt more at peace. Unlike when she wakes up, her life was hectic and stressful. Selene was attending college for her last year of nursing school. There are always exams, homework, and study to do. Plus, she had a full-time job at the ice cream shop. Selene just wanted to pull her hair out.  With a soft sigh, she got up from the sandy beach and resumed walking.
“HEY!” a voice shouted.
Quickly she turned around and found no one again. Ugh. This was frustrating her. That gosh darn voice was such a nuisance always calling out to her but was never there. It began the second time she started dreaming. This male’s voice could be heard off in the distance trying to woo her. But lately, Selene notice that every time she had a dream he was getting closer.
“I’m stressed when I’m awake and crazy while I’m sleeping, just great.” She mutters to herself, throwing shells into the sea.
“I must be good, I already made you crazy.” The voice chuckled from behind.
Startled she looked to where the voice came from. Gazing into his dark brown eye, she saw nothing but mischief. And then her eye’s travel down his face; sharp nose, bright red lips, strong jawline, and those broad shoulders. Everything from head to toe was just perfection. Suddenly feeling shy, she quickly lowered her head and averted her eyes.
“Who are you? What are you doing here? How did y--”
He stopped her questions with a frown, “Next time” he stated.
“Eh” Selene stepped closer but the sound of her alarm blaring in her ears woke her. 
Authors Rant: If i could cast people for my story I would obviously choose Mint C. as Selene and Mario M.  as Wayne. I have finishes Two spirits, one love lakorn on my winter break and I am shipping so hard. I need to get them out of my system before school starts rolling. This is an original story I thought about for a long time but never had much inspiration until now. I haven't written in a long time but I will do my best. Hopefully I will finish this story soon because I already know the climax and ending. Important: the story will mainly take place in her dreams.


sarNie Egg
“Wake up…”
“Stop it you little brats, it’s bed time.” Selene swatted the finger that were poking her cheeks.
“Does this princess need a kiss?” His husky breath warmed her ears.
‘that voice’ Selene eyes flutter open. There he was, the mystery man, hovering over her laying body. Their face just inches away from each other.
“What the hell?” All she remembered was babysitting her little cousins.
“We finally meet again” he gave her a devilish smirk.
Then the realization hits her, ‘I’m finally dreaming again.’ After a month of zero—nada—zilch of dreamless nights, she finally back. Oh she was excited to be in la-la-land! She must have fallen asleep on the couch watching T.V. After their first encounter, all she thought about were him. At school she daydreaming of his mesmerizing eye’s and at work her mind was only thinking, ‘how good it would it feel to run my fingers through his perfectly styled hair’. Selene was definitely frustrated. Thanks to him, she had another kind of stress.  
“You!” Selene sat up too quickly, flipping the hanging hammock over. In the process knocking the mystery man down as well.
“Ow! Yah, you’re such a klutz!” he groans.
“I’m sorry” Selene started to apologize profusely.  
When he turned back around he couldn’t help himself but smile. There she sat pouting cutely along with her doe-eyes begging him to forgive her. Little did she know, he just did.
“I’m Wayne, by the way.” He dusted himself off while extending his hand out.
“Selene” she shook his hands.
They both helped each other up.
“So… what are you doing here?” his left brow lift upward.
“Do you own this place?”
“Ummm… yes….” She thought about it, “Technically this is my dream.”
“You’re the one who called me here.”
“I did not!”
“Yes you did.” Wayne countered back.
“You’re in another world, you know that right? Your soul is wondering aimlessly, calling out to others. I just happen to be one of those others who you attracted.”
“What do you mean another world? I’m only dreaming Wayne!”
“Selene,” He squeezed her hands gently with a serious expression. “You are dreaming too far and with a heavy heart.”
She looked at him with so much confusion and uncertainty. Yes, she was lonely. Selene had never had a boyfriend because she was too caught up with her studies. She didn’t have much friends or any. All her time was spent stressing about the future and reading her silly romantic novels and comic books. But she couldn’t help herself, she blames it on her introvert personality. She just hated the awkwardness of meeting new people. Honestly, Selene wasn’t so sure about nursing anymore. Everything was just too stressful or maybe she was just scared? Don’t get it wrong. She loved doing good deeds but she quickly realized that there was a lot of pressure. People lives are at their nurse hands and the tiniest mistake can lead to death. She could be sued or lose her license—so many doubts. But it was too late. She had done so much to get into nursing that there was no turning back. Selene was sure, one day she would enjoy being a nurse and lose her fears.
“I don’t get it what you’re saying…”
Selene looked so lost that he actually felt bad for her. She had the same reaction he did when he first got here.
“Shhh. It’s okay.” Wayne assured, patting her on the head.
“Let’s just enjoy ourselves for now.” He pulled her down a stone path. Wayne and Selene was in the middle of a forest. The sunlight peak through the leaves. As always the weather was perfect. She let him lead her towards a beautiful cottage home overlooking a gigantic lake. She surveys the scenery with awe. Just ahead of them were fishing poles at the edge of the lake.
“C’mon Selene!” He tugs them in that direction. “Let’s go fishing!!!!”
Wayne lets go of her hands and started to race her.
Selene has yet to catch any fish while Wayne only caught one for the past few hours.
“How come I can’t catch any fish?” Selene pouted.
“It’s because you lack patience,” Wayne flashed her a smile, “take your time and enjoy the peace.”
“But, it’s kind of boring after a few hours” she complained.
“Well we can talk I guess?”
She scooted towards him nodding her head.
“What are you? Are you a ghost or just a figment of my imagination?”
“I’m a spirit.”
“How did you find me? I know you said that I ‘attracted’ you but like…. how?”
“You can’t see it because you’re not used to here yet but” Wayne tilted his head to the side, “everybody or should I say everything has an energy here. All spirits or ghosts, whatever you want to call it has a light. The good ones’ energy will be seen as white and the bad ones are black. But you—dreamers like you, you guys don’t have colors because only half of your spirit is here. Here, you guys don't have light energy, only heat. ”
“How is that even possible to only be half here?”
“Well you see, half of you is here with me and the other is with your sleeping body.” Still seeing that she was confuse, he elaborated.
“Think of it as this way: Your heart and your mind. Your heart stays with your body and keeps in functioning, meanwhile your mind is running off to wherever it pleases.”
She nodded slowly, letting all the information sink in.
“How did you died?”  That question flew out of her mouth without even thinking for a second.
He turned and looked at her with turmoil. So many things going through his mind. So much emotions he felt buried inside was stirring back up.
‘You are so stupid Selene!’ she mentally kicked herself. How can she be so inconsiderate and rude? 
“I’m so sorry. You don’t have to”
He looked away from her and stared into the sunset.
“I died because I am a stupid and I don’t deserve to live” he began.
“I was out celebrating with my friends for graduation. After going to a friend house for a party, I thought I could drive back home before I missed my curfew. F*** I was too drunk to drive!”
Tears that he wasn’t aware of fell down as he told his story.  
“The last thing I recall was swerving right into a tree.”
Selene got up and hugged him tight.
“Sorry, I’m so sorry” she cried with him.
The hold each other for a while until he pulled away.
“Why are you crying? I’m just a stranger.”
“But… you’re a friendly stranger”
Wayne laughed.
“C’mon silly girl” he stood up.
“Let’s get in the house”
She followed after him.
The rest of their time was spent playing cards and cooking dinner with each other. Selene started to doze off on the couch as Wayne sat next to her exhausted, watching the wood burn in the fireplace.
Suddenly he notices a shadow in the corner of his eyes. A shadow watching from the window behind them.
‘Shit’ he cursed.
“Selene” He mumbled.
“Let’s go on a trip next time, okay?”
“Trip? Where to mister?” she barely got the sentence out before completely knocking out.
“I’m want to take you back to your home.” He gave her a real smile, one with warmth.
She just nodded and shut her eyes. 
When she woke up, she was back in her bed.


sarNie Granny
I must confess , the title 'lonely night' caught my dirty mind HAHAHA , it a nice start , update soon.