Look mai Lark see


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I just heard that this lakorn will on air 9 september
after 99 Wan Chun ruk tur ? that's right ??
if that's true is SOOON ! ( hey Ana are you Happie ? lol )


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OMG!! Sophie!!! R u kidding me I am more then happy!! OMG!! I can't wait to see Cee onscreen again!! So soon!! Well the sooner the better 4 me :lol:

Thankz, 4 this news, u just made my day :p


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goodgurl272 said:
cee and amy! hmm dont know if they will be kute together or not though.
I agree with you...but I will watch it to see if they have chemistry.


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ooh..cee in a new lakorn with amy...

can't wait...the scene look good already....

what am i saying..cee's good anyway..lol..


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wow i cant wait until it airs!!!finaly a lakorn with amy!!i also havent seen her on screen in a while!!!


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wow, thanks sophie and Ana for sharing those cute pics :D

That banner looks so cute, I think big and mieng are gonna get paired up but dunno about benz though hope she and benz will pair up with someone, please!@

Jieb looks so cute, love the curly cute style.

benz looks really pretty along with amy and mieng :D

big looks hot, lol! cee is so freaken dorky!


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lol, i really wanna see more pics of jieb,benz,big,and mieng!

haha i love cee and amy but not really into peke and nekes anymore i am into the supporting characters since they are always cute ans stuff!


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Jieb will be playing as the nang rai for this lakorn.

Its really sad cos i have been waiting for Jieb to be neke since Tawan Tor Saeng with Pete and Kob and still not neke till this day, I am tired of wating but I guess khun dang is just waitng for jieb to prove her skills. i think jieb has proven her job already since she's been nang rai's and supporting characters all the time!