Look Tee Took Lerm


sarNie Egg
i was at the video place the other day and i came across this movie. i wanna know if its good before i watch it. ive heard the theme song i like it but is the movie any good...?


sarNie Oldmaid
Yea its pretty good..It's sorta like Bla Boo Tong its just that in this case the pra aek gets beat up lol..But the pra aek can't talk in the movie..Boy Brinya is in here also hehe..Anyways you should try it out..


sarNie Adult
This lakorn is okay, just don't like chaiya mitchai that much...though i watch this lakorn because Boy B. and Yam are in there


sarNie Adult
oh this movie was good... and really sad too. my mom cried so many time when the sad part comes... i really want this lakorn too..


sarNie OldFart
This lakorn is so sad. I actually liked Chaiya in here. He was very kind and lovable. He played his role very well. I don't really remember much about this lakorn though. Its so sad :( Boy was HOT in here. Him and Yam were so cute! Boy was the most charming and sweet man ever, he is so nice to Chaiya. THey were like brothers.


sarNie Oldmaid
They were basically brothers..Since they have same dad just different mom..But yea..The lakorn was nice..Just don't like the nang aek..