Lost Feelings...


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I like this one dude, Vince... not so sure though...
About Vince... When I see him I get all hyped up and happy that he was coming... When he comes close to my locker during passing period, I wanna say something, but I don't have the guts... But certain times, when he has his rude moments to me, I just wanna slap him in the face... but when he is nice to me, that feeling comes back. I am not sure if i like him or not. He is very nice to me, but he changed a little this year. he used to come by my locker everyday last year year just to bother me, ask me to do his HW, or just for fun. Those time made me have more feelings for him. What should I do next? Tell him, or leave it? And as we were talking on FaceBook IM CHAT, some of the words made me confuse for a moment. Of course alot of times words online cannot be told the truth!

This is bad quality, dunno why.

i also don't want to tell my friends because i have a feeling she still likes him too... She knew him longer, and liked him for a long time... I don't like hurting her feelings!(All though she hurts mine all the time)


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He either likes you, or he's just trying to tease you because he can tell you like him...if that's so then he's a jerk for that.

The way you react when you see him explains that you do like him, he just has flaws that you can't stand. But of course, who could stand a rude person.

And about your friend, hmm idk wat to say. It always hurts me and is kinda like a stab in the back when my friend likes someone that i use to date, or liked before her. Idk. Sorry i'm not a big help.

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Ah young love, been there done that. This dude used to bother me too and everyone told me he liked me and to go out with him. Of course since i was a good girl and i liked someone else i just stayed friends.


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aawww..thats soo sad..he seems serious tho. but we never know. maybe if you take ur time to
figure out and see how he looks at you. maybe his look toward can explain some feelings.
and maybe if he bother you that much....then...he must like you too? lol


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GO FOR HIM! but if she's a good friend, put more thought in. have all the fun and drama you can have in high school when the littliest thing makes you giddy. man, all those lost chances back in my days! all those late nights on MSN...i mean who still uses MSN? oh, high school, how i so miss thee.


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I don't know if he's sincere or not but why he could say "I love you" so easily. I don't understand!!! I think you need to give yourself more time to understand him well before you start dating him.


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The only way to know if he's sincere or not is by going for it.
Don't make your gal pal an excuse for your happiness.
Geez..why do you young people make it so hard for yourselves?
ha ha ha.. :yes:
You got what you wish for..kill the dreamland girl..
face him and your feelings for him.
Don't waste time trying to 
figure out something that has not happened yet.


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Agree with Damaris.
 LOL I also have this kinda of problem, and I ask my friend for help. She say that I should just go straight to him and ask about his feelings. And if he doesn't have feelings for me, let him go. But if he does, go for it. It's not really a bad thing. If that person is really your friend, she'll understand, and she wouldn't want to guy go get hurt, too. You have to create happiness for yourself, too, not just for others. :D
Hope this makes sense. 


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love this.. okay ladies. just get to the point here.. if you like the dude.. just go up and kiss him. if he kiss you back, then you will know for sure he likes you ha! if not, oh well, it's just the past.. from my personal experience


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Lol people say i love you too loosely. Can't tell if he's real or not.

Randomly go up to kiss a man? Kindda weird to me lol


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cecilia said:
Randomly go up to kiss a man? Kindda weird to me lol
Not unless you're Saichon NangFah ^.^ hahahaha

However, sometime going for it is not a bad thing. You'll never know if you don't ask. Though someone saying "I love you" already you'll have to reconsider what his meaning of those words are. But you should think about how it will affect you and those around you. Open your world a little wider and try to see past your feelings. Life's complicated you make your decision and see where it takes you. The outcome of it can be bad and good depending on how you take the action. Good luck.


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Ouu, unknown feelings and trust problems (maybe not necessary...). Love these, but also hate it too. 
Are you sure his fb wasn't hacked by who knows, maybe one of his friend that like you; if there's any that you're suspicious of. But for me I think honest guys would say the word "i love you" face-to-face to the person they're not dating yet. It shows that they're real and they meant it. And you can judge whether he/she is honest. 
Sorry, totally off topic.