Love Across The Sky


sarNie Hatchling

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Hey sarnies, here is my fan fiction that I would like to share with you guys :) Hope you guys like it and please bear with me on my poor English. Thanks ja :)

Nadej as Dan

Sai Parn as Sam

Aof as Ken


My heart was pounding as I looked at the International Surfing Tournament invitation in my hand. Thailand? “Don‘t go Sam.” I told myself. How can I pass away this opportunity? All the surfers from all around the world will be there. Thailand is so big, there’s no way you will see him. It seemed like only yesterday when we were together. I missed his smile, his scent, his warm hugs, and his kiss. He said he’d never let me go, but he did. I didn’t want to leave, but I couldn’t stay either. You said you love me, but why didn’t you stop me? I felt tears were falling down on my cheek like a rain; for the past three years I tried so hard to forget about him, but I couldn‘t. It hurt to accept the truth that he didn’t love me anymore; but it hurt even more to admit that I still love you


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 1
This is how it started
Three years ago

I was running out of breath as I pulled myself to the surface. The waves pushed me to the shores while I hung onto my surfboard. I’m still alive! I thought happily as I try to catch a breath. It wasn’t a dream at all; but more like a memory that happened yesterday. Two years ago of June 21st, 2008, I got my first surfboard from dad for my sixteen birthday that I'd been longing for it ever since I first started surfing. He planed to take me to the surf city, Huntington beach for the first time.Shouldn’t this be the most exciting sweet sixteen birthday ever? It was the worst; I was abandoned by my mother a month before my birthday and dumped by a boyfriend just a week ago. I felt like my world was crashing; I didn‘t feel like doing anything anymore. But I had an obligation to go since dad already planed it. Those waves didn’t do anything to me, no excitement, no nothing. Just because I was already there and just wanted get over with; so I could go home. I was paddling down to the ocean; I stood up when I found my balance, and surf into the waves. I didn’t realize I went too far and the waves were too big for me. I lost self controlled and felt down in the ocean, all I could feel was water gushing through my nostrils and in my mouth. Even though I could swim pretty well, but at that moment I was incapable of swimming when the water was deeper than me. I couldn't breath, I thought I was going to die.

While trying to fight for my life in the deep water, the old memories of mom and Mike haunted me again.
“Mom, It’s you!“ I said with joy, putting my arms around the lady in front of me when I accidentally bumped into her at the mall one day. It been months since the last time I saw her; every time I asked dad where did she go, all he said, “she was out of town for work.”
She didn‘t look happy when she saw me; her eyes were cold. “Sam, what are you doing here?”
“I miss you so much mom. I‘m counting everyday for you to come home” I cried, holding on her hand.
She let go my hand,” I’m sorry Sam; please forgive me. I have to go now,” she said and left me there crying by myself. “Come back mom.” I begged, but she’d never return. I decided to ran after her; but didn’t expect to see what could hurt me the most like someone stabbed me in the heart. I saw her…kissing a man; who looked nothing like my dad. I was shock, hurt, and my heart break into pieces. Dad lied, mom left us. She doesn’t want me anymore.

“Sam, I want to break up.” That was the last thing he said to me. Mike was my first boyfriend, first kiss, and first love; and the one taught me how to surf. We dated about almost a year; and I thought he was such a nice and sweet guy I had ever seen who came to rescue me when I was going through a tough time. It turned out to be he was a real jerk; I wasn’t the only girl he dated. But he talked to many girls at the same time from different schools. I was devastated by what was happening in my life.
What’s the different whether I live or die, either way I’m suffocating. I don‘t want to feel anything anymore. I felt like I was trapped in the terrifying nightmare; where I had to run for my life. I tried to run as fast as I could but my legs became slower and slower. Everything became darker and darker that when I thought I no longer live. I’m sorry dad.

I felt like a new person after surviving from that nearly death experience. People called me rude, cold, and bad. They could judge me whatever they wanted, I could careless. I don’t do anything to anyone first, unless they do something to me. I used to be naïve and dumb by letting that jerk fooled me; I learned my lesson. I would never let anyone step on me, never again. First time in two year that I stepped on this surfboard again; I kept falling down and I realized my skill got worst. I was lost in my own thought for a long moment; I finally reached the shore. Why those memories still haunted me? should I really quite surfing? For dad…He grounded me from surfing forever after that incident; but surfing was the only way I could be in my own world and escaped from reality.

Crazy traffic, hopefully I get home before dad does. I pulled out my ipod as soon I got on the bus, “complicated” by Avril Lavigne started playing as I turned up the volume. Staring out the window, I found myself wandering when the bus drove pass Hollywood Senior High school. I was relieved school was finally over, no more drama, no more homework, and no more Sunday school. Dad joined me at the graduation ceremony a week ago at my school. It was probably the first day in a long time that I could put a smile on his face. After my mom left us I stopped caring about everything; and I did really bad in school. I lost self esteem, and I felt worthless when Mike dumped me. Once I tried to smoke, but I didn’t like it, so I never do it again. The past couple years I felt like living in hell, but I was glad it was over.

When I got home, I hided my surfboard under my bed, and rolled myself into the bathroom to take a quick shower. The hot shower quickly woke me up and I felt refreshed as I got out. I threw a towel around me, and walked back to the bedroom to get dress. “What to wear?” I said while looking through my clothes in the closet. I had a dinner with dad tonight for my 18th birthday and graduation. I told him to just order a takeout and eat at home, but he insisted to take me out to a nice restaurant in downtown.. Fifteen minutes passed by, still digging on my clothes; but couldn’t find any nice to wear. All I found was my old girly dresses back in freshman year. The frustration ran through my head when I heard the phone rang; I knew it must be him as I glance at the clock. I quickly put on whatever I could find there and walked down stair.
“Hey dad” I greeted, stepped in the car which parked in front of the apartment.
“Hi Sam, you look beautiful tonight.” he said with a grin on his face. By the way my name is Samantha, but I went by Sam.
Jenny came to my rescue, I wore a white casual dress that she gave me as a birthday gift. I almost forgot all about it.
“ Thanks dad. How was work?” I asked, tried to started the conversation. My dad was a mechanic at a small shop in downtown.
“Busy, but I managed to get the work done so I could take you out tonight.“ he said, stopping at a red light on Hollywood Blvd.
“It’s just like every other birthdays.” I responded, looking through the window, noticing a big group of tourists were walking and taking pictures around Hollywood Walk of Fame.
“It is special for me because it’s your eighteen birthday and you finally finish high school. I‘m so proud of you Sam.” he responded, the car was moving as soon the light turned green.
We went inside the restaurant; and the host walking us to the table. It was a busy evening; most of the tables were filled but fortunately there was an empty table right by a big mirror window, which I could see a busy street of downtown.
Minutes later, a waitress came by our table with two menus on her hand and he gave us couple minutes to decide on what we want.
“Happy birthday and congratulation Sam.” he said with a big smile on his face.
“Thanks dad, you don’t have to do this.”
“My pleasure.”
The waitress returned and took our orders. I decided on lemonade, salad and chicken teriyaki. Dad ordered teriyaki steak and miso soup with hot tea
When the waitress left, my dad started looking more serious as he looked at me.
“Have you thought about what you want to do?”
I paused for couple minutes before I opened my mouth. “Hmm…Kind of”
The waitress returned with the drinks, setting them down on the table. I took a sip of my lemonade, dad poured a cup of tea for himself before continuing on our conversation.
“You are stronger than I thought Sam and I think you are ready to start a new journey on your own”
He been acting weird since we got here, I couldn’t help but wondering what was on his mind.
“Dad, just get straight to the point.” I suggested.
“What do you think about vacation in Thailand?”
“Hmm…I don‘t know I‘ve never been there before”
I twirled the straw in my drink, and then looked at him. “Are you thinking of going there for summer?” I added.
“Not me, you”
“Wait, Why me? I don’t know anybody there.”
“Do you still remember my friend Panu that visited us a year ago with his wife? I already talked to them they said you can live with them.” he explained.
“You talked to them first before asking me? I don‘t wanna go”
“Sorry Sam, but this is going to be an eye opening experience for you and I know you will be just fine.”
“I don’t need that kind of experience. I don’t know anybody dad” I repeat.
“Panu and Napa will take care of you”
Before I could finished our conversation, the waitress brought out the foods and set them on the table. Dad politely smiled at her and said thank you.
With no hesitation, “Come on Dad, I thought I can do whatever I want since I‘m legal now.” Although the food looked and smelled delicious, but I have lost my appetite because I couldn’t get over this.
“Sam, I never ask you to do anything. This is the only time I want you to do it for yourself and for me” he begged. He looked desperate, the guilt ran through me when I saw the expression on his face. The memory of him crying for me at the hospital when I awoke from drowning incident hit me in the stomach. I promised myself I would do anything for him if he want me too; I guess it was about time.
I slowly took a deep breath, and glanced back at him, feeling a bit more composed.
“I‘ll go if you want me too. But I hope you have a good reason for this”
“Thanks Sam, you know how much I love you and I want the best for you” he said, his face finally lighten up.
“I know”
After we finished the dinner, dad handed me a tiny square box with a pink tiny bow wrapped around it, I knew right away it must be a jewelry because I used to see these kind of boxes in mom make-up table. I was speechless when I saw a sterling silver necklace with a diamond initial “S” in that tiny box.
“It’s beautiful. Thank you so much Dad.” I said and smiled at him.
“I’m happy you like it. I want you to know that I‘m always by your side wherever you go.”

Later that night, it was only a quarter after 9 pm when we got home as I glanced at the clock that hung on the wall. Dad found a comfortable spot to sit, picked up the phone and started dialing the number. I didn’t care to ask who he was calling nor pay any attention to his conversation. I walked straight to my room and decided to call, Jenny, she was the only best friend I had . Jenny and I were different in our looks; she had an oval face shaped with a bubbly personality, light skinned and slender about 5’5. I was a brunette and even shorter than her 5’2 with heart shaped face, not too light and not too tan. Our style was totally opposite as well, Jenny was all about bright color and very girly. Me, very simple just t-shirt and jeans. She was very smart, graduated with highest honor. A lot of guys liked her, unlike me, guys scared of me.
The phone rang 3 times before she picked up.
“Happy birthday Sammie,” said Jenny
“How was the dinner?”
“It was good until my dad made me going Thailand by myself”
“What? Why?”
“I had no idea but I had no choice”
“Vacation in Thailand sounds exciting Sam, I knew you will love it there like I did.”
Thailand? I had no idea what to expect.

There were no turning back, that was it; I landed at Suwannaphum airport in Bangkok. I walked down to the baggage claim to get my luggage, carrying my belongings down on the escalator as I tried to look for uncle Panu or someone who should be picking me up. My gaze caught my name on a sign with a man in his late 30’s , who stood by the lobby.
I walked up to him, “Hi, I’m Samantha.” I said.
“Miss, I’m here to pick you up on the behalf of boss Panu.” I heard he said. His name was Somsai, uncle Panu personal driver. Personal driver?Is he rich or something?I thought to myself. Holy shit, it’s so freaking hot. I felt like burning when I stepped outside the airport, it‘s not this hot in L.A. Somsai put my luggage on the back of the trunk of a black Mercedes Benz, and opened the door for me to get in. It felt so much better to be in the car with the air condition on. However I’ve never ride a luxury car before and had someone treated me like this, it was kind of weird and new. I started to see cars and building when we got to highway. Bangkok was pretty much almost like L.A, which was quite surprising.

My jaw dropped as Somsai stopped the car in front of this huge white mansion, two big wrought-iron gates slowly slid open, and the black Mercedes drove slowly to park in the driveway in front of the house. He walked to open the door for me as I stepped out of the car, I stood there with my eyes wide opened. You gotta be kidding me. They’re rich?
“Hi Sam, It’s nice to see you again” I heard someone said, her voice was calm and soft. I glanced at a lady in her late 40’s in her white cocktail dress, she looked so elegant. Napa hasn’t changed much from the last time I saw her, she greeted me with a warm hug.
“Thanks for having me” I said, released from her arms.
“You’re welcome. How was the flight?” she said with a smile.
“It was a long trip”
“I bet. Make yourself at home, if you need anything let me know.” She informed.
“Thanks you”
“I have to go, I guess I’ll see you tonight” said Napa, jumping in the car.
I stepped inside the house, I was amazed by the interior design. The house was in luxury contemporary European style, it combined of the classic and simple modern design. Downstairs, there was a grand stair in two story foyer, a large Master suite with sitting area/breakfast bar, and ample walk in closet, library close by, formal living room(two story)and dinning open to living room and foyer, family room with bar open to kitchen with butler pantry and breakfast room, 2 powder rooms, and secondary stair. Up stair, there were 3 bedrooms. This is ridiculous.

“Who are you?” I heard a deep voice from behind.
I turned to follow a voice, I noticed a tall, light skinned guy wearing a black T-shirt which fit him perfectly that you could see his lean body who stood in front of me. Our eyes caught for a moment, I admitted his eyes were deep and mysterious, but I didn’t fool by his charm.
“I asked who are you?” he repeat.
“What are you doing here?”
“What am I doing here?” I asked myself. ”To be honest, I don’t even know”
He looked confuse after what I said…
“What did you mean you don’t know?”
Why do I have to stand here and answer his questions like I‘m some kind of criminal.
“Are you a police or what?”
“I have to ask when I saw a stranger in my house”
“I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Dan.” he added.
I believed he is must be uncle Panu’s son.
“You didn‘t answer my question?”
“I forgot about your question”
“You said you don’t know why you are here?”
“My dad sent me here”
“You dad sent you here? Who is your dad?”
I crossed my arms and stared at him “Do I have to stand here and answer all your questions?”
“Yes, because you are in my house.”
“If you want to know anything about me, you should ask your parent.”
“Wait!” I heard he called from behind, but I didn’t dear to make another conversation. I walked up to my room.

This guest room was ten times bigger than my own room in L.A, it was well decorated. There was a large window wall on the side of my bed with a white linen window panel. I thought I would get a jet lag, surprisingly I didn’t. I put my stuffs in the closet and thought of what to do. Looking upon through a big mirror window, it was only 3 pm. Why should I stay here and be bored. I grabbed my bag, and ready to start my journey.
“Can you take me to Siam Square?” I asked Somsai who was cleaning the car in front of the house. He stopped what he was doing and let me inside.
I remembered Jenny used to tell me about Siam Square , a popular shopping area where most people especially teens like to chill and hangout. Also it was connected to other important shopping centers and links to the other shopping districts by Sky Bridge, such as Siam center, MBK center, and Siam Paragon.
I told Somsai to go home when we arrived at my destination, I didn’t want him to wait and it shouldn’t be that hard to get back home. I was scanning around the area, noticing most girls and guys colored their hair, and their styles were different. Korean trend? I guess according to Jenny, she loved K-pop and dramas. She always made me watching Korean drama with her, but I ended up falling asleep
As I walked around, I came across a logo sign “Mango Tango” which caught my attention since I was a fan of mango.I walked to the store to check it out. This is pretty awesome. They made all kind of stuffs from mango, from mango smoothie to ice cream mango, mango pudding to dry mango and even mango sticky rice.
“What to eat?” I said while looking at the menu.
“Mango smoothie here is very good.” I heard an unfamiliar voice next to me, I turned to the side to look at the person, a tall, dark and pretty good looking stood next to me.
“I’m Ken. Nice to meet you” said Ken, extending his hand to greet mine.
I shook his hand, “Sam
“Is it your first time here?” he asked.
“ Ah huh” I said, didn’t feel like I should be talking to stranger, especially I didn’t know anyone here.
“Can I have a smoothie” I said to the cashier.
“Hopefully I didn’t scare you or anything.” he said.
“Don’t worry about it.” I said.
The cashier girl handed me my drink, I paid for it and left.
I heard Ken said bye from the back when I was about to step out the door, but I thought it was too late to turn back. I didn’t think it was a big deal anyways, he was just a random guy.
The weather was starting to feel colder, and the sky was darkening as I tried to find a way out. I wasn’t sure where I was going. I was frightened when I bumped into two stranger guys,and my instinct told I was up for no good. I didn't look at them, just kept on walking.
“Hey pretty, do you need help?” a tall skinny guy said,who didn't look approachable.
“No” I said, keeping on walking.
“Come on, we can take you home,” the other short skin guy said as he tried to grab me by the hand.
“Don’t touch me!” I warned.
“Don’t be scare, we just want to take you home”
They kept coming closer as I tried to stay away. I told myself to be calm because I started to see some lights ahead of me.
“Get away!” I yelled.
The tall skinny guy yanked on my wrist. “Help!!” I screamed as loud as I could.
“Let her go” I heard a familiar voice came from the dark
“Help” I screamed one more time.
I felt relieved when I saw Dan walked out from the dark.
“Who are you bitch?”
“It doesn’t matter, just let her go” Dan said.
I was relieved when I saw him.
“What are you gonna do?”
Dan threw a big, fast hitting punch at the tall skinny guy; he felt down right away.
I bit the other short guy arm when he lost his attention, and he let off my hand.
“Get in the car!” I heard Dan shouted.
Dan walked fast to the car after knocked the other guy down.

“You have no idea what you just put yourself into Sam.” Dan snapped as soon he climbed in to the driver seat.
“I was trying to get back to your house”
He turned to face me, “This is not L.A little girl, you can’t go wherever you want when you don’t even know where you going.”
I stared back at him, “Don’t you dare call me little girl.”
Our eyes met, “Stop acting like one then.”
“Don’t judge me when you don’t know me at all.”
“Oh my judgments always right.”
“We’ll see about that.” I challenged.
“Yep we’ll see about that.”
It was the end of our conversation, the whole 20 minutes left I was staring out the window, asking myself what the hell am I doing here?

When the car pulled over to the parked at the driveway, Dan stepped out of the car without saying a word. I followed him inside the house.
“Hey Sam, are you okay?” Napa said as she walked up to me.
“I‘m fine”
“I was so worried, I’m glad you are okay.”
“I’m sorry, I’ll go to my room.”
“Okay Sam, get some rest.”
When I was about to walk to my room, I needed to call my dad to let him know that I was safe.

I dialed the number, it rang four times before he picked up.
“ Hey dad” I said.
He sounded happy when he heard my voice. I just told him I was safe, but I didn't about what happened earlier, I didn’t want to freak him out.
“Isn’t you suppose to be working right now?”
“I wasn’t feeling good today, so I took a day off”
“What’s wrong?’
“Just fever, nothing major. Don’t worry Sam”
“Don’t work too hard and take care of yourself.”
“Thanks Sam.”
“It’s late, I’ll head to bed now.”
“Take care Sam, behave okay.”
“I will. Take care dad.”
Why did me make me come here? Who will take care of him when he is sick? Sometime I really didn’t understand him. Anyways it was a crazy first day in Thailand.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 2​
A Jealous Girlfriend​

I tried to open my eyes when the sun shining through the big mirror windows, the first morning since I arrived. I climbed down from my bed, looked through the windows. What’s a beautiful sunny day.
I joined uncle Panu, his wife and Dan at breakfast.
“Make yourself at home Sam” uncle Panu said when I sat down. I didn’t say anything just smiled lightly at him. It was awkward and weird for me having breakfast with these strangers. We definitely came from a different world, they lived in the life of luxury, big mansion, nice brand name cars, maid, personal chefs, and personal driver, the world I could never afford. The most expensive thing I owned was my surfboard, which took me awhile to save up for it. I didn’t dare to ask what did they do for living, probably some kind of business; it was none of my business anyways. I just have to stay here for the whole summer and go home when the time comes. But I had to admit uncle Panu and his wife were probably a few rich people that were actually kind and down to earth. Uncle Panu told me the history of him and dad friendship. He also said dad was very handsome when he was young, and so many girls liked him. But the one and only girl he loved was my mom. Yea..and she left him Uncle Panu was going more on details about how they met and stuffs, but I told him I didn’t want to hear about it because every time I heard about my mom, I got sick in my stomach. I didn't even want to hear anything about her, all the pain memories brought up to my head again
“I’m sorry Sam” uncle Panu said, I bet dad probably told him everything about us.
“That’s fine” I said as I took a bite of chicken congee.
“Your dad is a very good man”, said Napa.
“He is also a good father”, I added.
“Sam, today Dan will take you around town okay. Hope you don’t mind” She suggested.
Dan? Why’s him? “ Oh…I don’t mind” I lied. I could tell from the look on his face, he was forced to do this.

“Where do you want to go?” asked Dan when he saw me stepped on the passenger seat.
“You don’t have to take me if you don’t want to”
“I promised my mom, so I have to do it.”
“Okay good. I want to go to the beach” I demanded.
He didn’t say anything, he started the car, and turned on the radio, the song started playing.
For a long moment, neither of us spoke. Dan had driven for an hour down the winding straight roads, we were not encountering very much traffic, so I guess he decided to speed up. I noticed we passed every cars near us. it was a sports car after all so why not drive it like one.
Dan cleared his throat before he speak, “how old are you?”
“5 years younger than me” I heard he said.
“You are old.” I teased
“let me guess you don’t have that many friends. Am I right?”
"So what if I don’t"
"Why are you acting so cold toward people." he turned to look at me.
“It's me. Sometime your judgement can be righ, butt doesn’t mean you will be right about everything about me.”
“Try me”
“I‘m not here to play game”

We arrived at Pattaya beach around noon, the sky was clear and the weather was hot and sunny when I stepped out the car. It had become a part of the day I looked forward to. Tourists were all over the beach, some were tanning, some were in the water surfing, and swimming. I rolled up the bottom of my pants and stepping in the water, noticing Dan was standing 3 feet away staring at the ocean waves.
“Ah…” I cried when I felt the water all over me. Dan stood there laughing pretending like nothing happen. You started. I bent down, threw my hand in the water and started splashing water at him. We were running, jumping, and splashing water on each others back and fort, I felt like a kid again.
“Your fault, I’m so wet now.” I said and sat down on the sand.
Dan sat next to me, we both looked exhausted. “I’m wet too”
He gazed at me, “why did you want to come here today?”
“I just wanted to feel like I'm at home again” I replied, staring at the ocean.
“I bet, you very miss L.A huh.”
I turned to face him, “I didn’t want to come to Thailand”
Dan didn’t responded anything, just staring at my face.
He touched my face with his hand, what is he doing?
“What are you doing?” I asked
“There’s sand on your face,” said Dan, wiping out the sand with his thumb.
“What the hell going on?” I heard a sharp and loud voice next to us, Dan and I looked up to see the person.
“Annie,” said Dan and stood up
I stood up and faced two tall, skinny girls, one with long black hair, and the other with brown hair staring at me from head to toes with some kind of attitude like I was some kind of creature. I stared back at them, What is your problem?
“Who are you?” the girl with black hair asked me.
“So who are you?” I returned the question, don’t give me that attitude.
“Do you think this is a joke?”
“No” like I care
“What are you doing here with my man?”
She must be Dan girlfriend
“Ask him because he took me here.”
I could see fire in her eyes after I said that
“Dan, is it true what she said.”
“ Yes, but it’s not like what you think.” Dan tried to explained.
“You better stay away from my man bitch.”
“You went overboard Annie” I heard Dan said.
Wait! You better not just called me that. Who’s the hell are you?
I felt blood rushing through my face.
“What is your problem bitch? ” I said with no hesitation.
“My problem is you! Why the hell are you flirting with my boyfriend”
“You are the one give me shit and I didn't flirt with your boyfriend” I said.
“You two stop, you guys make thing big than it is.” said Dan, he looked annoyed and walked away. Then Annie or whatever her name was ran after him.
From now on I should stay away from him, because I want no drama with this girl.

“I’m apologize about Annie” said Dan when he parked the car in front of the house.
“Don‘t ever let me see her again” I said, stepped out the car.
“I can’t guarantee that”
“I’m not guarantee either what will happen” I said, without looking back at him.
“What will happen Sam?’
“Nothing if she doesn’t do anything to me first” I turned to look at him who was still sitting in the car with his sun glasses on. I hated to admit but he looked good in them. He took off after our conversation.
“Hey Sam, how was your day with Dan?” Napa asked as I ran into to her in the kitchen to grab some thing to drink.
I went mute for seconds before I could speak, “It was great” I lied. It was good at the beginning, not after.
I could see the smile on her face after hearing what I said, “I’m glad to hear that, are you hungry?”
“Are you cooking dinner tonight?” I asked. I was kind of surprise to see her with an apron on, why did she need to cook when she had personal chef.
“Yes. I want to make special meal for welcoming you, that’s why I want to cook myself.” she explained while checking on the food in the oven.
“That’s nice of you.“ I offered.
I excuse myself to my room, to take a quick shower. When I walked down to the dinning room, lasagna, a big bowl of salad, and bread sticks were already set on the table. They looked delicious.
“You must be hungry” Napa said.
“Not really” I said, suddenly my stomach started growling. Maya and I looked at each others and started laughing.
My expression changed as I took a seat, did not please when I saw Annie walked in,Dan was stood beside her, and a familiar face who I thought I seen somewhere before. I caught his eyes for a brief moment before I turned my gaze to Annie again, who looked quite confuse,why I am there?
“Hi guys, take a seat” uncle Panu said, who were sitting at the at the end of the table.
“Hope we’re not late” a guy who came with Dan said.
“You guys came right on time” I heard Napa said.
Dan and Annie took a seat on the right next to uncle Panu, Napa sat on the other end of the table, I sat next to her and Dan’s friend.
“Hey Dan, aren’t you going to introduce a young lady who sitting next to me?” I heard a guy sitting next to me said.
Dan looked at me for second before he opened his mouth.
“This is Sam” Dad said.
“She is from L.A and will be staying with us over the summer”
“Hey Sam, do you remember me? We met at Mango Tango other day ago,” said Ken.
“Hey” I said. What’s a small world.
“That’s Annie, Dan’s girlfriend” Napa introduced.
“Nice to meet you.” Not! I said, tried to be nice in front of Napa.
“Enjoy kids” uncle Panu said.
I didn’t talk much at the dinner because I felt like an outsider when everyone seemed like part of the family. One awhile Ken would asked me couple questions, and I just answered. I just wanted to get out of there.

After dinner I decided to call Jenny and let her know what I was up to.
I dialed her number, it didn’t get through the first time. So I tried again before I heard someone picked up.
“Hey, it’s me Sam” I said.
“Oh my gosh, how are you Sam?” She sounded very excited.
“Okay I guess”
“You didn’t sound like you having fun there”
“It‘s not as fun as L.A. I miss home.” I said. Jenny was probably the only one I could let my guard down because I knew she accepted me for who I am and never judge me.
“Awe…Sam. You will be fine”
“Come on Sam, nothing good at all?’ she added.
“Uncle Panu and his wife are very nice. I had no idea that they are super rich. I live in a huge mansion like one in Beverly Hills.” i explained, tried to make her see the picture.
“Oh my gosh, that‘s awesome Sam. See any cute guy?“
I paused… tried to change subject by telling her about what happened earlier today at the beach, and she seemed to enjoy it a lot.
“Is Dan cute?” asked Jenny.
“Hmmmm…he is okay for me. But for you….yeah!"
"So, how did he look like?"
"He is tall, built and handsome. But he is 23 years old though”
“Ah huh, seem like someone did check him out” Jenny teased..
“I didn’t. Anyways how are you and Max?” I asked, tried to change the subject.
“We are good, I will have lunch with him later”
She told me about her and Max that they planed to go college together. We talked for quite awhile until I glanced at the clock, it passed 12 am. We hung off the phone because Jenny had to meet up with Max.


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Chapter 3
She wanted drama, I’ll give her action​

I wiped the sleep out of my eyes as I woke up, wheeling myself to the bathroom to get ready to start a day with Napa. I didn't expect Dan to be the first one I encountered when I walked out of my room, whose looking very professional in his business suits. I admitted he looked very charming, but it wasn't the point.
“Good Morning” he greeted, stood in front of his room.
“Hey” I said, trying to avoid him by walking as fast as I could to the stairs.
“Why are you giving me a cold shoulder?” he asked, walking behind.
“I think it’d be better if we stay away from each others” I stated, continued on walking. Somehow I felt like the stairs were longer than usual as I tried to get away from him as possible.
He was fast when he finally caught up with me when we reached downstairs. Our eyes met for a brief moment “Okay fine, if it’s what you want.”
“Yes” I said before I turned my gaze to Napa, who walking toward us.
"Are you ready Sam?" she asked.
“Where are you guys going?” asked Dan.
“I’m taking Sam to the temple for blessing” Napa answered.
“I‘m definitely going to need lots of that because lately I’ve been bother so much by an evil spirit” I said as I made a quick glance at him. From the look on his face,I was sure he knew I was implying to his jealousy girlfriend.
“Really Sam, why don’t you tell me?” asked Napa, her face looked worry.
“I didn’t think it was a big deal.” I explained.
He made a quick glance at me, “I guess, I’ll better get going. You two have a nice day,” He said and left.

I felt so good and refresh after all the blessing from the monk; it been too long since my last visit at the temple. Dad was very a religious man; he always made me go with him every new year or his birthday. I did try my best to go, but I just couldn't keep up with it. We finally arrived at Tanapat hotel around noon, I was amazed by the unique architecture of a white tall building about 50 feet tall with Tanapat logo on top of the building.
“Good After noon Mrs. Tanapat.” one of the staff in his uniform greeted as he opened the door to let us in. Front desk staffs bowed at us and same as every others staffs who walked by. Inside was very elegant with a European-style boutique. I noticed the paintings on the wall were mostly during the renaissance, I was definitely felt like I was in Rome. All the hotel staffs looked very professional, no surprise it was one of the five star hotel in Bangkok. We walked toward to the main dining room, which at the end of the first floor.
My curiosity ran through me as I looked around, “Interesting, why European theme?” I asked, as we seated ourselves at a round table.
One staff brought hot tea right away to Napa as we seated.
“It’s a long story.“
“I can keep up“
"Well, how can I even start this. Panu’s father, Arnan met Elda at Oxford university, she was an international student from Italy. He was falling head over heels in love with her,and they got married six months later. He brought her to Bangkok after finished college, but thing didn't turn out as well as he planed” Napa paused as she took a sip of her tea.
Why would I care anyways about this hotel history, and listened to a story of people I didn't even know. But I found myself enjoyed and touched by their love story.
“Elda was very homesick and begged Arnan to moved back to Italy. But he couldn't because was the only son who had to take care of Tanapat hotel.He loved her so much to let her go, so he figured out the only way Elda could feel like home was to remodel the hotel into European style and that's how we had so many guests from all over the world, especially Europe. She became to feel like home when she worked here and interacted with people from her home town.”
“The white mansion is also in European style” I mentioned, I took a sip of my drink.
“Yes” She answered with a smiled. “He really loved her” Napa added.
“He sure did” I murmured. Is this kind of love exist?
“What do feel like having today?” Napa asked.
“Anything with chicken”
“There're more than ten chicken dishes here, can you be more specific than that? ” said Dan. I didn't even notice when did he come.
“Dan, don’t make it hard on her."
"Don’t worry, I got it” she added.
“Hi Mrs. Tanapat. How are you doing?” I heard a familiar voice.
“Hello Ken, I’m doing great. Glad to see you” Napa greeted with a soft smile.
“Hi Sam” I heard Ken said.
I turned to look at a guy stood next to Dan, “Hi”
“Why don’t you join us Ken?” Napa offered.
“Thanks Mrs. Tanapat, but I just finished my lunch earlier. I just stopped by to say hi.” Ken replied.
“I brought Sam here for lunch” said Napa.
“What do you think about the hotel? amazing huh?” Ken asked as he glanced at me.
“Very unique and neat.“ I responded.
"It is”
Ken turned his gaze to Napa, “Mrs.Tanapat, would you mind if I take Sam out sometime.”
“You can ask Sam herself.” Napa suggested.
“Can I take you out sometime Sam?“ Ken asked with a grin on his face.
“Sure, why not” I said, perhaps it probably no drama if I hangout with Ken.
“That’s great. I better get going. Enjoy your meals.” Ken said and left.
We turned our gaze to the table when Ken left our sights, and the waiter brought our food to the table.
“What’s Dan having is cedar grilled salmon, it’s one of his favorite food here.” Maya explained.
“What are you having is chicken pasta milano, it was one of Elda favorite dish. I hope you’ll like it” she added with a smile.
I took my first bite, the chicken was soft,and it wasn't too much cheese, that was perfect.
“How’s the food taste?” I heard she asked.
“It’s delicious” took on a second bite.
“Dan, you might have to take Sam home because I need Somsai to take me to run some errands” Napa asked as she wiped her mouth with the white towel on her lap.
“Sure, but someone might not be happy about it” Dan said after he took the last bite.
They both were looking at me, Napa looked confuse. “I don’t mind” I lied.

We walked to car, which already parked in front of the hotel. I hopped into the passenger side “I don’t want to go home yet, could you drop me at Siam Square?” I asked.
“What if I said no?“
“That’s fine, I’ll get a taxi” I said, stepping out the car as soon I heard what he said.
“Can you take joke?” asked Dan, walking up to me.
“No because I don’t know you, and you don’t know me”
“I won‘t let you go by yourself, and get in trouble like last time.” he said.
“Don’t worry, it wont happen again. Even though it might happen, I don't need your help."
"I'll take you Sam, this is not L.A" reminded, gabbed me by the hand.
“No” I insisted.
He pulled me to the car, “Just get in the car, will you?”

“Dan!” I heard a familiar voice, the tone of her voice was sharp and scary.
It was Annie stood in front of us as we turned.
“Annie, it wasn’t like what you think” Dan explained, letting go off my hand.
"What's going on Dan?" she asked
I thought I should get away from there, and leave them alone
“Where the hell are you going?” Annie said as she grabbed my hand.
“Don‘t touch me!” I warned.
Why does she want me to stay here for? Watching them fight?
“Annie, stop it. Do you realize that we are still in front of Tanapat?”
“I don’t care Dan. If you want to be with me you have to move out”
“There’s nothing between me and Sam”
“You two live in the same house, and see each others everyday. Anything can happen, when I know, you two already go too far”
"Nothing will happen." Dan reassured.
“This is ridiculous, you are pathetic.” What is happening with my life, why can they just leave me alone
“ You are pathetic! you are messing with my man. Don’t act so innocent, I know girls from the states are fast and good, especially when it come to guys.”
I could have swore she raised my limit, I felt blood rushing through my face. She wanted drama, I'll give her action.
With no hesitation I walked closer to Dan, grabbed his neck and pressed my lips against his. I felt his soft lips when it touch mine,and somehow I felt like time had stop. It was a long moment we in that position until I opened my eyes, noticing a surprise on Dan face. why he didn't pull himself away when I kissed him?
I could see fire through her eyes when I released Dan.
“I can do more than what you think if you don’t leave me alone.” I warned, staring at her. Suddenly, my eyes caught her hand when it almost touch my face, fortunately I caught it with my hand.

“Don’t you dare touch me” I said and walk away.
“We can talk about it later, but not here.” I heard Dan said from behind
I stepped on a cap and left from that area.
While sitting in the car, looking out at the window, the picture of my dad appear in my head. How could I let this happened? I got sick in the stomach knowing I had disappointed him again. I’m not belong here.

Later that night I thought I couldn‘t do this anymore, so I decided to call him.
“Hey Dad” I said, tried to stay calm.
“How are you Sam?”
“I want to come home dad” I tried so hard not to cry.
“What’s wrong?”
“I don’t belong here and I miss you so much dad” tears started falling down on my face, I couldn't remember when was the last time he saw me cried. I just couldn't hold it any longer.
“I miss you more than anything and I know it must be hard for you over there. But trust me Sam, this is going to be a life changing experience for you and I want you to enjoy every moment of it.”
“But I don’t want to” I sniffed.
“I believe in you Sam, but you have open your heart”
“Thanks dad” I didn't want to argue with him, what happened today was already too much.
“The necklace I gave you is the representative of me. Whenever you go, I'm always there by your side.”
“I'll try”
“I will head to work now. I’ll talk to you next time Sam”
“Okay dad. Have a great day.”

This chilly night couldn’t be any lonelier as I stood by the balcony staring at a full moon thinking about home. Teardrops on my face like a rain. How could I be so far away, and the day seemed to go by so slow until I get to go home. Wiping tears off my face, and I should call it a night. Unexpectedly, my eyes caught his, who was standing by the pool looking up at me. when was he here? , I didn't want him to see me like this, crying like a baby. Our eyes caught for a long moment,and my heart beating fast when the picture of me kissing him kept replaying in my head. I walked fast to my room and closed the white curtain behind me.
“Why did I kiss him?” I mumbled, gently touched my lips.
“It just a kiss, it didn't mean anything”
I tried to put the day behind, and convinced myself to fall to sleep.