Love and Other Drugs


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It was a good movie and I lol most of the time.
I'm actually really glad that it was about Parkinson
Disease because people saw how it really affect those
who has it. I only learned and read about this disease
but never actually understood it until I saw this movie.


I think it was a good movie (just the whole start of his job and love, nothing else.) Personally, the rest (which is most) was too rated-r for me. I don't do movies with such adult content, I was actually just forced to go watch it. -_- But Jake looked good. And after seeing Anne Hathaway bare-chested, I can't look at her the same anymore. All in all, it was a good (and super long) movie. The love story isn't particularly anything new.

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Well I finally made the time to watch this and I quite enjoyed the chemistry between Jake and Anne. They are just too cute on and off screen. The storyline was pretty predictable and it's a no duh thing at most of the story but I still loved this. Definitely a most rewatch in the near future.


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I have watched this movie and find it really nice. Good entertainment. Wants more posts from you. Thanks for sharing this information with us. Keep it up.


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I saw this awhile back .. forgot how the story went .. might do a rerun tonight for Jake :wub: