Love Forever


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Cast: Aum and Aff​
This is my first fan fiction, so plz bare with me cuz it might take me a while to update... thanks girls

Introduction: He had my body, my soul, my life, and my heart, but at the end, he threw it all away. He hurt me in so many
ways that caused me to love him even more.....

*Credit to aiko...*​


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yes, another ateam fanfic. can't wait to read about them.


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More Ateam is coming back! LOVE HURTS!!! YET VEY PLEASURABLE at the same time :loool:


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thanks girls... i will update chapter one tommrrow.. cuz i have no school tommrow due to
snow... yay...


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LUCKY. I can't wait to read the first chapter.

over here, it might snow 2-5 inches, but i don't want anymore snow because it just melted away, and it's sooooo cold. lol. also if my school decides to cancel they school day, we would have to make up later UGH.


sarNie Oldmaid
LUCKY. I can't wait to read the first chapter.

over here, it might snow 2-5 inches, but i don't want anymore snow because it just melted away, and it's sooooo cold. lol. also if my school decides to cancel they school day, we would have to make up later UGH.
yep.. i hope my first chapter is gud to.. i hope u guys will lik it....

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Chapter 1​


Aff who was just 17 years old liked Aum when she was in high school. He was her first crush that she liked for a long time...
Now 6 years later, she meets Aum again, but this time her crush that she used to like is now a totally different person who
she doesn't realize at all....

*End of Preview*

Now 23 years old, Aff has turned into a beautiful young woman who is always full of brightness. She decided a long time ago when she was in college that she will forget her crush in high school... and that she will never meet him again... she told her self that now she has found someone she love and that person also loves her back. She would forget about everything... Kevin Virote is currently her boyfriend that she has been dating for almost two years now. They both plan to get marry and start a life together...

Even though she is 23 years old already, her parents disapprove of their daughter's decision making. Her parents believe that if their daughter marries Kevin, her life would be tormented and hurt. Especially her father, he believes that Kevin is going to cheat on his daughter, and has been lying to her all this time... but they know that their daughter is blind from the love that she doesn't see that...

So they both decided to to marry her off to one of of their friend's son... Chai and Carla confronted their daughter Aff...

Aff, your father and I need to talk to you about something very important...

Aff: What is it mom that you and dad want to talk to me about?

Chai (turns around to face Aff and Carla): Aff, your mother and I decided that you are going to get marry with one of your mother's friend's son.

(freakes out): WHAT? WHY? Mom, dad why do you guys keep doing this to me??? why me?? why can't I have my own life???

Carla: Aff, we only want the best for you. Honey please listen to your father and I.

(angry, and crying at the same time): If you guys want the best for me, you guys wouldn't be forcing me to marry a total stranger I hardly know...

(crying at the same time): It's not like that... we love you with our hearts.

Chai (starting to get irriated): Aff, you have to understand that one day Kevin is going to break your precious little heart of yours and throw you away like trash... Let me tell you, Kevin is a LYING BASTARD...

Aff (crying): HE is not dad.. He loves me, and I love him.. do you hear me I LOVE HIM....

*she got up from the sofa and ran to her BMW car outside and drove off.. her mom called after Aff, but it was to late she left...*

Carla asked Chai, are we doing the right thing for our daughter?




The mystery man has to be!!!

Love is blind...especially if it's your "first" love. Lol.​


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Chapter 2​

Handsome Aum Atichart steps out from his Mercedes' new Gullwing... he is greeted by his parents and his 10 year old little sister Leah... They all miss him so much that at the same time they all ask the same question at the same time... How are you doing??? Aum of course was really happy because he gets to see his family again after 6 years... After they greeted each other, they all went inside the house, and all of them sat in the living room. Leah who sat next to her brother, kept asking so many questions...

(happy and smiling at her brother): Hey Aum, me, mommy, and daddy missed you so much.. did you know that?.. Look at you, you've changed so much... your my handsome brother did you know that... wait how old are you again??? oh yea i remember now... mommy told me you were 25 years old who just came back from America, who got a degree in business i think... and who is going to be working at daddy's company... right??? Aum am I right? If you are, man I bet every girl in town would want to date you...

Aum (who starts laughing): Leah (rubbing her head) you are such a dork sometimes.. but yea everything you just said is right.. and I do bet that every girls in Thailand would want me.... (thinking about this particular girl)...

Then his father interrupted his thought...

Jacob: Son, that reminds us... we got something to tell you....

: What is it?

Jinda: Aum (looking at her husband before looking back) we made marriage arrangement for you already...

Aum: WHAT? Did I just heard it correctly?

: Yes, you did son. You are going to be marrying my friend Sara Taksaorn's daughter Aff Taksaorn.... Your dad and I already discussed this already... We agree to this decision we made for you...

Aum: Mother, and father, why do you guys always make my life so complicated every single time? Why are you guys making me marry someone i don't even know and like? I have never met her before.... (becoming angry)....

Jacob: Son, it's not like what you think.. you will get to meet her soon... once you marry her, you would get to know her even better, trust us...

Aum: To let you guys know, (raising his voice) I already have a girlfriend who is my fiance, and her name is Amanda..

Jinda: Who is Amanda? Who is she?

Aum: She is the one I love and I want to spend my whole life with her.. and not with some slut who is throwing herself at me..

Jinda: Watch that mouth of yours Aum. She is not a slut like you say. She is my friend's daughter who is going to be your wife very soon... We are going to meet her family and her tommrrow at the Love Garden Restarunt. The time is at 5:00 P.M. We are going to introduce you both to each other.. and talk about the wedding... We expect you not to be late...

Leah: Yay, I'm going to see my brother's future wifey..... (she is all happy)

:Who told you guys I'm going? (furious)

: Aum listen, we have never met Amanda before, and we don't even know her will, all we are saying is that we only want the right thing for you... and that is you come tommrrow to see it for yourself...

(screaming at his parents): Mom, and dad, for one last time, I AM NOT MARRYING THAT SLUT, WHORE..... (walking away mad)....

Leah: Mommy, daddy why is Aum so mad? What is a SLUT? A WHORE? HUH?




Leah: Mommy, daddy why is Aum so mad? What is a SLUT? A WHORE? HUH?
That phrase made me laugh for some reason. But then again, she's just a kid.

Eh, Aum got me mad. Calling Aff names like that and he hasn't even met her yet!​