Love Hidden by Hate COMPLETE


sarNie Hatchling
Hi all, I am a newbie in this forum. Been hiding in the shadows reading all the fanfics. I had posted this story on another website so you may have read it already but I thought I would post it here as well. Hope people will read this...sorry if it is corny...

Story Ideas

New girl, meet boy

They reach bus station after school, she tells him she can look after herself, so he went and sat at another spot, sees guys annoying her, couldn’t help but go save her...

Stand next to each other in bus, bus comes to sudden stop, she falls into his arms...


Prin Suparat (Mark) – Starting age in story: Grade 9
Chalida Wijitwongtong (Mint) – Starting age: Grade 8
Nadech Kugimiya (Barry) – Starting age: Grade 9`(Mark’s Bestfriend)
Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya) – Starting age: Grade 9 (Mints Bestfriend)
Pakorn Chatborirak (Boy) – Starting age: Grade 9 (stay back a year) (Friends with Mark & Nadech)
Rasri Balenciaga (Margie) – Starting age: Grade 9 (Friends with Mint & Yaya)
Nutthawuth Maurer (Mario) – Starting age: Grade 10 (Friends with Mark, Nadech & Boy)
Pimchanok Leuwisedpaiboon (Fern) – Starting age: Grade 8 (Friends with Mint, Yaya & Margie)
Kimberly Ann Voltemas (Kim) - Starting age: Grade 9 (Friends with Mint, Yaya, Margie & Fern)
Alexander Nirawit Rendell (Alex) – Starting age: Grade 11 (Childhood friends with Mint)

Minor Characters:

Mr Peter Suparat
Mrs Susan Suparat
Mr Steven Wijitwongtong
Mrs Caitlyn Wijitwongtong (Lyn)
Rochelle Suparat (Mark's younger sister)

(Will update on characters as story progresses)
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sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 1

It was Monday morning, the day every one dreads especially when it is the first day of school for the year. A girl was waiting patiently at the bus station with her father. She was very nervous for it was her first day of high school. Her father spotted a group of guys who had the same uniform as his daughter and seemed like they were the same nationality as them. So he decided to go and ask them to help out his daughter. The girl was so embarrassed, she felt she knew how to look after herself; she will just follow the other students. She stood by herself as her father was walking to go talk to the guys.

Mr Wijitwongtong: (talking in native tongue) “Hello, may I talk to you?”
Mr W: “My name is Steven Wijitwongtong, you look very familiar. May I know who your parents are?”
Mark: “My parents are Peter and Susan Suparat”
Mr W: “What a small world, I knew you looked familiar, you’re little Mark. Wow you’ve grown so much since I last saw you. I haven’t seen your parents in ages. How are they?”
Mark: “They are doing well. Dad works every day, whereas mother works from home as a hair dresser and looking after my little sister.”
Mr W: “Oh, ok. Please say hello to them for me. I wonder if they will remember me, it’s been a while. Oh by the way I was wondering if you can help me out a bit.”
Mark: “What is it uncle?”
Mr W: (pointing to the girl standing at the other bus stand) “I was wondering if you can help keep an eye out for my daughter over there”
Mark: “Yes uncle. I will take care of her.”

Mark really didn’t want to but what could he do. This man was his dad’s friend. If his father found out that he rejected that request to look after his daughter. He would not hear the end of it from his parents.

Mint was blushing red when she saw her father talking to the guys at the other stand. She was thinking to herself, what her father was doing. Then she saw her father waving his hand, signalling her to go over there. She dragged her feet along to the other stand. She stood a metre away from them looking down at her feet. Mark could see that she was the shy type; he and his friends were smirking at each other. Her dad pulled her in closer.

Mint: (whispering to her father) “Dad, I don’t want to come any closer.”
Mr W: “Why are you being so shy and standing so far? I want to introduce you.”
Mr W: “Mint, this is Mark. Mark, this is my daughter Mint.”
Mark: “Hi, nice to meet you”
She stayed quiet and kept looking down. Her father gave her a little nudge.
Mint: (Replying in a soft tone) “Nice to meet you”
Her father told her to sit down next to him, and she reluctantly did.
Mr W: “I am counting on you to look after her. It’s her first day of high school and she doesn’t know anyone there. Treat her like she was your sister. I am putting my trust in you.”

Her father felt a sense of relief that he had found someone to take care of his only daughter. That he felt it was alright for him to leave.

Mr W: “Mint, I will be going now. Remember to stay and listen to Mark.”
Mint: (Sighing) “Yes father.”

The guys continued talking and laughing amongst themselves as Mint sat beside them looking at the ground.

Mark: “So you’re in year eight then?”
Mint: (murmuring) “Yes”
Mark: “Well I am in year nine. I know that you don’t want to talk to me and quite frankly I do not really want to have the responsibility of looking after someone as well. But your father asked me to and I gave him my word that I will keep an eye out for you.”
Mint: “You don’t have to. I can look after myself.”
Mark: “Ok, whatever you say”

Mark turned to talk to his friends again and ignored her. The bus arrived at the stand and everyone boarded. The only seats that were free were the front seats. Mark sat facing another girl that went to the same school as them. Nadech went to sit on the seat on the other side of the bus.

Mark: “Here sit behind me.”
Mark: “Hey there Yaya, what are you doing there? How were your holidays?”
Yaya: “It was good. I am just writing notes down.”
Mark: “What it’s the beginning of the year, what could you possibly be writing down?”
Yaya: “Just stuff. Who is that? I never knew your sister was already this big.”
Mark: “That is Mint. She is not my sister. Her father asked me to look after her because it is her first day of high school.”
Yaya: “Oh, I see”

Yaya continued to write in her notebook and Mark was talking to Nadech. Mint just sat quietly by herself. Mark could see that she was lonely from the corner of his eye.

Mark: “Hey Yaya, can you switch places with Nadech. I think Mint is feeling a bit lonely behind me and I don’t know what to say to her.”
Yaya: “Ok. I will switch spots with Nadech.”

Yaya and Nadech switch places and now she was sitting across from Mint.
Yaya: “Hi, my name is Yaya. I heard that your name was Mint, is that right?”
Mint: “Yes that is right.”
Yaya: “I guess you’re feeling nervous. I was on my first day of school but after that it got better.”
Mint: “I am afraid of the load of work that I will be getting and also I am afraid that I won’t make any friends”
Yaya: (smiling at Mint)“Don’t worry about that, that work load is fine. I am sure you would manage it. As for friends, just be friendly and smile. I am sure there are a lot of people who are in the same position as you. Hey look on the bright side. You have me as a friend now; you can always hang around me.”

Mint felt a sense of relief. She had made a new friend and now she doesn’t have to tag along with Mark anymore. The bell had rung and the bus came to a stop. All the students got off the bus and walked the rest of the way to the school. Mint and Yaya were walking together; Mark and Nadech were walking ahead of the girls.

Yaya: “So how do you know Mark?”
Mint: “I don’t. My father went to talk with him and then he introduced us. I guess he seemed to have known him as he trusted him to keep an eye out on me”
Yaya: “Really, I see”

The first day of school was as per usual nerve racking to begin with but as it progressed it was fine. Mint met a new friend and also hung out with Yaya. It was the end of the day; Mint and Yaya went to wait at the bus stop. Mint rolled her eyes when Mark was walking towards the bus stop with his friends to. Don’t worry your with me, he won’t come over. They got to the bus station, Mint and Yaya went to sit and wait for Yaya’s bus to come. Yaya left first and Mint went to sit at her stand alone. Mark saw at the corner of his eyes that she was alone so he went over there and sat near her.

Mark: “Hey there why are you sitting all by yourself?”
Mint: “Waiting for my bus”
Mark: “Did you need me to keep you company?”
Mint: (snapped back at Mark) “No thanks I can look after myself”
Mark: “But your father told me to look after you; I think it should be best if I wait here for you to go first.”
Mint: (rolling her eyes) “It’s alright; you can go sit where ever you were sitting before and look out for me from over there. I am sure you don’t want your friends to tease you.”
Mark: “Ok, that’s fine by me. I will just be over there if you need me” (he winked to tease her and gave her a smirk.)

Mint sat there feeling embarrassed and angry at the same time. Why did her father have to do that? She was quite capable of looking after herself. She thought to herself. The bus finally came and she boarded the bus. Mark felt a sense of relief when he saw her leave. Now he was free to do whatever he wanted. He had been keeping an eye on her all day. He thought to himself, why he was doing this he could just lie to her father that he kept an eye on Mint and just do whatever he wanted to do. But then he felt bad, if she was his sister and it was her first day he would have kept an eye on her too. He will look after her for a couple of days then let her go her own way.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 2

A couple of weeks past...
Boy: (Jokingly) “Hey look Mark, your girlfriend is over there”
Mark: (Shot back) “She is not my girlfriend”
Mario: (Teasingly and laughing) “But we always see you keep looking at her, you must have some feelings towards her”
Mark: (Shouted) “I DON’T. Her father told me to look after her and so I am doing what I am told.”
Nadech: (tapping on Mark’s back) “Calm down their only teasing you. Anyways you never do what you’re told, how does this make anything different”
Mark: “Well I want to show my parents that even though I go against their words sometimes, but I also want to show them that I can be responsible as well. Plus how can I like a girl like that, she is so nerdy and average. Not my type.”
His friends saying all together: (Winking at each other) “We see...”
Mark: “Let’s change the subject”
Mint, Yaya, Margie, Fern and Kim were sitting at one of the benches near the cafeteria. Mint felt very uncomfortable because she could sense that she was being watched.
Yaya: (whispering to Mint) “Don’t let him or anyone else bother you”
Mint: (Whispers back) “I can’t help it he keeps looking over at me; quite frankly it is becoming very annoying.”
Yaya: “Just ignore it”
Mint: “His friends are looking over here and laughing to”
Yaya: “Who cares, they are immature”
Kim: “Hey what are you two whispering about?”
Yaya: “Nothing important, just that Mint’s bodyguard is annoying her”
Mint: “You think he would be one of those guys that would say yes just to get their parents off their backs and just get on with his own life”
Fern: (Jokingly) “He looks quite serious about this job. Are you sure there are no feelings towards you?”
Mint: “As if! We only met a couple of weeks ago. Also I don’t think I am his type, I am sure he is into tall, slim and pretty looking girls.”
Margie: “But you are cute and petite. Who knows you could be his type.”
Mint: “Trust me I am not”
Yaya: (Claps her hands) “Hey, I just remembered. It’s Mint’s birthday coming up next month.”
Fern: “That’s right. So what are you going to do for your birthday?”
Mint: “Oh nothing big. It’s only my 13th birthday. Probably just have the family and you guys over”
Kim: “Sounds good”
Margie: “I’m there”
Fern: “As long as there is plenty of food, I am there”
A month had passed by so quickly and it was the day of Mint’s birthday. Mint was wearing a simple baby blue satin spaghetti strap dress that stopped just above her knees and matching sandals. She had her hair tied half up, half down. Her aunties were there early and helping her mother in the kitchen. They were preparing a lot of food from shark fin soup, fried rice and fried chicken, stir-fried noodles and stir-fried seafood and spring rolls for the children to snack on.

Yaya and Fern arrived together and helped Mint put up the decorations while her father and uncles were setting out the tables and chairs. Margie and Kim arrived a bit later and went to join the gang at one of the tables that was set out for them. Everyone was eating and chatting to one another then suddenly the doorbell rang. Mint went to see who it was. When she opened the door she saw Mark and his parents along with Nadech. Inside she was surprised that Mark and Nadech would come but she managed to put a smile on her face and greeted his parents.

Mint: (Smiling and putting her hands together to greet his parents) "Hello uncle and aunty"
Mint: (Mumbles) "Hello Mark and Nadech"
Then she turns to the little girl holding her mother's hand.
Mint: "And who is this pretty little girl?"
Little girl: "My name is Rochelle."
Mint: "Oh how cute. Please come in and join the party." she walked them to the backyard.

Everyone was seated and chatting and eating. Mint, her friends, Mark and Nadech were seated together along with three of her cousins. Everyone was enjoying the night. Mint was going around taking pictures with her friends and family. She took a kids group picture and she was told to stand next to none other then Mark. She was trying to hide her embarrassment from showing. She had tried to avoid him the whole night, now she had to stand next to him. To make things worse her father suggested that her and Mark take a picture together. She stood so stiff and then Mark wrapped his arm around her shoulder area.

Mark: (Whispers) "Relax, smile" then adds
Mark: "You look cute tonight"

Mint couldn't help but blush and smile at that moment. The picture was taken and then Mint quickly moved. Mark couldn't help but laugh. Then came the time to cut the cake. She thanked everyone for coming and to enjoy the rest of the night. Everyone enjoyed the food and cake.

Mr W: "So Peter, how have you been? What are you doing now?"
Mr S: "Well...I have just been busy with work seeing that it is getting close to the end of financial year everyone’s been on their feet. What about you?"
Mr W: "Yeah we're the same especially working in the tax office. All I see is numbers going through my mind." They all start laughing.
Mrs S: "So what about you Caitlyn?"
Mrs W: "Oh not much, with Mint at school I do sewing alterations from home to keep myself busy. How about you?
Mrs S: "Yeah pretty similar to me. I have to work from home so I can look after little Rochelle here." She then tickled her daughter. The four started to laugh together.
Mrs W: Oh let me know if you want to borrow dramas, I rent them out to people, but for you free of charge." (She winks)
Mrs S: Don’t worry I will.

The guest started to leave one by one. Margie, Fern and Kim left but Yaya stayed because she was going to sleep over. Mint's parents were still talking to Mark's parents and they asked her to look after Rochelle who was sleeping on the couch so that they can have a quick catch up. So Mint and Yaya went to the formal room where Rochelle was and sat down to talk. It was getting a bit cold outside so Mark and Nadech decided to join the girls in the formal room. After two hours of catching up Mark's parents thought it was time to go home. Everyone said their goodbyes and left. Mint, Yaya and Mint's parents were exhausted so they went to sleep.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 3

It was the end of the year and finals were coming up. Mint was studying very hard with Fern. Yaya was also there to guide them because she had gone through it last year.

Mint: (looking at all the books) Where do we start?
Fern: Well...(looking at their test schedule) we have maths and society and environment first so let's focus on them first.
Yaya: So where are you two having problems society and environment?
Mint: Geography is my weak point.
Fern: Really, I'm ok with that it's economics that scares me.

The girls continued to study for the tests. It was a stressful week that had passed. Everyone was in test mode for the past week.

Yaya: So how were the tests girls?
Margie: Yeah it was ok.
Kim: I think I did alright. How about you Mint and Fern?
Mint: I think I did ok. Thanks to Yaya for helping me study.
Fern: Me too. Thanks Yaya.
Yaya: No worries. It was nothing. That's what friends are for.

The guys came walking out towards the cafeteria.

Mark: So how did you guys go?
Nadech: I think I aced mine, how about you Mario?
Mario: There were a few things I wasn't sure about. But I guess it was ok. What about you Boy? I bet you flew right through seeings as you done these tests before.
Boy: Hey was that an insult. But yeah I think I did ok second time round.

The year had just flown by for everyone. Now it was time to relax and enjoy the summer holidays.
It was getting close to Christmas and the girls thought it would be good to go out for a Christmas lunch. Mint asked if she could go with the girls to have lunch.

Mint: Mum, can I please go out with the girls for lunch next week?
Mrs W: Sure that’s fine Mint, but be sure to ask Mark and his friends to go along as well for protection.
Mint: (Whining) But mum…
Mrs W: (Shaking her head) not buts, you never know what may happen.
Mint: (Sighs) Ok, can you ask for me then?
Mrs W: Ok I will let his mother know. Also invite your friends over for Christmas dinner.

Mark was told by his mother to go out with the girls and to bring his friends along. He had no plans for Christmas so he thought why not it would be good to hang out with his friends for Christmas. They all agreed to meet at Mint’s house and then they would be dropped of at the restaurant. Yaya and Fern arrived at Mint’s house first.

Yaya: Hey girl, looking extra pretty today. You trying to impress a certain someone? (Winking)
Mint: Are you crazy. It thought this look pretty so I wore it because it is Christmas.
Fern: (Lifting her eyebrows) Ah…ha…is that so
Then both Fern and Yaya giggle to each other. At that time Marks car had just pulled up.
Yaya: Speaking of the devil. Here he comes.
Mint: Shh… you two

Mark, his mother, Nadech and Mario got out of the car. Fern blushed as she saw Mario coming out.

Mint: (Whispering) Look your crush is also here.
Fern: (Elbowing Mint) Be quiet Mint
Mint: (Rubbing her arm) Oww… well then quit blushing.
Yaya: Quiet girls, they’re coming towards us.
Mint, Yaya and Fern show their respect to their elders by greeting Mark’s mother.
Mint, Yaya & Fern: Hello auntie. (Then with a straight face) hello boys
The boys: Hey yourself.

Marks mother walked in to meet with Mint’s mother while they were waiting for the others to arrive. Nadech walks up to Yaya.

Nadech: Hey Yaya, you’re looking pretty today.
Yaya: (Blushed a bit) Thanks
Nadech: No need to thank me. I was only joking
Yaya’s face suddenly changed at the comment and then she rolled her eyes.
Mario: (Looking at Fern) Hey girls how are you all?
The girls: We are ok.

The others arrived and they left to go to the restaurant. They arrived at the Dim Sum restaurant. Everyone was enjoying the food and talking amongst one another.

Boy: Hey tomboy. Can you pass me the sauce?
Margie: Just because I’m not interested in you does not make me a tomboy. I have taste you know. Not like you who dates anyone that can walk.
Boy: CHILL…can you just pass me the sauce please?
Margie: (Handing the sauce over) Here.

They continued to eat and then it was time to go to Mint’s house for the remainder of the evening.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 4

It was time to go back to school. Mint was walking with the girls down to the canteen. She wasn’t looking where she was going and then walked into something and then she fell back.

Mint: (Not looking up) I am so sorry for walking into you.
Guy: Mint…is that you?
Mint: Alex…Oh my god (goes to hug him) When did you transfer here?
Alex: My family just moved around here a month ago. How have you been?
Mint: I’ve been good. How about you?
Alex: I’m doing all right.
Mint: (Being elbowed by Yaya) Oh how rude of me. Alex this is Yaya, Fern, Margie and
Kimberly. Girls this is Alex. We used to be neighbours when we were younger but I hadn’t seen him for years since his family moved houses.

Alex smiled at everyone then he kept his eye on a certain someone. Which made that certain someone blush.

Alex: Hi girls
The girls: Hi Alex.

Mark could see the incident from afar. He had a very straight face. Nadech looked at Mark and then to where Mark was looking and could tell something was up and he smiled.

Nadech: What’s up Mark? What’s with the serious face?
Mark: Who is that guy?
Nadech: How would I know never seen him before. But looks like you have competition.

Mark elbows Nadech in the stomach.
Mario walks up to the girls. Making Fern blush.

Mario: Hey girls. I see you’ve met Alex. Alex have you been introduced to these lovely girls.
Alex: Yes. Mint introduced the girls to me already.
Mario: (Sensing there was something between them) Mint. How do you know Mint?
Alex: Yeah. We knew each other when we were younger.
Mario: Excuse me girls but I have to steal Alex away to meet the guys.
The girls: Bye.
Boy: (Walking up to the boys) Hey guys, what you looking at?

Mario and Alex walk up to the boys.

Mario: (Smiling) Hey guys.
The boys: Hey.
Mario: This is Alex. He just transferred here.
Mark was looking at him strangely. Alex could sense the look and Nadech noticed and nudged Mark a bit.
The boys: Nice to meet you. Welcome to the group.
Mark: (Smiles) Any friend of Mario’s is a friend of ours.

The day came to an end and it was time to go home. At the bus station Yaya left first again leaving Mint to wait for her bus. Mark was talking with Nadech at the other stop. He kept an eye on Mint. He sees guys walking up to her so he keeps looking. He sees the two guys were annoying her, so he went over there to interrupt. He walks up to Mint and puts his hand around her waist making her turn around.

Mark: Hey honey. Sorry to keep you waiting. Are these guys bothering you?
Mint: (Surprised by the sudden appearance.) It’s ok these guys were just leaving.

The guys walked off to where they came from.

Mint: (Taking his arm off her waist and moved away from Mark a bit) Thanks, but I really didn’t need any help, especially from you.
Mark: That wasn’t the thanks I expected but I guess that is the best you can do. You’re welcome.
Mint: (Mark was still standing next to her.) You can go now they’re gone.
Mark: I don’t think so. I think I will stand here until you get on the bus just in-case.
Mint: In-case of what?
Mark: In-case they come back.

Mint groans and goes to sit down on the seat. Finally her bus came and she walked in to sit on the seat. She looks out the window and sees Mark walking back to Nadech. She sighs and then looks down and smiles to herself a bit. He sees the bus drive off and then he takes a deep breath.

Nadech: (Looking at his friend with a cheeky smile) Trying to be the knight in shining armour hey…
Mark: (Hit Nadech on the back of his head) Don’t be silly. I was just trying to get those guys away from her
Nadech: I see…you mixing a little business with pleasure? I saw that arm of yours
Mark: Stop kidding around. (Trying to change the subject) Our bus is coming.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 5

Yaya was walking through the corridor to go to the washroom. On her way she saw Nadech walking towards her. She tried to avoid him but when she moved one way he moved the same way and when she moved to other way he went to block her again.

Nadech: Where are you off to pretty lady?
Yaya: To the washroom, now get out of my way.
Nadech: So you think you’re pretty hey?
Yaya: Not necessarily but I am the only one here so I assume you’re talking to me.
Nadech: Can we meet up somewhere during lunch? I have a favor to ask you
Yaya: Fine. Now will you get out of my way?

In the washroom Yaya was wondering why Nadech wanted to talk to her. She finished cleaning her hands and went back to class. The lunch bell rang and everyone went to have lunch.

Mint: (Choking on her juice) What, Nadech wants to talk to you?
Yaya: Yeah. I’m wondering what for.
Mint: (Jokingly) Maybe he likes you and wants to tell you that.
Yaya: Don’t be silly Mint. Now I don’t know if I should meet him anymore.
Mint: Go…Otherwise you’re going to be wondering for a long time and i don't want to hear you go on and on about it. You want me to come along to?
Yaya: No it’s ok. I can go by myself.
Mint: Good luck.

Yaya went to go meet Nadech on the oval.

Yaya: So what did you want to see me for?
Nadech: I need you to be my girlfriend.
Yaya: (Shocked) WHAT?
Nadech: (Holding a finger to his mouth) Shh…Don’t take it the wrong way, it’s not that I like you. What I meant was my pretend girlfriend.
Yaya: Why? Why me?
Nadech: It’s just I have this girl who is really sticky and I want to get rid of her but she just can’t get the picture. As for why you, I think you’re the most suitable person for the job.
Yaya: Because you know that I won’t fall for you.
Nadech: Oh no…I think you may fall for me. I mean look at me, who wouldn’t fall for me.
Yaya: (Rolling her eyes) You’re so full of yourself.
Nadech: So will you help me out?
Yaya: I guess if you’re this desperate then…OK.
Nadech: Thanks.

Mint was behind a tree spying on the two when someone walks behind her.

Mark: (Looking in the direction she was looking) What are you looking at?
Mint: (Jumped) For crying out loud! You scared me. What does it look like I am spying on Yaya and Nadech.
Mark: You’re very nosey. So what do you think they are talking about?
Mint: How am I supposed to know? So who’s the nosey one now?
Mark: I’m not nosey…just curious.
Mint: Whatever, same thing.

Nadech and Yaya knew that their two friends were spying on them and were walking towards them.

Yaya: So do you think that those two know they have fallen for each other?
Nadech: Nope. They are clueless.
Yaya: Either that or they refuse to believe it.

Yaya and Nadech reached the other two and then Yaya walked off with Mint leaving the two boys to talk.

Mint: So, what did he want to talk to you about?
Yaya: He wants me to pretend to be his girlfriend.
Mint: (Shocked) WHAT?
Yaya: (Putting her finger to her mouth) Shh…That was my first reaction to but he said that he wanted to get rid of this clingy girl. So I agreed.
Mint: Who knows, this may be a cover up so that he could date you.
Yaya: Don’t be silly. Anyways what’s up with you and Mark?
Mint: What do you mean what’s up with us? I was just keeping an eye on you just in-case you needed me and then he decides to pop out of nowhere. Made me jump.
Yaya: (Smiles) I see…

A few days later…

It was the end of the day and Fern was walking out to the car park to wait for her mother to pick her up. On her way she bumped into someone and she dropped her books.

Fern: (Not looking up and trying to pick up her books) I’m so sorry for bumping into you. Did I hurt you?
Guy: It’s ok. You didn’t hurt me. Are you hurt?
Fern: (Wondering why the voice sounded so familiar and looked up) Mario…I’m, I’m ok.
He handed her books over and then held out a hand for her to grab.
Mario: Let me help you up.
Fern: Thanks. (Sees her mother and then hurries off not looking back)

Mario couldn’t help but smile as he thought it was cute how she was embarrassed.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 6

The next day…

Fern walks up to Mint and Yaya.

Fern: (Sighs) Hey girls.
Mint: Hey Fern. What’s with the long face?
Fern: I bumped into Mario yesterday when I was waiting for my mum to pick me up.
Yaya: Wait…If you bumped into Mario yesterday shouldn’t that make you happy? Why are you sad?
Fern: When I bumped into him I acted so childish. I didn’t look up, and when my mum got there I rushed off. I don’t even know if he knows my name because he has never once called me by my name. What if he just thinks of me as just a child?
Mint: He doesn’t think of you as just a child.
Fern: How do you know?
Mint: I don’t know.
Fern: How do I get him to notice me? Help me girls.
Yaya: Why don’t you try joining the dance team? We know you can dance.
Fern: But I’m not pretty enough to be in the dance team. Also I don’t have the confidence to do it by myself. Mint, try out with me please?
Mint: What? Why me?
Fern: Because you’re my friend and I know you can dance too. Please?...
Mint: (Sighs) Ok…I will do it for you.

Mint and Fern went to the dance tryouts. They did the routine and then they had to wait outside to be called in to know the results.

Teacher: Mint and Fern please enter the room.

They both walked into the room.

Teacher: Mint and Fern I could see that you both danced with you’re hearts today and…
Mint and Fern were holding each other’s hands
Teacher: Congratulations you both got into the dance team.

Mint and Fern were so happy they hugged each other.

Both together: Thank you so much…we won’t let you down.

Then they walked out to tell their friends the good news. They walked up to their friends with a straight face.

Yaya: So…What happened?
Both together: (Smiles then shouts) WE BOTH GOT IN!
All of them together: (Jumping up and down) YEAH…
Kim: I knew both of you could do it.
Fern: (Holding her hands together in a hopeful way) Finally now maybe I can be noticed…

A few weeks later…

Mark was out in the city with Nadech. They were walking past a store then Mark recognised someone familiar from the corner of his eye. He saw Mint looking at boy’s clothes. He stopped and hid behind the window. Then a few minutes later he saw Alex pop out from behind one of the clothes racks. He was looking at the shirt that Mint was holding and then he went to tap her head and they both were smiling. He then rested his hand on her shoulder. When Mark saw this his face just dropped.

Nadech: Hey, I never knew Alex was going out with Mint. Did you?
Mark: (Mumbling) No.
Nadech: Lets go in to say hi.
Mark: (Holding Nadech back) Lets leave the two lovebirds alone. I’m sure they don’t want to be bothered.

Mark took one last look at them and then walked off with Nadech. Not known to them, Kim walked out from behind the wall and walked up to Mint and Alex.

Mint: How about this shirt for your boyfriend Kim? (Holding the shirt up to Alex)
Kim: Not bad. But I also like this shirt too. What do you think Alex?
Alex: I like any shirt that you pick out for me sweetie.
Mint: (Making a vomiting sound) Please stop that, you’re going to make me sick.

Alex goes to tap Mint on her head again and they all laugh.

Kim: Remember no one must know that Alex and I are going out. Only you, Ok Mint!
Mint: Ok, Ok. What about the girls?
Kim: Only if they ask but no one else ok Alex…I don’t want my parents finding out.
Mint and Alex: Ok.

That night Mark was lying in bed thinking about what he saw today. Thinking...

Mark: I can’t believe Alex is going out with Mint. I mean there are prettier girls in the school. Why does he have to go out with her?

He tried to go to sleep but visions of Mint and Alex was playing in his head.

Mark: Why am I so bothered by this anyway? Just go to sleep Mark. What they do is their business.

Finally he fell of to sleep…

Yaya: Hey Mint, I see you hang out with Alex a lot. Are you two by any chance an item?

Mint was about to refuse when…

Kim: Yes they are going out. I can be their witness.
Fern: Hey how come Kim knows first and we only just found out?
Margie: Yeah Mint, how come?
Kim: I just happened to pass by them when they were out in the city. (Giving the eye to Mint to lie…)

Mint didn’t want to but Alex was a close friend and so was Kim and she didn’t want Kim's parents to find out so…

Mint: Yeah. We are getting to know each other again. I wouldn’t call it going out yet.

Later on in the day…

Kim: Please Mint, you have to keep playing this charade. Please…I’m begging you.
Mint: Ok. Is that ok with you Alex?
Alex: It should be all right; I mean we have been friends when we were younger so it wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.
Mint: Can I at least let Yaya know? She is my best friend and I don’t like lying to her.
Kim: Ok, you can let Yaya know but no one else. The same goes for you too Alex. None of you’re boys can know. Let Yaya know to keep it a secret.
Mint: Ok. Thank you.
Kim: It is me that should be thanking you Mint. For doing this Alex and I truly thank you.
Mint: No worries that’s what friends are for.

Later on in the night-time Mint was talking on the phone with Yaya. She explained the whole thing and let her know to keep it a secret. Yaya agreed because she knew exactly what Kim’s parents were like.


sarNie Oldmaid
Hi lin thanks a lot for your ff. Each couple is cute in their own way, I enjoy it. Look forward to your next part, thank you.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 7

Margie was walking down the street when she sensed someone was walking behind her. She started to walk faster and could hear the other footsteps starting to walk faster as well. In the distance she could see Boy walking towards her so she took the opportunity to go to him.

Boy: Hey Margie. Fancy bumping into you here.

Margie swung him around so that they were walking in the same direction.

Margie: Hey yourself. (Then started to whisper) Just keep walking don't look back, I think I am being followed. (then she started to talk a bit louder) You're the one who said to meet here.

Margie and Boy kept walking and reached the park. Boy turned around to face her so that he can see if they were still being followed. He saw no one.

Boy: Are you sure someone was following you or were you just imagining it cos I don't see anyone. I mean look at you, who would want to follow a tomboy like you?
Margie: (Smacked him on the arm) Shut up. Anyways thanks for helping me. I got to get home now.
Boy: Not a problem. I will walk you home.
Margie: No need. I can look after myself.
Boy: The way you just looked after yourself just now. I will walk you home, I don't want the thought of you being raped or kidnapped being on my conscience.

Then they both walked to her house.

A few months later...

Mint: (Nudging Yaya) So how are things going with Nadech?
Yaya: What do you mean how are things going? Remember we are only pretending to date.
Mint: Yeah I know. But all that pretending can possibly turn into something real you know.
Yaya: Come on Mint. This is not like in the dramas that we watch, this is real life.

Mint could sense that Yaya had already started falling for Nadech. Not known to Yaya that Nadech had planned out the whole thing from the beginning only so that he can be close to her. Fern was still trying to get Mario to notice her. When everyone went out as a group she would dress up pretty so that he would notice her but it never seemed to work. She worked hard to get good scores in her work and even received an award but it never seemed to catch his attention. But she kept on working harder and harder in hope that one day he would notice her.

It had finally reached the end of the year again. During the summer holidays they all went out to the beach. The girls were getting ready in the change rooms while the guys were waiting for them on the sand. They girls popped out of the change rooms one by one wrapped in their towels. As they got to the boys they put their bags down and then laid their towels on the sand revealing their swim suits. The boys mouth just dropped at the sight of the girls in front of them but quickly changed their facial expressions so that the girls wouldn't notice. Everyone was playing in the water and then they started to feel hungry so they went to one of the cafe's nearby. They ordered their meals and went to sit down. Mint was sitting between Yaya and Alex, Mark was sitting across from Mint.

Mark: (thinking)Why am I having these feelings of anger. Calm yourself down otherwise someone may notice

Everyone continued to eat and then it was time to go home.
Everyone enjoyed their summer holidays and was now getting ready to go back to school. Mint, Yaya, Nadech and Mark were riding the bus to school. Yaya was standing between Mint and Nadech where as Mark was standing across from them. The bus was driving along at a fast pace and came to a sudden halt as they reached a stop. Everyone jerked forward in the bus. Mint wasn't holding onto anything and fell forward onto Mark. His arms wrapped around her to hold her up and their faces were within inches away from each other and their eyes were locked on one another. It was as if time stood still for a little while then Mint snapped back to reality and pushed herself off of Mark and looked towards the ground hiding her red cheeks.

Mint: Thank you.
Mark: (Straightening himself up and looking from side to side) Not a problem.

Nadech was holding onto Yaya and they were both smiling at Mint and Mark's awkward moment.It finally reached their stop and all the students got off the bus.

Yaya: (Whispering to Mint) So how was it, falling into the hands of your bodyguard?
Mint: Shh...He is not my bodyguard. You know that he doesn't like me that way.
Yaya: Yeah...but you like him right.
Mint: Shh...nothing can happen between us even if I do have feelings for him.
Yaya: (Putting her arm on Mint's shoulder) aww...poor Mint. One sided love is painful.
Mint: What about you and Nadech? I saw his arms around you holding you up.
Yaya: I will let you in on a secret. Nadech and I are going out for real now.
Mint: I knew it. I see the way you two always look at each other.

At school Fern was wondering what to sign up for this year. She was walking with Mint and looking at the different stalls. The drama teacher was calling out for them to sign up for the drama club and said for them to meet her in the drama room. They didn't really want to join that club but all the other clubs were filled so they went to the drama room. In the drama room there were other students trying out for the club and there were also art students in the room.

Teacher: (Walking up to them) Hi girls, want to join the drama club?
Mint & Fern: Umm...We...

Then Mario walks into the room with his friend holding props.

Fern: (Excited to see Mario) Yes we will definitely join the club. However hard it is we will try our best.
Mint: (Surprised looking at Fern) Huh.

Then she looked at the direction where Fern was looking and realized why she said that. All the students that were in the club gathered around. Fern was down dressed in a t-shirt and shorts and clipped up her hair in a bun and wearing her glasses. Whereas Mint was wearing her jean play-suit and thongs.

Teacher: OK. Everyone listen up to who will receive which role in the play. The title of the play is Cinderella with a spin on it. Fern you will be playing Cinderella.
Fern: What! Me...
Teacher: Yes you will be Cinderella as you suit the role best. Mint you will be the nice step sister.
All the students: Nice step sister?
Teacher: Yes there is a nice step sister in this version. I told you there was a spin to it.

Then the teacher brought in a student.

Teacher: This is Pin. She will be doing the makeup for us.
Pin: Where do I begin?
Teacher: You will begin with our lead actress Cinderella.

Pin started to work her magic on Fern. She took of her glasses and told Fern to put on her contact lenses. Then she took off Fern’s clip and let her hair fall below her shoulders. Then she curled her hair and put it up and she started to do her makeup. When her makeup was done Fern went to put her costume on. Pin was putting makeup on Mint then Fern was walking up the stage in her dress and everyone’s was stunned at how she looked.

Pin: (Looking to Mario) So how is my make up skills?
Mario: She looks the same to me.

Then he got down from the ladder and walked off the stage.

The next rehearsal day they got into their positions and started rehearsing.

Teacher: Cinderella get into position for kissing the prince.
Fern: OK
Teacher: Prince? Where is the prince?
Art student: He busy doing something.
Teacher: How can he be busy doing something when he knows that we are rehearsing this scene. Excuse me you painting the tree.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 8

Mario: (Pointing to himself) Me miss.
Teacher: Yes you. Who else would I be talking too? Come over and rehearse the kissing scene with Cinderella.

Fern was so surprised when she turned around to see that Mario was dressed in the Prince’s outfit. Mint was watching from a far and smiling to herself seeing the two together.

Mint: (Whispering to herself) Finally Fern’s dream will come true…

Fern and Mario were dancing as if they were at the ball and then they stopped.

Mario: (Facing Fern) Oh you’re so beautiful. I must know your name.

Then he was going in for the kiss. Fern closed her eyes and was preparing herself for the kiss. Then she opened her eyes and saw that it was not Mario anymore and quickly let go of the other person and walking back and was about to fall off the stage. Everyone was shocked at what was happening. Luckily Mario caught her hand in time and pulled her back up into his arms and they stood in that position for a while.

Mario: You nearly fell and broke your neck.

Fern was all shy as Mario was still holding onto her.

Teacher: Are you two just going to stay like that the whole day? We’ve got rehearsing to do.

Mario let go and walked off.

A few months pass…

Mint and Fern were busy with rehearsals for the play and Yaya was helping out with the costumes. It was the day of the drama production and seats were all filled to watch the show. Fern was pacing up and down behind the stage.

Fern: I am so nervous
Mint: Will you calm down? You’re going to make me nervous.
Fern: I can’t help it. There are so many people out there.
Mint: (Doing gestures of deep breaths) Just take deep breaths
Fern: (Taking deep breaths) How can you be so calm?
Mint: Easy. I am not the main.

The lights dimmed on the crowd, then the stage lit up. The curtains opened and the show began. Mark was amazed when Mint came out in her costume and amazed with her acting skills. Everyone enjoyed the play and clapped throughout. When it was the end all the characters came out onto the stage for a final bow. The crowd clapped and cheered. When everyone was leaving Mint walked down to see her parents who were with Mark’s parents and Mark.

Mrs W: (Handing Mint a bouquet of roses and hugging her) Oh my god. You were great up there.
Mr W: (Hugging Mint) My little girl is a star
Mrs S: You were excellent
Mr S: Yes we all enjoyed it. Didn’t we Mark? (Elbowing Mark who was looking to the floor)
Mark: Humm…Yeah you were great.
Mint: (Rolling her eyes at Mark’s comment) Thanks. (Smiles at everyone else) Thank you all for coming to watch.

A couple of months passed…

It was Mark’s 16th birthday party. It was a big party, everyone was invited. Nadech was helping Mark with the party. Mint, Yaya, Kim, Fern and Margie arrived at the party then later on Mario, Alex and Boy showed up. There were many others from his year there to celebrate his birthday. Everyone was enjoying the night. Mark was scanning the room and looking at all the guest when something caught his eye.
Mark walked towards the figures that he had been eyeing.

Mark: (In a quite but demanding voice) What are you two doing?

This startled the couple.

Alex: Hey man. We’re just talking.
Mark: It looks like there is more then just talking and you Kim. How can you do that to Mint? What kind of friend are you to go sneaking around with your friend’s boyfriend.
Kim: You’ve got it all wrong Mark.

Mint was dancing with Yaya, Fern and Margie. Everyone was enjoying themselves.

Margie: Where is Kimberly? She is missing all the fun.
Mint: I don’t know. Maybe I should go look for her.
Yaya: I will come with you.

Mint and Yaya walked off to look for Kim. They saw Kim with Alex and Mark and they were worried that everything would all spurt out so they quickly walked towards them.

Mint: Hey guys, what’s going on?
Mark: Nothing

Mark said this because he didn’t want Mint to get hurt not knowing that Mint knew about the whole thing.

Mint: Why are you guys just standing around come and join us dancing.

Throughout the whole night everyone was enjoying themselves. Mark kept an eye on Alex and Mint the whole night.

Kim: (Whispering to Mint) Thank god you came in time, we were about to blurt out the truth to him.
Mint: (Whispering back) You’re welcome. You two better keep a low profile from now on.
Kim: Alex and I were talking about that and we both decided that we were going to tell everyone.
Mint: Really? Are you sure?
Kim: Yes. Just our friends though.
Mint: Yeah I know that. Phew, that takes a load off of my back having to hide it from everyone.

The next day Alex and Kim rounded up everyone in the group and told them the truth. Everyone was so surprised. Mark was feeling stupid at the way he acted last night and felt a little bit fooled.

Mint, Alex, Kim, Yaya: Sorry everyone for keeping this a secret.

Margie: That explains everything that has been going on lately.
Fern: We understand that you had to keep it a secret.
Boy: Yeah man. Glad you finally came forward.
Mario: Good acting from the four of you.

The next few months everyone was hanging out with each other. Mark kept quiet a lot due to embarrassment of mistaking the whole situation.

Fern: Mint. How do I get Mario to notice me? It’s his last year.
Mint: I think he already notices you. I think the best way is to tell him straight up that you like him.
Fern: You really think so.
Mint: I do. It’s close to the end of the year and you may not get another shot at it.
Fern: You’re right. I will let him know on his last day.
Mint: Good luck.

It was close to the end of the year. It was the last day for Mario and Alex. They were so happy to finally finish. Throughout the past couple of months Fern finally worked up the courage to tell Mario.


sarNie Hatchling
Hi all...this chapter I will be focusing on Fern and Mario. Watching A little thing called love over again atm...
Chapter 9

Mario was walking into the swimming pool section of the school. The girls were giggling to each other.

Mint: It’s time to go in. (Pushing Fern)

Fern slowly walked up the steps and opened the gate. She walked in on Mario taking pictures of the scenery. He saw her walking up to him and started taking pictures of her as she was walking.

Mario: Hey Fern. You haven’t signed my shirt yet.

Fern just smiled and took a breath

Fern: I have something to tell you.
Mario: What is it?

Fern took another deep breath.

Fern: (Hesitating) Umm… (Talking fast) I like you very much. I’ve liked you ever since I first saw you. I’ve done everything, changed myself in every aspect whether it be physically or academically because of you. I joined the dance team & the drama club in hope that you would notice me. But now I know that the most important thing I should have done and should have done a long time ago. Was tell you straight that… (Tearing) I love you.

She let out a big sigh of relief, smiled and handed him the rose she had behind her back. Mario was taken aback and was speechless. He took the rose from her and Fern went to wipe a tear that was about to fall then she spotted something on his shirt. Mario looked down to what she was looking at and then back at her.

Fern: You and Pin?

Mario was silent.

Fern: How long?
Mario: Umm…
Fern: (Cut in trying to laugh it off) Pin and you are together. You two are very suitable.
You both look cute together. (Taps him on the shoulder) Congratulations. Hope you’ll be happy.

Fern wasn’t watching where she was going and walked into the pool.

Mario: (Worried and holding out his hand) Fern. Are you ok?
Fern: (Turns back to face him trying to laugh it off but couldn’t hold back the tears) I’m fine.

Fern walks to the other side of the pool. Mario was following her holding out his hand. But she kept on walking and lifted herself out of the pool.

Fern: I have to go now. Congratulations.

She turns around and starts walking out with tears rolling down her face.

Mario: Fern are you really all right?

She didn’t turn around but put up her hand showing an OK gesture and continued to walk off. She walked out the gate and Mint saw her crying and walked to comfort her but Fern just cried and walked off. Yaya wanted to follow her but Mint held her back knowing Fern wanted to be alone. They were all unhappy and felt sorry for her as they were watching her walk off. She walked past Pin who was walking towards the pools, Pin saw her crying and pulled her back.

Pin: Fern, what’s the matter? Why are you crying?

Fern pulled her arm away gently and started to walk off but then she stopped and came back to hug Pin and was crying. She then quickly let go and walked off. Mario rode his bike home. Soon enough he reached his house and greeted his parents then walked straight to his room. He put his rose down and reached out for his book. He opened it to reveal the pictures of Fern that he secretly took and comments under them. He was daydreaming to himself thinking back to all their encounters as he flipped through the pages.

He remembered first meeting her formally on the day of the Christmas lunch, the summer trip to the beach, watching the dance performance under the picture it said “Couldn’t take my eyes off her”. When she came walking up the stairs with him walking off but secretly he took pictures of the before and after under the picture it says “I told Pin that she looked the same” “She looked the same, cute as ever”, when they were practicing for the play and he acted as the prince and when he caught her under the picture it said “Held her hand for the first time, but I had to let go so that others wouldn't get suspicious”. Also he remembers back to one Valentines Day when he was going to confess and ask her out but he overheard someone else asking her out he walked up to them and handed her the rose said it was from a friend and he walked off under the picture it said “Gave her the rose that I grew but told her that it was from a friend, why am I so tight lipped?” By that time he was tearing looking at the picture and it had the comment “Today I saw someone confessing to you. Why does our time never match?” Then he remembered to the time of Mark’s birthday party he was standing from afar watching Fern dancing with her friends and he said to himself “Nam will you be my girlfriend?”

Fern was at her house crying, as she felt unhappy and embarrassed of what happened that day. While she was crying Mario was walking up to her house and left the book at the door. He then walked off. Fern cried and cried until no more tears came out. She went to the kitchen to get a drink of water and saw a shadow of some sort walk off. She waited for the shadow to walk off and went to check if the door was locked properly. The doorstep light was always turned on; she opened the door slightly and saw a book on the floor. She opened the door to pick up the book and closed the door and walked to her room. She placed the book on her study table and paced back and fourth debating on whether or not to open it. She decided to open the book and to her surprise she saw pictures of her with comments on each page. She flipped through the pages and was overwhelmed with what she saw and read. Towards the end of the book it said “Meet me at the pools when school finishes”

Fern: Why would he do all this, giving me this book and telling me to meet him when he already has a girlfriend?

When Mario got back to his house he called Mark.

Mario: Hey Mark!
Mark: Hey man what’s up?
Mario: Can you meet me at the pools tomorrow?
Mark: Why?
Mario: It’s just that I want to confess something to a certain someone but I’m afraid that I might chicken out again so I want you there too.
Mark: OK. No worries. Meet you at the pools tomorrow.

The next day Fern was contemplating whether or not to meet Mario at the park.

Mint: Hey Fern, are you ok from yesterday? What are you thinking about?
Fern: Huh…What did u say?
Mint: I asked if you were feeling better from yesterday and just wanted to know what you were thinking about.
Fern: Yeah I am still feeling a bit down but I will be OK. Oh…Can you come with me to the pools today?
Mint: What for? You want to torture yourself some more?
Fern: Can you please just come with me?
Mint: Of course I will come with you to keep you company. What else are friends for?
Fern: Thanks.

It was the end of the day and Mint and Fern met outside the lockers to walk to the pools together.

Mint: How are you holding up?
Fern: I am fine really. A little confused though.

Mark got to the pools where Mario was waiting.

Mark: Hey Mario. So what’s happening?
Mario: I am finally going to confess to Fern that I like her.
Mark: I knew it. I could always sense you had feelings for her. Good on you.
Mario: How could you know?
Mark: Come on man. It was so obvious; I think the only one who didn’t know is the person herself.
Mario: (Gives a little smile) Hmmm…She misunderstood me yesterday and now I want to put it straight.
Mark: I see. Good luck mate.
Mario: Thanks…(Putting his finger in front of his mouth) Shh…she’s coming now. Hey girls.
Mint: (With a straight face because she was not happy about yesterday) Hey yourself.
Fern: (Holding onto Mint’s arm to hold her back) Hi. You wanted to see me?
Mario: Is there any way I can talk to you in private?
Mint: (Stepping forward) No I am staying right here beside my friend.
Fern: (Still trying to hold Mint back) It’s ok Mint calm down.

Mark knew this was his cue to take Mint away. He pulled her arm and brought her to the other side of the pools.

Fern: (Starting to tear and was looking down to the floor) So what was it you wanted say?
Mario: I wanted you to know that yesterday was a whole misunderstanding.
Fern: (Lifted her head up a bit but was still looking towards the ground) What do you mean?

Mario reached for her chin to hold her face up so that there was eye contact but Fern pulled her face away so that he couldn’t see that she was tearing.

Mario: Yesterday I was such a jerk. You confessed everything to me and I just stood there not saying a word and worse of all I made you cry.
Fern: That’s OK. As long as your happy with the person you love, I will be happy to because Pin is like an older sister to me.
Mario: That’s the thing though. You totally misunderstood the whole situation. I am not going out with Pin. I only see her as my sister. She sees me as her big brother because she doesn’t have any.
Fern: (Turning red) Huh…

Going towards Mint and Mark.

Mint: Why did you pull me away? I am here to protect my friend.
Mark: It would be OK.
Mint: OK…Look here Mr. You weren’t here yesterday. You didn’t see my friend running off in tears OK. When she hurts I hurt too.
Mark: (Lets out a big sigh) It was all a misunderstanding OK.
Mint: (Confused) What do you mean a misunderstanding?
Mark: Actually Mario is head over heels for Fern.
Mint: (Surprised) HUH…
Mark: (Covering her mouth) Gees can you be anymore louder?
Mint: (Taking his hand off her mouth) Get your hand off me. I was just shocked that’s all. Anyways lets watch these two and see what happens.

Back to Mario and Fern…

Mario: Like I said. We only see each other as brother and sister. (Takes a deep breath) The truth is I like you.
Fern: (Shocked) HUH…
Mario: It’s true. I have liked you since that first time I laid eyes on you and those feeling grew when we bumped into each other and I saw you being all shy when I was helping you pick up your books. I was just so tight lipped and never had the courage to say anything until you told me yesterday that you also had feelings for me. It gave me the courage to tell you the truth too.

Fern was still shocked at what she heard.

Mario: I am really truly sorry for yesterday.
Fern: That’s OK. I was at fault to for just walking away like that. It was just I was so embarrassed by the whole thing and I didn’t want to hear you reject me.
Mario: (Holding her hands in his) Fern…will you be my girlfriend?
Fern: (Happily) Yes ofcourse I will.

Then they both hugged. Mint and Mark were so happy for their friend that they gave each other a high ten and their hands locked for a while. Mint realised what she was doing and quickly let go. Fern was gesturing for Mint and Mark to come over and the two of them congratulated the couple. The next day they gathered everyone together and told everyone they were dating each other. Yaya and Nadech took this opportunity to tell everyone about them too. They all went to celebrate this joyous occasion.


sarNie Oldmaid
Hi lin
Mario and Fern's story is so sweet. She is a classy girl, in behaviour, as well Yaya, she is cool, handles every situation well. Thanks for your time with the long updates, appreciate it.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 10

Another year had gone by so quickly and the school holidays went by so fast. It was the start of school again. Mint and Fern were so excited because they were in Yr 11 now. This is the year where the Yr 11 & 12’s have joint camps and balls. Mark and the others were excited because this would be their last year in high school.

Mint: Hey Fern. So how are you and Mario going?
Fern: Yeah we are doing great. I can’t believe that we are actually together. It still feels like a dream.
Mint: Well believe it girl.
Fern: What about you? When are you going to find your someone?
Mint: Probably when I’m 50.

They both start laughing and Yaya was walking up behind them.

Yaya: (Nudging Mint) What about Mark hey?
Fern: Yeah ofcourse. How could I forget?
Mint: Come on you two. You know nothing is going to happen between us.
Yaya: But you like him don’t you.
Mint: Whether I like him or not the point is he doesn’t like me.
Fern: Maybe you should tell him? I mean look at me, I poured my heart out and it came out with a happy ending.
Mint: You’re situation is different.
Fern: How is it different?
Mint: I don’t want to get my heart broken. Lets just change the subject.

At that time Nadech and Mark were walking up to the girls.

Nadech: (Hugging Yaya from behind) Hey girls, what you taking about?
Yaya: Nothing that concerns you
Nadech: Ouch. That was harsh. I am so excited about this year. I get to see my girl in yet another beautiful ball gown.
Yaya: (Blushing) Yeah…It’s going to be a good year because I get to spend camp and the ball with all my friends this time.
Mint: Yeah I am so excited to.
Fern: Me too. Hey Mint you want to tryout for the dance team again?
Mint: Yeah. Why not? How about you Yaya?
Yaya: I see no harm. It is my last year so I should make the most of it.

The girls walked towards the gym for the tryouts leaving the two boys behind.

Nadech: (Nudging Mark) Why are you so quiet?
Mark: (Shrugging his shoulders) I just didn’t feel like saying anything.
Nadech: Come on man. I know you are full of excitement inside because you finally get to see Mint in a ball gown.
Mark: (Elbowing Nadech) That’s not true. You know I am not into girls like that.
Nadech: Come on man. You must agree though Mint has grown up a lot since we first met her. Her appearance has improved.
Mark: Improved or not she is not my type. You better watch yourself, if Yaya catches you complimenting other girls you will get it.
Mark: You are so in denial. Yaya knows and she agrees with me.
Mark: (Nodding) Um…hum.

It was Valentines day, Mint came out of her class with Fern and went to her bag outside the classroom.

Mint: What is Mario planning for your first Valentines together?
Fern: Don’t know. He said it was a surprise.
Mint: Did you get him anything.
Fern: Ofcourse I did. I got him a watch engraved with our initials.
Mint: (Looking for something in her bag) Ohh…how romantic. Wait a minute what is this?

She pulls out a box of chocolates.

Mint: How did this get in my bag? It has to be for someone else.
Fern: Ohh…looks like someone has a secret admirer.

Mint read the note.

Mint: For a pretty angel (Mint). Happy Valentines Day. From someone who admires you from afar.
Fern: See it is for you. It clearly says your name.

It was lunch so they walked towards the rest of the group.

Yaya: (Holding a huge bear) Hey girls how was class.
Fern: Class was so so.
Mint: Wow…that’s a big bear. (Teasingly) How did you manage to carry that to school Nadech?
Nadech: (Feeling proud of himself) Easy.
Fern: Guess what Mint has an admirer.
Kim: (Holding a rose) Really who?
Mint: Don’t know. All I got was this box of chocolates.

She showed it to everyone.

Nadech: (Thinking to himself) That looks familiar.
Margie: Ohh…wonder who it is.
Yaya: Me too.
Mint: I guess we will never know.

Nadech was walking with Mark to the bus stop.

Nadech: There you go again keeping quiet again. You are very mysterious lately.
Mark: What I just don’t feel like talking. Is there a problem with that.
Nadech: Come on…you mean to say that seeing Mint receive that gift doesn’t affect you in any way? Someone is moving in on your territory. Aren’t you afraid that you might lose her to someone else.
Mark No why should I?
Nadech: (Tapping his head in frustration) You can’t keep denying it. Now to think of it. That box chocolates does look familiar. It looks like…
Mark: (Interrupting) Come on man. Hurry up or we are going to miss the bus.

It was the day of the formal. They got a whole day off of school to get ready for the ball.
The guys were getting ready at one house and the girls were getting ready at a different house. Mint came walking out of the bathroom in her yellow boobtube gown that was tight around the chest and her waist so that it still showed her figure and the rest flowed straight to the ground.

Yaya: OMG Mint. You look gorgeous. Now it’s your turn to get you makeup and hair done. Put on the bathrobe so you don’t spoil your dress.

Yaya worked on her makeup while Kim worked on her hair. Finally they were done.

Yaya: Close your eyes.

Mint closed her eyes, pulled the bathrobe off and was walked towards the mirror.

Kim: Now open them.

Mint slowly opened her eyes and was amazed.

Mint: Wow I look so different.
Fern: Yes you do. You look like a princess. Mark is going to be drooling over you.

All the girls were ready and anticipating the arrival of the boys. A limousine arrives at the front.

Margie: Ooo…looks like their here.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 11

The boys were waiting for the girls outside near the limo. The door opened and the girls walked out one by one. Mint was the last to come out and when Mark saw her his jaw just dropped. Nadech was admiring Yaya when she walked out then he turned to Mark because he was about to say something.

Nadech: (Pushing Mark’s jaw back up) Hey man don’t make it too obvious. I guess the girls went all out this year especially a certain someone. (Nudging Mark)
Mark: (Wiping his mouth and straightening himself up) Shh…I agree they’ve really gone all out this year.
Mario: Hey pretty ladies. May I say on behalf of all the boys, you all look exquisite tonight. (Winking at Fern)

All the girls smiled to each other and began to blush at the comment. All the girls walked to their partners except for Mint and Margie.

Mint: I guess you and I are flying solo tonight.
Margie: Umm…Actually…I have a date for tonight too.
Everyone: Huh…Who?
Boy: (Lifting up his arm slowly) That would be me.
Everyone: What…When?
Margie: Its been a while now but we’ve kept it under wraps.
Boy: It’s a long story. We will tell you in the limo.
Mint: (Lets out a sigh and frowns) I guess I am the only one without a partner tonight.
Nadech: Not true…(puts his arm on Mark’s shoulder) Marky boy here is without a partner tonight too.
Mark: Whatever…who needs a partner anyways. Lets get into the limo before we are all late and you two (pointing at got a lot of explaining to do.

When everyone was inside and the driver started to drive off Boy and Margie started explaining how their relationship started.

Margie: It all started when I was walking towards the park to get to my house. You all are familiar with that story right?
Everyone: Yes
Boy: Well anyways when I walked her home we got to talking and we ended up exchanging phone numbers and got to know each other more and here we are now.
Mint: (Crossing her arms) And we only just heard about this now. You guys managed to keep it under wraps really well.
Kim: Don’t pay attention to her. WE are all happy that you two have found someone.

They finally reached their destination. As they walked in they were so surprised at what they saw. The room was beautifully decorated with a chandelier hanging from the roof. Blue and silver balloons filled with helium floating throughout the room. The DJ was standing on the stage in front of a blue curtain with silver star cut outs stuck on it. There were tables set out around one side of the room with place cards and a candle centrepiece with little star confetti scattered on each of the tables. There was also a dance floor and students every where. There was a photographer in the corner of the room taking pictures.

Yaya: (Claps) Ok. Lets find our table first then go take group pictures.

Everyone was searching for their place cards. Their table was close to the dance floor. They then walked towards the photo spot to take pictures.

Photographer: Ok everyone we will take a few group pictures then individual couple pictures and so on.

The girls stood close to each other to take a girl group photo.

Photographer: Ok. 1…2…3. Next the boys.

The boys then walked in front of the white background

Photographer: Ok. 1…2…3. Girls come join your dates.

The girls went to their dates and Mint stood between Yaya and Mark. All the boys had their arms wrapped around their dates and Mint was facing Yaya and Mark was standing close to her.

Photographer: (Seeing that Mark and Mint felt uncomfortable) Hey you there. Put your arm around your date.
Mark: (Waving his hands in front of him) She’s not my date
Photographer: Ohh…but then the picture would look weird. Everyone is hugging except you two. Please just do it for the picture.
Everyone: Please…

Mark had no choice but to come up from behind and wrapped his arms around her waist. He was amazed at how his arms just fit around her body. Mint was scared but deep down inside she was overwhelmed by his touch. He felt so warm she let out a slight smile.

Photographer: Perfect…1…2…3 (click) Ok. Everyone face their partners, look at each others faces and smile. 1…2…3 (click) Now we will take individual couple pictures.

Everyone took their couple pictures.

Photographer: Did you two want to take a picture or two?
Both together: No
Photographer: Aww…but you two look so cute together. Please?...
Everyone: Please…

Mark pulled Mint in front of the background and hugged her from behind. Mint couldn’t help but blush.

Photographer: Great. 1…2…3 (Click) now face each other.

Mark made a face at Mint and Mint couldn’t help but giggle. Mark was standing on the right and Mint on the left.

Photographer: (Gesturing to Mark) Put your right arm around her shoulders and hold her right hand with your other hand. Shuffle a bit closer to each other and you (pointing at Mint) look up at him and you look down at her. And…1…2…3 smile(Click). Ok all done.

Mark and Mint quickly let go of each other and joined their group. Everyone was to be seated so the waiters could serve their foods. Everyone enjoyed their food and then it was time to dance.

Fern: Lets go to the dance floor everyone.

Everyone got up and went to dance. They were enjoying themselves and then a slow song came on. Everyone went to their partners leaving Mark and Mint alone. Mint was about to walk back to the table when she felt Mark’s hand pull her back.

Mark: Where are you going? You’re just going to leave me by myself. Come dance with me.

He then took her arms and put it on his shoulders and he wrapped his arms around her waist. They danced to the song and to them it was as if there was no one else around and it was just the two of them dancing to the music. Mint shyly looked towards the ground.

Mark: (Whispering in her ear) Am I your first?
Mint: (Quickly moved her face away) Huh…first what?
Mark: Come on…you know…
Mint: No I don’t have a clue… but no to everything.
Mark: Aww…darn it.

Mint was all confused at what he was implying, she just wanted the song to end. A fast song came on again and Mint was relieved. Everyone was enjoying themselves on the dance floor then the MC went to the microphone to tell everyone to go to their seats because the Beau and Belle of the Ball were about to be announced.

MC: And the Belle of the ball goes to...Chalida Wijitwongtong

Yaya was nudging Mint. Mint was shocked that she received the title she slowly walked up to the stage. Everyone was clapping.

MC: (Trying to settle everyone down) And the Beau of the Ball goes to…Prin Suparat
Nadech: That’s you man…get up there.

Mark walked up to the stage and stood next to Mint.

MC: Can we get a picture of the two together.
Photographer: Ok…get close to each other.

Mark put his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Mint was surprised and tried pulling his hand off her but his grip was to tight.

Mark: (Whispering) Hold still and smile

Mint had no choice but to smile.

Photographer: 1…2…3 (Click)

Everyone enjoyed the rest of the night and it was time to go home. The girls had a sleep over at Yaya’s house and the boys slept over at Boy’s house.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter. Just letting you know I would only be writing on the highlights of this year. (the ball, camp and graduation). This story is finishing soon be sure to keep an eye out for part 2 of this story. THE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 12

The retreat

Everyone was so excited because they get to spend a whole week together. People were getting all their things ready and packed the night before the trip. They were going to a place where it was said to be close to a cemetery. The next day they all met up at the school bus port with the other students.

Mint: I’m not sure about this. I am a bit afraid hearing that the place is near a cemetery.
Yaya: It’s going to be okay. We’re all going to be together to look after one another.
Fern: It’s a pity that Mario already graduated. I don’t get to share this experience with him.
Kim: (Tapping Fern on the shoulder) Aww poor Fern, Alex isn’t here either so you can spend time with all of us.

They all start giggling and then they boarded the bus. Yaya sat with Nadech & Margie sat with Boy. Mark sat on the long seat behind the two couples, Kim sat on the other side of the long seat and Fern sat next to her leaving one seat left. Mint was hesitating to sit down.

Mark: (Pulling her to sit) It’s ok. I don’t bite.
Mint: (Pulling her arm away from him) Let go of me. (Straightening herself up and moving closer to Fern) No one said you did.

The girls were chit chatting away while Mark talked with Nadech and Yaya. Occasionally Yaya would join in the girl’s conversations. This bus trip was long but nobody noticed. In no time they reached their destination. They got off the bus and unloaded their bags off the bus. They were greeted by the staff of the camp and were guided towards their dorms. There were rooms to fit 5 people, which was enough for the girls and bathroom shared between two rooms with the other girls. Where as the guy’s dorms were rooms of four and a bathroom shared between two rooms with the other boys. In total there were eight rooms for the students. Teachers had their own set of rooms.

Teachers: Ok everyone once you have settled into your rooms and unpacked meet at the cafeteria to have lunch.

Everyone went towards the cafeteria and was served their lunches. They enjoyed their meals and then the teachers went towards the front and the students were told to quiet down.

Teacher: Ok everyone. You will be broken up into groups of 9 and one group of 8. The teacher who will be looking after you throughout the retreat will call out your names.

Teachers were taking turns in calling out names. Obviously Mint, Yaya, Fern, Kim, Margie, Mark, Nadech and Boy were in the same group. The teachers took their groups out into different places were the students can introduce themselves and talk a bit about themselves. Even though the group hung out together at school they were still a bit nervous to talk about themselves and they were finding out new things about one another.

Teacher: So I guess it should be easy for everyone to get along because you all hang out together at school.

Everyone: (In unison) Yep.

They continued to talk and then it was time to have dinner. Everyone ate their dinner and then the teachers went to the front again.

Teacher: Ok now that everyone has finished their food it is time for another activity. Get into your groups. This activity involves you using your sense of direction and hearing as you will be in the dark.

There were stunned looks on the student’s faces.

Teacher: That’s right, you heard me the dark. The lights will be turned off and the teachers will lead each group to different parts of the campsite. You will not have you teacher there to guide you, you must find your way back to the to cafeteria and the first group to arrive will get a prize. Remember listen to your surroundings.

The students were lead out into the bushes blindfolded holding onto the person in front of them. When they reached their spot they took off their blindfolds, the girls were scared. Nadech held onto Yaya, Boy held onto Margie and the other three girls held onto each other and stayed in the middle of the group. Mark was in front leading the way.

Mark: Remember the teachers told us to listen out for things I have a feeling they have something up their sleeves.

They continued to walk along the path and then all of a sudden there was this huge bang. All the girls were frightened by the sound and started making a run for it. Nadech and Boy held onto their partners tight so that they wouldn’t run and calmed them down. As Mint was trying to run away when she felt something pulling her back and then she was crashed against something hard and warm.

Mark: (Holding onto her tightly with one arm around the shoulder and the other hand holding hers) It’s ok, I’m here. You don’t have to be afraid. Everyone stay close that were just the teachers trying to scare us.

Mint didn’t protest to Mark holding her in his arms as now she was still a little scared but she felt safe in his embrace. They walked for a while and finally reached their target. They were the first group to arrive. Mint came back to her senses and realised she was hugging Mark and he was holding onto her.

Mint: (Quickly letting go) Thanks
Mark: (Surprised and looking around to see if anyone saw) No worries. What are big brothers for?

When Mint heard that her heart just sank. He only thought of her as his younger sister. She walked back to the girls and didn’t look back. The other students started to arrive and the last group finally arrived and then the teacher made an announcement.

Teacher: Well done students you all made it back. We hope you enjoyed this activity. Well the winners of this activity were Group D. Here are your prizes.

Each of them were given a thermal mug with the school logo on it and filled with chocolates. The students had hot chocolate and then went to their dorms.

Yaya: (Nudging Mint) So how did it feel?
Mint: (Acting as if she was clueless) How did what feel?
Fern: Come on, don’t act like you don’t know what we are talking about. We saw everything.
Mint: It was nothing really. Yes I may like him but he doesn’t see me that way. He sees me as his younger sister, he said it himself, that’s what brothers do.
Margie: Maybe he was putting up a front.
Mint: Trust me he wasn’t.
Kim: Aww…poor Mint. One sided love hurts.

They comforted her for a while. Meanwhile in the boys dorm…

Nadech: (jumping onto the top bunk where Mark was) What was the sweet thing I saw earlier?
Mark: (Trying to avoid Nadech) I was just comforting her so that she wouldn’t be so scared
Boy: So what’s going to happen now between the two of you?
Mark: Nothing
Nadech: What do you mean nothing? Come on man, we know you like her.
Mark: I already screwed it up by saying that’s what are big brothers are for.
Boy: (Hitting his forehead) Ahh…you idiot. Are you going to clear it up?
Mark: (Shaking his head in an unhappy way) No I think it’s better this way.

Then it was lights out. All the girls were sleeping except for Mint who was sitting on her bed near the window looking out at the moon. Mark was also looking out of the window at the moon to until finally they fell asleep. The next day they did bike riding and other activities. The next day they did abseiling Mint was afraid of heights.

Mint: I don’t know if I can do it.
Yaya: (Holding onto Mint’s hand) It will be ok. I will go up with you.

Mint went first and Yaya followed. The group were cheering her on as she came down. She ended up enjoying it and went up again to do the free fall and the star jump. Everyone had their turns and then they called it a day. The next day they did the flying fox. They had to go up in groups of four. Boy went with Margie, Yaya went with Nadech, Fern went with Kim which left Mark with Mint. Boy, Margie, Fern and Kim went first. They had to clinb the ladder to the top where the double seats were waiting. They got into the seats and the guide let go of the chair so that it would slide down the rope. They had so much fun then it was Mark, Mint, Nadech and Yaya’s turn. They were climbing up the stairs and Mint was a bit scared but she continued to climb the ladder.

Mark: Don’t worry I am right behind you.

They got into the chairs.

Guide: Hold on tight.

They held to the back of their chairs tightly and Mark crossed one of his arms over hers.

Guide: Uh…ah no handsies just hold onto the chair.

They both blushed, then the chair was let go and the slide down the rope. To her surprise she felt safe and enjoyed it even though the guide shook the rope a bit. When they got to the end of the rope they had to jump off at the same time. That night they had a disco, as it was their last night there. Everyone was enjoying the disco dancing and mucking around til it was time to go to sleep. The next day they finished packing their things. Everyone wanted to stay longer. They brought their belongings to the bus and then loaded the bus.