Love, Rosie


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I like Sam's British accent :wub:

Alex and Rosie have been best friends for almost as long as they can remember. After depicting their time together as children, the movie jumps to Rosie making a speech at what appears to be a wedding, while staring at Alex, implying it may be his wedding but not hers. The movie switches to 12 years earlier, where Rosie is upset because of getting drunk during her 18th birthday. Alex comes over to discuss the previous night's events but pauses when Rosie tells him how she wished it never happened. The pair later go to the beach together to attend a party where 'the fittest guy in [their]grade' asks Rosie to the school dance, which she rejects saying she is going with Alex. Alex later tells her that an attractive and 'out of his league' girl named Bethany wants to go with him. After a fight between the two, Alex and Bethany go to the dance along with Greg and Rosie. After some dancing, Bethany and Alex share a passionate kiss and Greg and Rosie get a private room. The two then have sex but Rosie becomes distressed after being 'unable to locate' the condom. She goes to the hospital after calling Alex for help. She also takes the morning after pill.
Later, Rosie receives a letter telling her that she has been accepted into Boston University for what she wants to do (hotel management). After running over to tell Alex, she overhears him and Bethany having sex and vomits into a handbag. She leaves before seeing Alex and goes to a chemist saying she has been feeling nauseous lately. The woman behind the counter, Ruby, gives her a pregnancy test which turns out to be positive despite her taking the morning after pill. Rosie decides against telling Alex after he tells her that he got accepted in Harvard, not wanting him to stay for her. Rosie says goodbye to Alex at an airport as he heads to his university, saying she will be just behind him. Rosie gives birth to a baby girl, whom she names Katie, and decides to not give her up for adoption despite prior plans. Rosie raises Katie as a single mother.
Later as Rosie bumps into Bethany in the street with baby Katie, Alex comes to visit Rosie, after Bethany telling him of Rosie's pregnancy. Rosie and Alex become friends again and Alex becomes the godfather of baby Katie.
Back in America, Alex meets a girl in a bar and they soon move in together. After convincing Rosie to visit, Rosie discovers that Alex's girlfriend is incredibly posh and snobby, taking them to an art gallery of a man named Herb, and upon telling Alex that she didn't see them as a good couple, they fight and Rosie goes back to England. In the trip she also finds out that Alex's girlfriend is pregnant with his child. While working Rosie bumps into Greg, who had received her letter and drawing by daughter Katie, and after some arguing, Rosie decides that Greg can see Katie. The three soon become a family and soon Alex receives an invitation to Rosie's wedding to Greg. Rosie marries Greg but notices Alex's absence from the event. Rosie's parents soon go on a trip and Rosie soon receives a call from her mother saying that Rosie's father has passed away. At the funeral, Alex visits and the two become friends again. Greg is also present but noticeably drunk and rude to Alex and Rosie.
Rosie and Alex's lives go on. Rosie discovers that Alex's girlfriend had been cheating with the art dealer, Herb and the baby was not in fact his, something he is devastated by. At the time, she also bumps into Bethany, who is now an international model and Rosie tells her to go visit Alex. After the treatment at the funeral, Alex sends Rosie a letter saying that she deserves better than Greg and that he believes he can be that better man. Greg however intercepts the letter and hides it from Rosie. Rosie goes to work and is excited when she sees that Greg has booked the bridal suite, assuming it is for their anniversary however after receiving a call from him saying that he will not be home, Rosie realizes he is cheating. She goes to intercept him at the hotel's bar and breaks up with him. After throwing away all of Greg's things, Rosie discovers the letter and promptly messages Alex to tell him she feels the same, with Alex saying in the letter that he would never bring it up again if she didn't tell him she felt the same. Rosie video calls Alex, but instead gets Bethany who tells her that she and Alex are getting married and that they want her to be his best man. Rosie flies out to their wedding with plans of telling Alex of her feelings but its too late, arriving just after the ceremony. The movie then switches back to the first scene where Rosie is making a speech. She tells Alex she loves him in the speech, but quickly covers it up saying that it is only as a friend or brother/sister relationship. Rosie's daughter Katie has brought a close friend named Toby with her on the trip and the two very much resemble a young Alex and Rosie in their deep love and friendship for each other. Toby kisses Katie and she goes outside, very distressed. Rosie and Alex comfort Katie and Alex tells her that she should go talk to Toby saying that if she rejects him now he will spend the rest of his life looking for someone to live up to her, but no-one ever will, all while Alex keeps eye contact with Rosie. Alex then tells Rosie that he didn't realise until now that she doesn't remember the kiss they shared on her 18th birthday. The scene switches to Rosie saying goodbye to Alex at an airport as he leaves with Bethany.
Rosie now starts up her own hotel and she is pleasantly surprised when Alex arrives at the hotel. Alex tells Rosie that he has 'no baggage' and that he is no longer with Bethany. He then proceeds to tell her about a dream he had (his weird dreams being shared throughout the film, such as being the tip of an arrow, which no-one understands but Rosie) which consists of them being together. The two share a kiss and the camera pans out to show the hotel Rosie now owns.
Opinion: The movie was alright. It drags .. they could have stop all of these and reconcile instead of dragging for the whole 1.5 hours.  I like their friendship though ... you can only love someone so much and when you do have the opportunity to say it out, just say it. Don't drag like these two (I'm going to try to not drag mine too lol). 


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that what always happen when bestfriend love each other secretly.
didn't watch yet but can imagine already with the help up there.maybe i will just watch the end part me old fashion but i don't like when girl or guy sleep with others before they end up together..haha
one thing i like most for this kind of story is the feel of angst they always have..hehe


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Thought i will just check on the last part only but i end up watched 2/3 of it..haha
love the part when they with baby katie even it just for a moment but that scene already give me the warm feeling.alex is a jerk when he said those single parent to rosie.heck i want to smack his head lol.

Me as someone who really hard to be a fan for a guy but sam just make me fall for him with just this few minutes.he is so charming in my eyes..haha