sarNie Granny
i love your posters...they are super beautiful. i really want to get back to reading fanfics, but i have been nonstop busy and have no time :(


sarNie Hatchling
A poster I made for mzyang,and my first time adding someone else face on top of another,in case your wondering the body and hair belongs to Pancake the rest is all Pinky.

Thank you for the comments,it keeps me going!:)
Also,I'm using the old adobe photoshop and I can't blend the edges quite well,if anyone knows how,please tell.:)


sarNie Hatchling
New creations,enjoy!
I'm not just a thai-addict I'm also a k-addict.:)
Starting to try new things

Thanks for commenting!:)


sarNie Hatchling
Sharing some stuff
Some stuff I been doing today,I'm using different tools.

I really hope to see these to together one day,but it's hopeless.

I still have 4HJKK two favorite part of the entire series

And the delighted Smile,You



sarNie Hatchling
Anyways this is the last one for the night!:)
I made it for a friend since she always wanted to see these couples together.


sarNie Oldmaid
The first FF poster caught my eye. hehe Make me want to read that story. Your banners are pretty.