Mae Pua Tabun Fai Mae Yai Talai Plerng (TV Thunder)


sarNie Tombstone
I realize Pat changes her figure the way she dress is back to the olden day Pat maybe cos of her lakorn with Alex, she
and Alex there is an age gap but cute in away and glad she's back to the cuttie Pat pairing with Aun Wittaya again. :thumbsup:


sarNie Adult
if only Pat takes out her plastic nose and lip and god knows what she kills her beauty with all the plastic sugery.


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
Ah my mom will be happy knowing this news as she's a fan of Aun Witaya. I hope the storyline is decent enough to watch


sarNie Adult
if anybody can help cn u let me kno whoes uploading dis on youtube...really wnt to watch it