Mafia's Mistress (Yadech and Mteam) Chapter 5


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Hi Everyone, this is my second ff. I haven't finish my first one but I promise I'll finish it. I was going to post this yesterday but was kinda busy.

Mafia's Mistress
Nadech Kugimiya as Pit Thanasak 
Yaya Urassaya as Lin Arisa
Mark Parin as Seua Thanasak
Mint Chalida as Bua Jesada
Pope Tanawat as Singh
Esther Supreeleela as Rin
Mario Maurer as Pat
Tah Warit as Sak
Pae Arak as Pae
Aon Sarawut as mod Nat
Phet Thakrit as mod Wat
Jaja Primrata as Ai
Alex Rendell as Chai
Mint Natwara as Kaew
More will be added
Genre: slap-kiss/action/drama/romance/comedy/violence

Pit, Seua, Pat, Sak, Pae and Singh

Lin, Bua and Rin

(made up)
Kob, Wit, Wayu, Jak, Vee, Kong
More guards but they r the ones that will appear the most

Mod Nat and mod Wat

Ai (Pit's younger sister) Chai (Bua's older brother) Kaew (Seua's younger sister) many people are in this one. Surprisingly, I either like or love everyone minus Pae Arak. I still don't understand how he made it into the industry. Looks are bleh and talent is almost non-existent. Otherwise, nice cast!!!
Happy New Years!


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Great Casting


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Intro 1
This story will take place in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a beautiful and wonderful place to be.... But the only trouble were the Mafia's. The Mafia's would walk around and kill whoever owe's them money or has course trouble for them. Hong Kong has police but the bad thing is the police are afraid of them. The police would come but once they know that it's the mafia's they would run away. Some kind of police they are. But who wouldn't be afraid of Mafia's. There are only two groups of mafia's they are The Black Dragons and The Black Tiger. The Black Dragons are the Top mafia's they are the most powerful Mafia's in the world. The reason they are called 'The Black Dragons' are because the 6 leaders has a black dragon tattoo on them. As for 'The Black Tiger' is because the 6 leaders has a black tiger tattoo on them.

Let's start with the leaders;
Pit; he is the first leader, age of 22, he is cold, and cruel. But the other side of him is funny, nice, friendly, sweet and childish but does not show it because the Silver Crane will think he is weak and also because he is under a lot of stress and never gets enough sleep and his mode goes crazy. He has a black dragon tattoo on his back.
Seua; he is the second leader, age of 21, he is also cold and cruel. He also got this other side of him which is funny, friendly, sweet and childish and also never shows it, he has a black dragon tattoo on his left chest.
Pae; he is the third leader, age of 27, very funny, childish, friendly and is also mean and very serious at times and like to make fun of his friends (Pit, Seua, Singh, Pat and Sak), maids and bodyguards but in a nice at times. He has a black dragon tattoo on his right arm also all the way to his wrist.
Singh; he is the fourth leader, age of 20, he is funny, loving, caring, sweet and friendly and he shows it unless he is in a fight then his inner beast will be release. He has a black dragon tattoo on his on back on the left side.
Pat; he is the fifth leader, age of 21, he is just like Singh but funnier. While Singh is more friendly. He is also loud and childish and he shows it. He has a black dragon tattoo on his left arm all the way to his wrist.
Sak; he is the last leader, age of 25, do u want to know why he is the last leader because he is very stupid, when everyone is being serious he would make a joke up but a very stupid one and would earn a slap or punch. No thats not why he is the last leader it's because he was the last to join the group, he is very nosy . He has a black dragon tattoo on his back on the right side.

Next is the Black Tiger; (they are made up characters)
Ryu; is the first leader, age of 22 he is mean and cruel but can be nice and friendly at times. Has a black tiger tattoo on his back.
Gin; he is the second leader, age of 24, mean and cold, but is also nice and funny. Has a black tiger tattoo on his left chest.
Furon; he is the third leader, age of 26, he is funny and friendly. He has a black tiger tattoo on his right arm to his wrist.
Lee; he is the fourth leader, age of 22, very smart and clever, de does all the gadgets. Has a black tiger tattoo on his back on the left side.
Leo; he is the fifth leader, age of 21, funny and friendly but mean at times. Has a black tiger tattoo on his left arm all the way to his wrist.
Sakuron; the last leader, age of 23, very nosy and loud. He has a black tiger tattoo on his back on the right side.
Most people wonder how they are mafia's because of how they act but when they saw them fight and kill people, it gave them the answer.

Will update the other intro this afternoon.


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The intro is too long so I split it up.

Intro 2

Pit: Pit is 22 years old, his father was the leader of The Black Dragon. After Pit turn 6, his father started to teach him how to fight, when he turn 10 that's when he started using weapons and by the age of 15 he started to kill. When his father die in a fight, he became the leader at the age of 16. After that he started to become mean and cold due to the fact that he has taken his fathers place made him stress and frustrated. After he finished high school he lock himself in the study room and work and work, his work was making deals with gangster or rich people and signing contracts. 

Lin: Lin is a 18 year old girl, she is rich and can get anything she wants but she is not a spoil brat. She has father who is never home and a mother that pass away when she was still younger. Lin is friendly and sweet to those who are nice to her but if not they will see the other side of her. She knows how to fight and takes judo and karate classes at school. But she will soon find herself in a Mafia's mansion and became a prisoner there.

Seua: Seua is 21 years old, he and his little sister Kaew where was orphans until Pits father took him in and believe that he could be a great mafia but also took Kaew in to be his daughter. He became good friends with Pit and are now like brothers because they have the same personalities and act likes each other. Seua began to fight, kill and learn weapons at the same as Pit. Seua also helps Pit make deals and also check the who owe's them money and track them down. Bua is his prisoner and his pretty happy about her being his and no one else's but doesn't show it.

Bua: Bua is 18 years old, she is cheerful, nice, sweet and friendly. She dropped out of school to work and paid the bills and buy food for the family.  Her life wasn't peaceful at all to the fact the father used to gamble and gamble and always takes money from her, her mother and brother. But she didn't know that her father would go to low and borrow money of The Black Dragons and once he couldn't find money to pay back he sold her, he sold his own daughter. But it wasn't Pit who her father sold her to it was Seua. Bua became his prisoner and was rape by him twice but after that he only kiss her and hug her in bed. She soon grew interest in Seua and wants to know more about him and would try to make him smile but always fail. She also grew a good relationships with the other members apart from Pit.

Singh: Singh is 20 years old, he is a cheerful person and won't hurt girls. His also very playful and doesn't like being serious because he thinks it makes him get wrinkles. Singh's father used to work for Pit's father until he and some other guys got kill in a fight with some gangster. Pit's father took him in like his own son. His mother passed away in a car accident. His life was a tragedy but he never stop smiling unless he is in a fight, which he hates because he has to frown all the way through.

Rin: Rin is 17 years old, she is nice, sweet and friendly but she has to work at the pub and pole dance. She hates it but it was the only job that gets her enough money to live. She doesnt know who her parents was. She was an orphan but was let out when she was old enough to find her own job.


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Thank u guys for the comments. I appreciate it.

Intro 3

Pat, Sak, Pae: Pat, Sak and Pae are best friends. Pat is 21 years old, Sak is 25 years old and Pae is 27 years old. Their life was perfect they had a family until one day when their families can to Pat's house and had a BBQ, robbers came into their house and shot their parents and rob them taking all their money and things and burnt Pat's house. The three manage to get out of the house ran and cried, Pat was only 6, Sak was 10 and Pae was 12, they had no where to go. Pae and Sak was pure mad and wanted revenge. One night the three where walking down the street and saw them the people who killed their parents. They followed them and that when Sak and Pae grab the guys gun and shot them straight in the head. Pat just stand there and looked he was too young to do anything. When they finished they turn around and saw a guy around his 30's watching them, it was Pit's father. Pit's father took the guns out of their hands and took them in. The 6 boys got to know each other and became brothers and vale to become the greatest Mafia's in the world. Pat, Pae, Sak and Singh's personalities were the same. But Pae is very childish, Singh is silly and likes to joke along with Sak but Sak also very nosy and likes to get into other peoples business, Pat is loud and childish and always makes everyone laughs.

Nat and Wat: Nat is 23 and Wat is 26. Nat is seriate, nice and friendly, Wat is funny and nice. They are officers, theirs jobs are to put the mafia's in jail. But what everyone doesn't know is that they are friends with The Black Dragons leaders and when every ever they catch them they would find a way to free them or let them go on purpose. Their boss doesn't know which is a good thing.

Ai: Ai is 17 years old, she is Pit's younger sister, she is very clever, smart, loving, caring and friendly. Ai like Seua but never told anyone and could tell that Seua was interest in Bua. She is quite mad but at the same time happy, because she knows that Bua is a lovely girl and if Seua couldn't see that, then he must be blind. But Ai never gave up and still tries to get his attention.

Chai: Chai is 20 year old, he is Bua's older brother, he is caring and loving. He got out of Uni to work and pay for the bills and food now since Bua doesn't love with them anymore. But Bua still sends then money and pay them a visit.

Kaew: Kaew is 19 years old, she is Seua's younger sister, she is sweet and nice. There was this secret that she kept and that was that she loves Pit. She fell in love with him since she first saw him. But she never expected Pit to love her back. Because of how Pit treats her now, is how she wants him to treat her forever as a little sister but sometimes she wanted more then a sister.


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Here is chapter 1, it's quite boring, since I didn't know how I should start it but it will get better. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Lin was walking home from school happily. As she looked at her report card, straight A's. She couldn't wait to show her dad. Suddenly a car pull over beside her. Which scared her. Then two guys in black with sunglasses walked towards her. One guy was tall and the other guy was short.
"are u Lin Arisa" the tall guy asked
"y.. Yes"
"come with us please" the shorter guy and started dragging her to the car
"wait what, who are u guys, let me go now" Lin said "let me go or I will scream for help" Lin was about to scream when another guy roll down the window and point a gun at her
"shut ur mouth and get the fuck in the car" the guy said
"o-ok" Lin said and got in.
Lin was sitting down looking the the four guys. She look to from the driver to the tall guy. 'what is this, why am I with them, what do they need' Lin thought. Lin saw that they were driving into a house.. No a mansion, a very big mansion, it's beautiful. The car stopped and the guys got out. Lin was pulled out and drag Lin into the house she saw maids lined up greet them. She heard the names Seua, Sak, Pat and Pae. 'Funny they have the same names as the Black Dragon leaders' Lin thought. They then walked past the kitchen, she saw a girl around her age and the girl turn around and looked at Lin and smile at her. She was beautiful, gorgeous and had a beautiful smile. They then took her upstairs to a room all the way at the end of the hall and threw her in. She looked up and saw a guy sitting down with a cigarette in his hand while the other hand a pen. He look up at Lin.
"well well well so this is the daughter of the guy who stole my money" the guy on the chair said
"what are u talking about"
"ur father of course" the guy said
"my father would never steal anything from anyone at all"
"really, would u like to tell me if this is ur father or not" the guys said and showed Lin a video of a men stealing money from a office and that men was her father
"so is this ur father or not" the guy asked
"now tell me where he is so I can go get my money back"
"I don't know"
"don't lie, ur his daughter, u must know where ur father is"
"I don't know, he is never home, he is always away for work"
"stop lying and just tell me" the guy in the chair yelled as he stood up
"I don't know, when I say I don't know means I don't know"
"u do but u won't tell me, little girl do u know how much money ur father has stolen from us" the guy asked
"800,000,000 Hong Kong dollars, so just tell us and we can go get the money and u will let u and ur father go without anyone getting hurt"
"who are u guys" Lin yelled
"we are The Black Dragon's"
"T-The B-Black Dra-Dragon"
"yes now tell they us where ur father is"
"I still don't know" Lin yelled
The guy got up and grab her chin roughly and yelled at her to tell him but all her got from her was the same answer.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door then someone opened the door. Lin looked up and saw the girl from the kitchen.
"guys I brought dri.. Khun Pit, please let go of that girls chin" the girl asked. Pit did asked the girl asked
"Bua what did I say about coming in here unless I tell u too" the guy with spiky hair yelled
"ae Seua, don't yelled at Bua" the Muscly guy said
"ae Pat, don't get into their business" the tallest guy said
"but Pae"
"no buts, ae Sak..." Pae didn't finished his sentence when he saw Sak looking at himself in the mirror and wink and did kissy faces
"hahahaha p'Sak ka, stop and put the mirror down" Bua said "and khun Pit give me the cigarette now" Bua said
Pit gave Bua the cigarette, Bua then walk to the other "everyone who has a packet of cigarette, give it to me now" Bua ordered, Pae gave Bua the packet of cigarette's. Bua then walked to Pit's table and grab the packet of cigarette's.
"ok Bua please leave" Pit said
"ka enjoy the Cha Yen na ka" Bua said before leaving
(Cha yen is Thai ice tea.. It is really good but I haven't had it for 3 years now) Back to story
"AHHHHH Bua's Cha yen" Sak said screaming like a girl
The guys apart from Seua and Pit dig into the Cha yen.
Pit shook his head and looked at Lin and said "I will keep u here as my prisoner until u tell me where ur father is"


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I love it nklue1 ! mafia nadech n fiesty yaya ! A lot of humor among the guys. Thank u for writing this ff nklue1 i look forward to read further.