Mah Ju Ra Ting Tong


sarNie Hatchling
I am looking for two old lakorns.

One of them is called Mah Ju Ra Ting Tong starring Rung and Tik Kanyarat. This was a comedy that had all the big stars guest star in it like Kob and Bee Swiss. P'ek is a twin and by some mistake the reaper came and took the wrong spirit, played by Anan Boonak. So to rectify his mistake he tries to return the spirit to the body but they already had the funeral. So then they pretty much spend the rest of the lakorn trying to find a body for p'ek to inhabit.

Second lakorn is called Kong Sup Mae Nam Quay starring Au Navapol and May Buntita/Orrawansa. It was their very first lakorn together. They basically go on an expedition together. They had so many cute scenes.

Not looking to buy just a site where I can watch it for free.