Mai Davika (Dichan vol. 38 no. 918 May 2015)


. : Lady Yue : .
Don't know about the inside photos but this cover photo fails. She has too much body oil on her. Hairs are wet & a mess, facial expressive is lifeless. Eyes look lost, sleepy, tired. I don't like they way she had her mouth opened, her nose looks a little weird.

The mag stated "The Secret Garden" - I don't get this theme from her. She looks like she just came back on land looking tired after swimming in the ocean, wet & messy hair & tired look & oily body.


sarNie Juvenile
The stylist did an awful job (oops). Mai can be so much more gorgeous. Does anyone else agree?


sarNie OldFart
Did she get her nose done or is it contour?
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Step, please provide credits to your pictures.


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Eeeks not the best photo shoot of Mai Davika. LOL at the scary mermaid comment LOL!  :rofl:  :rofl: