is your name mai?

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okay, i just make this up becuz mai is a popular hmong name. let's see how many sarnies have the name mai.


sarNie Hatchling
my name is mai too...
but it's maiv vwj which i like to put together...
so it's maivwj then my lastname, hehehe...


sarNie Oldmaid
nope, name is not Mai. ;)

although that name is very common, no one in my family has that name...


my name is mai too. well actually when i was born my grandpa named me Yia, but then my parents added mai to it cuz they think it sounds cute i think. so now my full name is Mai Yia. Only my parents call me by mai, my grandparents and siblings either call me Yia, or Mai Yia.

I don't like it when u go to a place and you heard people call name mai, but you're not the one they're talking too.


sarNie Granny
to tell the true...
my mom's name use to be mai See...then she got her old name
my elder sis is mai k.
second sis mai y.
third is me mai nhia
fourth mai t.
last daughter mai i.
dang i could juss cry out loud i hate my name to tell u guys the truth...i wish i could be those sick peeps who cange their names...that'll be lucky me...
and gay of course my parents called us our middle name hell half of our first name...


my name is mai, my mother's name is mai, and all of my uncle's wifes name are mai too. i don't know what's up the name mai, but my uncle and dad seem to like girl name mai or mai .....


sarNie Granny
one of my sis n law is mai kou...n the other one is not a mai..


sarNie Adult
Not my name but with my "hmong" name, I'm a mai. The full thing, I'm not sure how to I use to hate it, but now I love it. Of course, if my whole family were mais' (or even if all my friends were) then I'd have a different impression however.

It's just part of the culture. You don't have to like it. Just appreciate it.


sarNie Adult
my name wouldnt be mai if my parents named me theirselves. back in thailand, we had this one grandpa who lived near us, and he decided to call me mai after this one aunt that i have never met before. he said that with the name mai, i will have a strong spirit and i will always live a healthy life. funny thing because i hardly get sick. its so rare for me to be sick. last time i got a fever was like 8 years ago.


sarNie Hatchling
omg my name is mai thao lee...
i dont like my middle name and my mom named me after my aunt cause our family is really skinny(the genes i tell ya) and my aunt is my parents named me after her so wheni grow up i can be big like like yea...but i turned out skinny haha


sarNie Egg
I knoe mucho mai out there. My name is also mai too, but i have the middle name with it which differnate it from other mai. After all i still like + hlub mine name.