[Mainland] A Weaver on the Horizon


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  • Title: 天涯织女 / Tian Ya Zhi Nu
  • Previously known as: 衣被天下 (Yi Bei Tian Xia) / Clothing the World
  • Also known as: 神話織女 (Shen Hua Zhi Nu) / Mythical Weaver
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 36
  • Broadcast network: NNTV
  • Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-14
  • Air time: 20:30
The life story of Huang Dao Po, a woman who revolutionized the Chinese textile industry.


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Here I am.. can't sit still and just have to jump all over the place because that's how I am...
Besides already catching up on BangRajan, Leh Ratree, and other lakorns or dramas I'm already watching.. I just had to come start on this drama that aired back in 2010.
First off, I really like the cast... thus it's one of the reason why I'm even watching it.
I'm only 12? eps in but omg... I feel like I'm watch the Mulan drama with Dylan Kuo all over again (I haven't finished that one yet)... Well yeah because the main girls are weavers/embroiders... but that's not what is bugging me though.  I'm more annoyed with seeing the main girl crying or seeing someone cry like in every single episode.. It gets annoying.. <--- That's my point lol.  I usually am not bother much but.. it's.. yeah.. I think I'm getting bothered seeing the repetitious crying going on lol.
I really like Janine as an actress but ooo.. I'm really hoping her character will toughen up... hopefully.. (I sort of doubt it but... yeah).  I have to say she looks really beautiful in this drama.  I'm half-half towards Liu Shi Shi.  I really liked her  in Yang Warriors and BBJX but as for other works, she's a bit bland acting-wise in my eyes.  I cant stand her though. In here, I think she does a pretty good job playing the spoiled and annoying Princess.  Oh Yuan Hong... even though you had that hideous long beard for a while... you still look handsome sigh.  I love his character the most in here, since he disregard statuses-ish towards the Princess and all and usually speaks his mind.
I really want Janine and Yuan Hong's character together but... I read spoilers so I know that ain't happening... boohoo.. I ruined my moment big time... sigh.. *sniffsniff*  I find the story interesting a bit but... I really don't know when they'll be out of the palace. 


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You are much more random than me lol
My non stop growing list of dramas are still quite recent lol even the ones I have started and stopped is still pretty much not too long ago.


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Right? Yeah, I'm pretty random. It all depends on my mood, who I want to see, the storyline, or sometimes a surprise lol.

Even though I just started this one, I took a pause already because I got sidetracked with a certain actor *coughcough* Zhang Han and is watching his works instead. I'm bad, I know it. Will finish this one up in the future though :p