[Mainland] Heirs From Another Star


Expired Sarnie
This is a web series since time traveling is forbidden in China television media. 
Very interesting lol 
Heirs From Another Star is a Chinese parody film about the two Korean dramas Man From the Stars and Heirs.
The plot revolves around a Qing dynasty prince who time-travels to modern China to become a teenage heir attending a rich high school while in a brotherly intense battle. He has mad Wuxia skills so he can escape in an instant and freeze anyone, not to mention that he's a genius with photographic memory. The female lead is another heiress in another conglomerate who is engaged to the male lead. And of course, there's a triangle with the bad boy rival.
Credit: MDL
I would want to watch a English sub version if this does get picked up Viki or a fansub group.


`my dragon's blood is blue`
OoO! I heard about this but wasn't sure it was true. I do hope someone subs it! I love anything and everything about time traveling. If you find out any sources subbing this, please share na!


Haha. And it's a parody. I've read translated news articles regarding this series/film and everyone's all upset that they're plagiarizing Heirs and You Who Came From the Stars. I was like, guys this seems more like a funny parody, not a serious issue.  


Expired Sarnie
Like Heirs and You Who Came From Another Star were original to begin with lol Without the star stud cast, these two dramas would have never been noticed. It's funny that after the first flock of Hallyu, I have come to dislike the mega popular kdramas. I think it all started with Boys Over Flower and since then, I have come to not like any of the popular dramas.