[Mainland] Love the Way You Are


Expired Sarnie
I find the female lead very unattractive but she is definitely easy on the eyes. And I find her chubbier version of her self to be much more eye catching.

Yuan Yuan aka Eva is legit annoying and frustrating. Makes the drama a bit hard to watch and digest... I usually empathize or have an understanding of the female lead but nope not the case. She is the type of women that I say is a disgrace LOL Let's say this drama has zero food for thoughts. I am just watching it for the fluff but I do have my limits regarding stupid female lead. I just want to knock open her head to see if she has a functioning brain! Obviously she does not. For the love of goodness, I have absolutely no idea why the male lead has ever fallen in love with her.

When I read the summary, I thought there would be a lot of empowerment content but this drama is freaking all over the place. Luckily this is only 24 episode long and I am almost half way done. I am not sure if I will get through it though.