[Mainland] Rent A Girlfriend Back Home For New Year



Title: 租个女友回家过年

English Title: Rent a Girlfriend Home for the New Year
Episodes: 24 episodes
Genre: Love / Drama
Broadcast time: February 2010
Director: Li Li An


Du Chun as 孙翌伟 / Sun Yi Wei
Xue Jia Ning as 楚笑笑 / Chu Xiao Xiao
Leng Zhong Yi as 钟磊 / Zhong Lei
Yuan Zai Fei as 佟洁 / Dong Jie
Yuan Wen Kang as 符佐 / Fu Zuo
Jiang Bing Bing as 肖扬 / Xiao Yang
Zhu Ling as 尚小甜 / Shang Xiao Tian
Zheng Yu Zhi as 奶奶 / Nainai (Paternal Grandmother)
Peng Dan as 孙翌萍 / Sun Yi Ping

"Rent a Girlfriend Home for New Year" is a drama that blends modern city lifestyle of Beijing with the traditional small town setting of Long Meng and invokes the rich Chinese historical heritage and cultural customs through the life of one of descendants, Sun Yi Wei.

info and vdo can be found at http://www.viki.com/channels/1185-rent-a-girlfriend-back-home-for-new-year



this is the movie version, called contract lover. starring Richie Ren and Fan Bingbing. give it a shot, it's pretty good/funny.

here's part 1


Expired Sarnie
for some reason i picked out this drama, im half way and frustrated. i dont even k ow why i am still watching this... more so i dont even know why i bothered to watch it in the first place. the actors and actresses are not even good looking lol the storyline is intriguing but i just dont like how most of the characters are written. cdrama are usually crappy (the modern drama in mainland china) why are chinese girls so DAMN annoying!!! the female lead is strong but why make her so pathetic and dumb. strong, pathetic and stupid without a reason is quite a bad combo. she keeps pestering/meddling the lead guy to tell her about his twin bro who passed away but when he question her about her fam she gets butt hurt. she is such a hhpoceite, i cannot stand her and her friend is super annoying!!! i wish a car run her stupid friend over.

sorry for ranting. here is a short desceiption of the drama. guy is looking to rent for a gf for the ny to meet his fam. girl is rich, supposedly smart, knows taekwando but her mom company went bangkrupt. her mom goes missing and she needs money to pay. confusing part is, the script makes it as if the mother has been kidnapped but shher mother still keeps in contact w her via one text in a blue moon. lets get back to the guy. his gf left him 8 yrs ago. he has been single. his parent wants him to get married asap they want a grandson to carry on the fam name. he rents the gal. she agrees bc she needed money and she is in the process of writing a book to earn money to save her mom. and what a coincident, she needs to write about renting a gf for the new year to be specific. she needed resource blah blah blah. he on the other hand is a jerk bc his older twin bro and unborn nephew/niece died in a car accident. he was the driver and at the time his ex gf called him to break up with him bc she is heading to paris for her modeling career. i am in a bitch mode bc i dont even know any more lol but i just cant seem to give up. atcbing thks drama. oh yeah ex gf returns. oh i forgot to add, his fam is descendents from these royal ppl basically they r very old fashioned.


Mainland modern dramas are quite boring so I don't even bother to watch. Only Chinese modern ones I would watch are TVBs and Taiwanese.


Expired Sarnie
i cant even watch tvbs any more lol hong kong films and dramas were fantastic and blooming during the 70s 80s and early 90s. i just dont know what happen.

actually the 2nd half of this mainland drama is not that bad. i like it much better than the beginning. i just wished they (leads) had more skinship and lip locking. i gotta admit this was one addicting drama despite not having any good looking person to carry on the show.