[Mainland] The Whirlwind girl/ Tornado girl


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A drama about a girl who loves Taekwondo and the people who she met along the way. It's based on popular novel.
Qi Bai Chao is a girl who has a master, prohibited to play and teach Taekwondo because using steroids in a competition. Her master took her to Song Bai dojo to be a discipline. There she met Ruo Bai who's Da Shi Xiong/senior and mentor for her, Qiu Ren, a quiet and gentle guy who cures her injuries and quitted Taekwondo because an incident and Fang Ting Hao who's a rich playboy and world Taekwondo champion. All three who grew up together help her through ber journey to become a world champion and fell in love with her. How her journey will end and who will end up with her.


sarNie Adult
I don't normally watch mainland dramas especially the sport genre. I thought it was an ad on YouTube and the main girl looks so fresh and clean. Who would have we've 3 guys here to salivate? Yang Yang is so handsome and his uptight sitting is so hot. I don't care about second lead who looks like wind can break him. Bai Chao is simply a Taekwondo dummy who knew nothing about relationships. It's going to end soon and rumors said there is going to be season 2. I hope it's the same cast. I became a fan of Yang Yang because of Ruo Bai who's playing daddy long legs character. He looks steamy in the lost tomb but Ruo Bai is dreamy and just enough handsome.


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I don't care about second lead who looks like wind can break him.
^ LMAO, my Chen Xiao gets no love 555. But anyways, I was planning to start this drama after delaying for so, so, so~~ long... but then I just read some news earlier that YangYang and the main girl in here won't be reprising their role in here. Instead of YangYang in season 2, it will be the Korean actor Ji Chang Wook. Due to this.. I'm not really sure if I do want to start on this one yet since I'll be disappointed with a different cast for season 2 (despite Chen Xiao still being in there... and maybe Wu Lei still too).