[Mainland] Tian Wai Fei Xian


sarNie Adult
So, I'm currently watching Tian Wai Fei Xian, aka Seven of the Sky. I'm towards the end with like, 7 episodes left and it has angered me soo much because of Haoqi, Saijin, and Xue Hai. I find their decisions sooo annoying!

Haoqi: Helps Xue Hai kill 50 people for his own life because of the curse that Heaven gives him. AND, he blames his decisions all on Heaven. Heaven did NOT force him to do what he decided to do. He was the one who decided for himself. Heaven only influenced him. He needs to understand that there's a difference between influence and actually deciding to do it yourself. Heaven did not put a gun up to his head and say,"If you don't kill 50 people, or I'm going to kill you." You're supposed to be smart. Not stupid because of a curse that Heaven put on you cause of your ancestors. If you want to go against Heaven, then do it in a diff way like Digua who isn't doing any sins. Haoqi wants to do good deeds. But doing good deeds your whole life isn't going to make up for helping a woman kill 50 people and covering up for her just for your own sake. AND kills his own friend just for Xue Hai even when she refuses to kill him.

Saijin: Her love for Haoqi is so deep, that she'll even do evil deeds just so that Xue Hai turns into a mortal and be able to stay with Haoqi. WTF!?

Xue Hai: Killing 50 mortals to become a mortal yourself. Kills Xinba and Master Lao for their hearts.

Overall, I find Haoqi's decisions the most annoying. Prob going to hate those 3 until the end when something changes them. xD So, what're your thoughts about them/the series?