[Mainland] Tiny Times 1.0 (2014)


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Tiny Times 1.0 is the 2014 drama version of the popular novel of the same title.  It has been made into 3/4? films starring Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, etc.
This here is specifically for the 2014 drama version though, starring Ivy Chen, Peter Ho, etc..... :p :p :p
I knew about this drama since it was in the making awhile back *coughcough* and knew that it aired last year, but was waiting for subs. 
I've watched 14 eps so far and... I'm enjoying it.  I really love the pretty and eye-candy cast.  *coughcough*  I'm a happy camper all right.  I like the storyline too... and the different type of characters we have here.  I kind of wished the transitions/edits could've been better though. 
I personally love Ivy's character... and Peter & Kimi's relationship... 555, if people didn't know.. they'd think they're gay.. when in fact they're not.  As for her relationship... It's not a love triangle... It doesn't seem like a love square either... it seems a bit more like a love pentagon :p :p :p 555.
As I continue watching some relationships throw me off though.. or make me cringe because they're so childish... I'm still enjoying it nonetheless.


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I can't do any Peter Ho's drama. I surprisingly sat thru his web drama but that was real short.

I think he is only good bc of his height.


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^ Awwwe, really Fun?
My sister liked Peter... I wasn't fond of him much back then... but after seeing him in Young Warriors and his other works... I became a fan of his... but then again I'm a fan of too many people.  Anyways, I think he's one of those people you grow into.  I grown used to his acting now... plus I also like his voice... esp when he sings :) :) :)
So far from what I've seen in here... Peter doesn't have that much scenes... it focuses more on Ivy and her 3 friends.
Seeing Ivy's films "Girls" <--- I kinda feel that it was quite similar to this drama... especially in the girls' relationship with one another.... I did enjoy the film though... though the cast... I must say was a bit of a waste... because Wallace Chung and Shawn Yue had such little screen time...


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they did a drama make of this movie? I really like the movie version...i'm waiting for the next part to come out. 
same here I can't watch any Peter Ho's movies, the only one I actually finish was Summer's Desire and that was it. I tried his others and it didn't work out never finish them


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I just started on this drama and I like Ivy in here. I have been occasionally check to see if she has new work coming out. I like her since Hear me and then Skip Beat. Which due to the face Siwon was just hard to resist in there lol. Ivy has this thing about her that I like. She isn't the prettiest and her eyes to me are always puffy looking but I like her acting. I like the girl's relationship. At first I think the CEO was weird but I got used to him...he's not bad just want to act cold hearted. I only reached to episode 6 so far....I think it has 31 episodes?


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I still haven't finished this drama yet since I'm still waiting for subs *coughcough* but I'm patient so I don't mind.

^ Oh the cast. Everyone is like a plus, whether it's YangYang, LiYiFeng, KimiQiao, or Peter ... I love each of their characters and they have their own developments. I am personally fond of Kimi's character though.

I don't know if I'll watch the film version anytime soon though, but I would like to see the changes between both.. because supposedly CheneyChen's character in this drama version doesn't exist. I still find it hilarious that he's in the film version too though, but he plays Kimi's role in the film.