[Mainland] When a Snail Loves


Novel written by Ding Mo, same author who wrote Love Me if You Dare.

Staring Wang Kai and Wang Zi Wen, one of the OTP from Ode to Joy. Super excited. I heard this will air in 2017. Omg such a long wait!


sarNie Hatchling
Me!:icon12: I really liked "When a Snail Falls in Love" too. :icon12:Wang Kai:icon12:

And, I only watched Love Me If You Dare because of Wallace Huo...and Wang Kai.
Overall, I think it was okay. I just didn't like the cliffhanger at the end.:p

I'm also waiting for someone to english sub the third novel drama-Memory Lost with Yang Rong in it.
You don't usually see her in modern dramas because she is always in wuxia and ancient chinese dramas.


sarNie Adult
I LOVED this drama! This is the first modern Chinese drama that I've come to like so much that it's reached my top 5 list or so. I'm really picky about modern series as they usually drag and have repetitive storylines. But this was amazing. The leads chemistry was sort of awkward but that's because of how their characters are. I hear that Wang Kai and Wang Zi Wen had amazing chemistry in Ode to Joy.


Staff member
I LOVED this drama! I was literally so sad when it finally finished airing. I watched it raw and then went back to watch it subbed when it aired. I loved the character buildups and the flow of the storyline. Plus, it's rare having smart leads who aren't pushovers. I love Xu Xu's intelligence, her weak physicality, and her innocent naivety.

Sure there were quite a few changes made to the drama, like not adding Xu Xu's brother or her secret admirer/Ji Bai's love rival and making Ye Zi Xi related to Ji Bai etc. Though there were these changes the story still made sense. The cinematography and editing were also very well done!

Yes, there was that cliffhanger at the end... so it did make it an open ending but it was a happy ending... :D I actually wouldn't mind if there was a season 2 since I loved the cast. How could you not love Wang Zi Wen and Wang Kai? They were wonderful~