[Mainland] Wuxin: The Monster Killer


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Tangren’s new drama, Wuxin: The Monster Killer 无心法师 is coming out on July 6th, 2015.
The drama featuring Han Dongjun as the immortal Wuxin, who (thanks to his unaging, undying body) is unfortunate enough to be doomed to eternal poverty. He doesn’t know if he’s human or a demon, where he came from or where his future should lead. During the Qing dynasty (around 1862-1874), he and his lover retired to the mountains. By the Republican era, however, his beloved has died, and Wuxin is so poor that he leaves his mountain and pretends to be a monster-hunting monk in order to survive (it seems that, in the hundreds of years he’s been alive, this guy that hasn’t learned how to hunt, grow crops, or pick up a practical trade – like blacksmithing or tailoring).
This is when he meets the rest of the cast – our spunky female lead, played by Tangren’s own Jin Chen, for example. Other members of the cast include Zhang Ruoyun, Sui Yongliang, Mike Pirat, Chen Yao, and Wang Yanlin.
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I saw Mike in the promo picture before but didn't realize that it was for an actual drama.. for sure, he's gonna be dubbed :p


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Well all the actors will be dubbed regardless if they speak the language or not. 


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He plays a surf and engages in a  hen or a cat.
He always  float weightlessly around.


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I finished watching this a few weeks back. I have to say, it was pretty good for a webdrama. I loved the storyline even though it was a bit weird here and there. Lord Gu was hilarious and he was what I'd consider a true friend, or in other words, the real MVP. Lol. Unfortunately, I feel more attached to Wu Xin and Lord Gu compared to Yue Ya. Her character just wasn't that interesting. She was a damsel in distress, I hated her bangs, and besides the romance, I feel like her character contributed little to the storyline.