Majuree Phak Ron (Joy Sirilak & Kelly Thanapat)

Hey does anyone know where I can find and watch this lakorn online? It's an old lakorn starring Joy Sirilak and Kelly Thanapat called "Majuree Phak Ron". I've been looking for it for awhile now. I remember that Joy's character was the Satan's child from hell and I think Kelly owned a construction company or something. I don't know but Kelly was rich and Joy and her gals from hell wanted to see the world so they disobeyed Satan and went to Earth. With their supernatural powers, Joy and her gals attract a lot of attention from normal human beings.
Cheeraka said:
Here you go.
You can watch many of Joy's lakorn, she has almost every lakorn of Joy on hers channel. But it's in thai, i hope you can read thai.
Thanks! You're definitely a life saver!
I can read Thai a little bit. It's actually more like memorization but yeah, I don't need subtitles or anything either.
I don't think the whole lakorn is on there though. :(
But thank you!!!