make famous the laotian music in counties with spanish as mother laguaje

I'm new here, but some new friend of my, in YT tellme of this places, is a great plcae, well, I love thai pop, but I just to fall in love with laos popular music, and I'm lokking for someone to helpme to make laos music known in countrys whit spanish as mother laguage (Mexico, Spain, Latinamerica), whre the asian wave is so big, but there is more attention to K-pop and j-pop, the thai pop is growing with like three fansuber (i'm one of them), and I find someone how make the traslation in english to me and I make the traslation to spanish, and the sub into the video... somehting like this...

ไม่เคยโทษเขา ไม่เคยโทษใคร (thai)
Mai koey toht kao mai koey toht krai (phonetic to can work with the music)
I never blamed her, I never blamed anyone (traslation)
Nunca la culpe a ella, nunca culpo a nadie (my spanish traslation)

So I'm lookin for someone how can help me in the same way but with laotian songs, By now I have my first fansub..

thanks to laosagurg I made this fansub, i made two, the english one, and the spanish subs...

But this new friand have not time to help me, and I have so many songs that I would love to share!!!

So, if some laotian people that can do what I need want to help me, I would love you forever... I will use your credit, or link to your page, wherever that I can do, I'll do it, so plese, hope I can find help here, there is no other place....